the sex tape

There’s always a thin line between love and hate. Best friends make the best enemies.   So I was on my TL minding my own business, having fun as usual, then one tweet caught my attention, someone had just posted a link to a leaked sex tape. If you know twitter too well, you’ll agree … More the sex tape

the monkey

There’s been no rain for months, trees were not bearing fruits, trees were drying up, the ground was dry and becoming hard, there’s been no rain for more than a year now, drinking water for these animals wasn’t an easy thing to find. Most of the animals had died, scavengers were left to feast on … More the monkey

my first love letter

I’ve always admired hand-written letters, it’s classic, authentic, original, fresh, the feeling is awesome! writing a letter to someone dearest to your heart and getting a reply is one of the little things in life that gives true satisfaction. writing love letters was a normal practice in school, it’s great when you write some, and … More my first love letter

The Pussy

There was once this dog and cat that just couldn’t get along, always at each others throat, but the funny thing was, they were “BFF”, Best Friends Forever. How’s that possible? Due to their uncharacteristic nature, no one wanted them, no one wanted to keep a cat and a dog that just couldn’t get along. … More The Pussy

am i the father?

John was a gentleman who had four kids, Yaw Ofosu Amoah 19, Ama Joana 16, Obaa Yaa 14 and Timothy 9 , all his kids were gorgeous, beautiful kids, except for the youngest one, Timothy, who was nothing short of gruesome. He was the exact opposite of his other siblings, many referred to him as … More am i the father?


Arriving to school late was a habit, sometimes it was deliberate, other times the traffic on the roads are just insane. I always fought my way to board a troski. I remember I got into a troski through the back window of the bus lool, others followed me, the hustle was real. I remember some … More #BackInSHS

i have a boyfriend

  I was returning home from town, at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, popularly known as ‘Circle’ Because of the fly over construction, the place was busy, messy and dirty as usual, it took me like, 20 minutes to find where the Madina buses were packed.  The mate was shouting “37, airport, legon, madina old road”, … More i have a boyfriend

The Kasoa Thief

I swear, this be true story, it happened last Monday, I got on a troski from Madina to Kasoa, i sat at the back seat, the first seat on the 5th row, near the window… The troski was half empty so we had to wait, you could hear the mate shouting Dzorwolu, lapaz, Scc, kasoa. … More The Kasoa Thief

Breast Milk

Been chatting with this fine babe on Facebook, been persuading her to link up, but to no avail…every time she says she’s busy, plenty excuses bi la Until i finally convinced her to meet me, a date was set. Told her to come wedge me at Rawling’s circle inside Madina, my paddy bi get some … More Breast Milk