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on a date with my ex [part I]

They always say an EX is an EXperience you wouldn’t like to experience ever again, but in most cases, circumstances are different. lemme tell you a story of an ex:

She went to school and chose a stupid guy over me, ahh how she even broke up with me was the painful part. Here’s what happened. I always kept constant communication between us, always calling and texting to find out how her day went and how she’s been doing, yeah stuffs like that.

But it got to a time, she wasn’t giving me any attention, and she always came up with excuses, she’s been busy with school stuffs, and me being a caring boyfriend, will rubbish it off and accept it, even though I didn’t believe her. She was in school, and I wasn’t, so I gave her that breathing space. Thinking that if I also get to start school, I’ll understand her properly.

It got to a time she was almost not available, she replied my texts late, stopped returning my calls. Emotionally I couldn’t take it. I knew I was losing her, and there was nothing I could do. Deep inside I couldn’t take it no more, so I confronted her. I sent her a text message at 4pm, asking how her how her day went, she replied at night around 11:30pm. She said she was in a group study,  lame school excuses as usual.

So I ignored and asked her to send me a pic of her, it’s been like 4 weeks I last saw her, she sent me her old pictures, but I insisted on new ones, but she said she wasn’t in the mood of taking new pictures, but I still insisted on new pictures. Things escalated quickly, tempers flared, then she was like, “Cle there’s something I should have told you before, but I never got the right time to tell you, but now I think it’s the right time”.

At that moment, I knew she was gonna break up with me, I saw it coming, so I replied her, “go on I’m listening”, then she went offline for like 5 minutes, came back and was like, “I think we should break up, things aint working between us, I have found a new boyfriend on campus that I love, it’s over, thank you for the love you’ve shown, I could see no future between us, goodbye”.

Ebi the “goodbye” way kill me, I cried that night, literally. Like I mean, she wasn’t decent enough to break up with me face to face? But through a text message? That’s mean bro, not cool at all. So that was the time I made up my mind to forget her move on with life, I was still young and I got other relevant stuffs to do with my life, I wasn’t gonna let a mere break up ruin me.

So it’s been almost a year now since I last saw my ex, after a painful break up, she didn’t appreciate the love and kindness I showed her, instead, she used and threw away my heart like a used sanitary pad. That really hurt. Since that unforgettable event I swore to delete any memory of her and move on with my life, and that’s exactly what I did.

But apparently, she never forgot about me. See, I changed my number and deleted hers. But she still had the contact numbers of my friends, and after a year, she’s been trying to get my new contact from my friends, but I told my friends not to give my new number to her, cos I wanted nothing to do with her. I didn’t know why she was still looking for me, but I wasn’t interested, I wasn’t in the mood for any drama.

But she never gave up. According to my friends, she was always calling and texting them, asking them for my number, my friends grew weary and convinced me to at least let them give my number to her, so I could hear her out, that’s the least I could do, honestly I was very reluctant, I hesitated, but in the end I agreed. I let them gave my number to her.

That night she called me. She still had the old number. She still had that lovely voice I fell in love with. We talked a lot, updating each other on what’s going on in each others’ lives. So I asked her, “are you still dating?”, she replied, “no and you?”, “me neither”, I replied. Then I asked her, “what happened?”, then she started crying.

Still crying, she said, “it’s a long story”, then I said, “I’m all ears, and I’ve got all night, so you can tell me, I’m not sleepy so we can talk”. Then she started the Genesis of her relationship, how they met blah blah blah blah, lots of boring details, so lemme skip to the Revelation of how her relationship ended. She went to her boyfriend’s room to hang around, she needed some company, so one thing led to another, and the other led to another, and they ended up having sex. She was a virgin, and that kwasia gyimi fuckboy had succeeded in breaking her.

So after the sex, the guy started keeping her distance, he started ignoring her, not picking her calls, not replying her texts. It was quite clear, the guy was in for the sex only, now that he got it, the girl was no use to her. So when she was narrating her story, I was thinking to myself, “herrr girl no ama boy no adi kwa!, me mpo I no chew the girl, this one di3 e check like, ebi karma ooh”.

I can’t say I was happy about how her relationship ended, but I felt pity for her. At least she now knows how I felt when she broke up with me. Then she concluded her story by saying, “Cle, I now know you loved me, and I’m really sorry for the trouble that I put you and your heart through, God knows I’ll do anything to rectify my mistakes, I’ll be praying and waiting for the day you’ll say, you forgive me,  I don’t ask for much, I fucked up, I know I fucked up, I admit I fucked up, but everybody fucks up, and I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me, cos deep down, I know I’ll never find a man like you.

I was speechless. I said nothing. Then she said, “I wanna correct my mistakes, so please grant me this favor, I wanna see you in person, I wanna do the right thing, let’s go on a date.” I smiled to myself and said, “time and place”. “how about next week Thursdays at any place in your hood”, she replied. And I said, “okay, it’s a date!”.


(If you wanna know how the date went, check the next story on this blog)

story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

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