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the monkey

There’s been no rain for months, trees were not bearing fruits, trees were drying up, the ground was dry and becoming hard, there’s been no rain for more than a year now, drinking water for these animals wasn’t an easy thing to find. Most of the animals had died, scavengers were left to feast on their remains.

Most of these animals had started an early migration down south, in search for greener pastures, hoping to find water and food. Some of these animals remained behind, with high hopes that the rains will surely come, they were optimistic about the future.

Some of the animals who remained behind were the Monkeys, who could be seen moving from one tree to another, swinging their way from one brunch to another. But during this time, there was less activities from the monkeys, their activities were limited, they had less energy to be moving from tree to tree and from brunch to brunch.

They preferred conserving their energy, staying at one place most of the time and hope that the rain will come soon. Some of the monkeys had also die, most of the baby monkeys couldn’t stand the harsh treatment from the environment. They needed water and fresh leaves, they needed it, and they needed it bad.

Whiles some monkeys stayed at one place almost the whole day, some monkeys were adventurous and daring, they were certain the rains won’t be in any soon, if they stayed at one place all the time, they wouldn’t survive another month or two. They went out to search for food and water.

Manki was one of the few adventurous daring monkeys who would rather go in search of his own food and water, rather than to hope it will rain. Some days he would find something to eat, other days he came back to his tree with an empty stomach, which most at grumbles at night. But this didn’t put him off, he knew he had to do what he had to do to survive.

Manki was a lone ranger, he likes to be alone almost all the time, he goes in search for food alone, he goes places no monkey would even think of, he was full of life and youthfulness. Due to this features, he most at times finds something to eat, and if he’s extra lucky, find something to drink as well.

After a fruitful day in search of food, he will come back to his tree smiling to himself, he enjoyed listening to other monkeys complain about how hungry they were, to him, he said those monkeys were lazy, if they were hardworking as him, they wouldn’t be complaining about food, instead waiting for the rains to come, they would go out in search for food to survive.

Manki had few friends, so he tells no one of his findings, he kept his secrets to himself. He always thought, if he should share his findings with his friends, he wouldn’t have enough to eat himself, so it was better to eat alone than to share with his lazy friends.

Manki was a baby monkey when his mother died, he never saw his father. After his mother’s death, Manki had survived on his own, he took care of himself till this day. So it was safe to say due to these tragic events, it had shaped Manki into the kinda monkey he is now.

Manki was on his usual rounds in search for food, he saw something that looked like a cave, he wanted to walk pass by, but his instincts told him to enter. As daring as he was, he entered, this cave like ‘thing’, the place was dark, he could almost not see anything when he entered. But after a while he could see partially.

He went inside to survey the place, there was nothing there, that’s what he thought at first, until he saw a hole on the ground. The hole had some bushes on the entrance. He cleared the bushes and sticked his hands inside, he noticed it went deeper than he imagined. He then took a deep sigh, and went down the hole.

The hole was like a tunnel, it went deeper and deeper, the air was getting stiff the further he went, but he’s come a long way to turn back now, he was determined to get to the end of the tunnel. Moments later he got to the end at last, what he saw marvelled him, his jaw dropped, he had to slap himself to believe what he saw was true.

He had found food, enough food, there were nuts, fruits, fresh roots…there was enough to eat, tears almost fell down his eyes at the sight of this food, he knew his search wasn’t in vain, his journey had paid off.

Without seconds to spare, Manki started eating, eating a bit of this and a bit of that, eating to his own satisfaction. Minutes later he had ate half of the food, he was satisfied, he was full. Manki then took a 5mintues nap. He woke up and decided to go back home. He’s been in the hole for a while now, he wasn’t sure what the time was, he had lost track of time whiles eating.

So he head straight to the tunnel, moving up to the other end of the tunnel. When Manki got to the middle of the tunnel, he noticed something. He noticed he had become light in weight, maybe he had slept rather longer than he thought, he was light and wasn’t happy about it.

Manki wasn’t hungry but he felt light, he felt as if he hadn’t eaten at all. At the thought of that, he turned back, head straight back to the food to eat more. He wanted to looked fat. Moments later he was back at the food, and had already started eating.

Manki was eating like there was no tomorrow, in a matter of time he had finished all the food in the tunnel, he now looked and felt fat, and that pleased him a lot. He wanted to take a nap, but he knew he had stayed in the hole far long enough, it was time to go home, he thought to himself.

He got to the entrance of the tunnel, he wanted to go through, but he couldn’t, he tried and tried, he pushed and forced his way in, but he couldn’t. He was too fat to go through the tunnel, he kept pushing himself but he couldn’t go through. Now Manki was stuck at the buttom of the hole, he couldn’t go out.

There was only one way out, Manki’s only option was to stay in the hole long enough to get rid of the body fat, and this could take days. He started crying.

Manki was greedy

Manki wasn’t content

Manki wasn’t smart

Don’t be like Manki!



story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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