i have a boyfriend


I was returning home from town, at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, popularly known as ‘Circle’
Because of the fly over construction, the place was busy, messy and dirty as usual, it took me like, 20 minutes to find where the Madina buses were packed.
 The mate was shouting “37, airport, legon, madina old road”, it was funny the way he says the ‘old road’, he was busily shouting ” Legon, madina o ro, o ro”
 It was around mid day so the bus was almost empty, and the sun was scorching hot! So you could imagine the heat! Very unpleasant and unbearable!
 During this hour of the day, these buses don’t get full on time, could take about 45 minutes to load one bus.
I sat at the first row, window seat, just behind the driver…after a brief glance through the bus, I took out my phone outta my pocket and started tweeting…I was bored.
 15 minutes later, the bus was almost full, I wasn’t in a hurry, so I wasn’t bothered. I could hear one lady, who sat behind me, chuckle, it was as if she was in a hurry, but like I said, it didn’t bother me and I wasn’t in a hurry
 After some time, the mate accompanied a lady to the bus and instructed her to sit next to me, she had lots of loads on her, she was bargaining with the mate to reduce the fare he was charging, should he keep her loads in the boot of the bus.
 But after the exchange, the lady decided not to pay for boot fare, she would rather carry it on her laps, and she obviously refused to buy a seat, which she could placed her loads on…
 She had a pile of loads on her, and you could see she was struggling, so I politely asked her “do you mind if I help carry some of your load?”, she smiled and said, “thank you, God bless you” and i replied, “thank you”, smiling back like an idiot.
 The bus was finally full and had left the station, the mate was like, “yes two front”…I had my purse in my back pocket, and I was finding difficulty removing it, because I had a load on me, my hands couldn’t reach my pockets, since i had stand up and remove it, that was impossible because of the load on me…
 The lady noticed and offered to pay for my fare, I said “no”, but she refused, and insisted, but she ignored me, I even told the mate to give the lady back her money, but instead, she warned the mate not to…
It was as if she was paying me back for my kindness and politeness, and I really didn’t like that.
 What transpired between us, paved way for a conversation, so we started talking and talking…
I was making jokes for her, making her laugh, and I could see she was laughing and enjoying it, she had an open mind, easy to talk to and friendly, i really admired that about her…
I began noticing her pretty face, she had a pony tail on, a white V neck top and a tight blue jeans trousers on, and open toe shoes, and anytime she smiled or laugh it was as beautiful as the twinkling little stars up above, shining…
Instantly I started catching feeling, I wanted her phone number, but I didn’t want to be too direct in my approach, cos she might get the wrong impression. So I asked her where she’ll alight, she said, “last stop”, and she’ll walk home, she doesn’t live far from the madina station
“Prefect”, I said to myself,”, “I’ll make my move when we outta the car”, I said to myself
Three people alighted at legon, then the mate said, “presec? atomic 1st?, 2nd?, fire stone? Masalachi?” No one responded, and finally said “away”
About 5 minutes, the bus was at the station, and we were all getting down, the I asked the lady what her name was, she replied, “Naa Adjoley”, then I added, “which direction you walking to, I could help you carry it there for you, only if you want”, then she said, “I live around number 3″(popular name given to a public school at Madina).
I told her to lead the way, while I followed her closely behind, but in truth, I was watching her booty shake lol. I’m a perv? Lol ikr…I already know, you don’t need to remind me lol
 We were still talking and sharing jokes with her, anytime I said a joke, she hits me, literally, before laughing…women are fond of that, so I knew she enjoyed my company…that’s what i thought…
Moments later, she pointed to a house with a brown gate, saying, that where she lived. Then I told her when could I see her again, she said, anytime I wanted to, she’s around.
Then I asked her for her phone number, she sighed and said, “I don’t have a phone oooh, the one I had, feel in water, it’s broken now”
The thing pain me eh…Then I asked her if I could visit her often, guess what she said, she said, “I don’t think my boyfriend will like that idea”
Shocked from what i heard, I said, “you have a boyfriend?” She said, “yes I have a boyfriend”, and I was like, “and you didn’t tell me?” Then she replied, “you didn’t ask”
Charle, I almost collapsed. I asked to take my leave, and told her I’ll see her around…
 As I was leaving, she asked for my name, I turned and faked a smile, said nothing, I was dumbfounded to even say anything…my eye die ruff
But some girls tho…you’ll waste your jokes on them and make them laugh, then they will now tell you they have a boyfriend.  Ahhh why you no tell me since?



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