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on a date with my ex [part II]

Waiting for Thursday was one of the hardest waits I’ve had to do. I didn’t know what to expect, it’s been like a year now, things have changed. But one thing hadn’t changed. I still loved her, and that was certain. I was wondering to myself, had she changed? How will she react? Is she sincerely remorseful? Why does she wanna meet me? Does she still love me?

Plenty questions but few answers. As the days drew near, I still wasn’t sure where to host her, I thought about home, but I later realized I wouldn’t get the privacy I deserved. So I had to settle for some place nice. Even that was a challenge, cos there was so many places in mind. But I chose this restaurant, Food Rockers, at UPS.

Thursday came sooner than i expected. So she called me to find out if the date was still on. And I said yes. She lived at kasoa, so It’ll take some hours before she’ll get to Madina. When she got to the Accra Mall, she called me to let me know she was close, she’ll be with me soon, so I told her to alight at UPS.

That day, I really dressed, I wore something really nice, and I was smelling so good, oh gosh! I feel in love with myself. See, the point of looking and smelling good was to show her that, even though she left me for a fuckboy, I still had my swag on!

But I still loved her, tho she hurt me, I wanted her back. So I planned to propose to her again, I wanted her to be my girlfriend again. I wanted things to be the way they was.

She had reached UPS when she called me. So I picked a taxi and heard straight to that location. When I got there she was sitting at the bus stop, I almost didn’t recognize her, she was the one who called me. She was looking good as usual. She had a weave on, it really fit her face. Some tight jeans and a nice orange top. She was light skin so the orange colour complimented her skin.

I hugged her, and it felt good, really good. I really missed her. Despite what she put me through, I still had feelings for her, looking all pretty, innocent and fragile. So I took her hand, and we crossed the street to the other side, then she asked me where I was taking her to, I just told her to follow me. We got to the other side, and I took her to Food Rockers.

So we sat down. Then we started talking, talking about old times, talking about school, talking about the future. Then she asked a question she shouldn’t have asked. She asked, “why you still single, I mean you’re a nice guy, you deserve love”.

 I was just looking straight at her, then I said, “ever since you left me, you took away the ability for me to love again, you really hurt me, the pain is still there, I still remember it, like it was just yesterday, I never did you wrong, I loved you like myself, the memories are still fresh in my head, I loved you more than any girl I loved before, but now, all I feel is pain, hurt, and disappointment. Where did I go wrong? Did I made a mistake loving you? Now I see girls, and they don’t interest me, cos my mind tells me, you girls are all the same, you make a guy fall for you, and you repay them by breaking their hearts. Now tell me, why do you think I’m still single?

She said nothing. I looked into her eyes, I noticed she wanted to cry. She bowed down her head so I couldn’t see the tears in her eyes. I could see my words really pierced her heart. She really felt my words run through her.

We’ve been sitting there for like an hour now. So I stood up, went to the counter to make an order. I wasn’t sure what she wanted to head, so I came to asked her, she said anything. So I ordered the jollof and chicken, one large bottle of cook, some disposable cups with ice in them. But I didn’t order anything, I just wanted to drink some coke.

As she was eating, we were talking. I could see she was still thinking of what of what I said to her early on, it was as if she had lost appetite. She was only eating little. Then she said, she won’t eat anymore, I asked her why, she said, “I’m shy, I can’t eat whiles you sit there looking at me, if you eat something, I’ll also eat”. So I went to the counter to order some cheese burger and chips.

So now we both eating, then she told me, she wanted some of my fries, so she started eating from my plate, eating my chips. She no chop her food fini but she dey wan chop my own. But I no bore. Then me too I start to eat from her plate too, but me na my mind dey the chicken top, you should see us, it was romantic lol

Time was ticking, she said wanted to leave, but before she leaves, she wants me to forgive her, that was the main reason why she came to see me. I said nothing, I told her since we done eating, let’s take a walk. We got out, I took her hand, it felt good and right. Then I walked her to the UPS school, I took her to one of the lovers bench under one tree.

We sat there, looking at each other, I wanted to kiss her sef, but I didn’t. Then I told her, “I forgive you”. And she replied, “thank you”. She gave a huge sigh, and I asked her how she felt, she said, “I feel relieved, because I didn’t think you’d forgive me”.

As we sat there, I told her, “let’s forget what has happened in the past and let’s continue from where we left off”. I was proposing to her to be my girlfriend again. Guess what she said, “no I can’t, I’m tired of men, I need to focus on my studies, I don’t wanna date now, I’m sorry”.

Hearing that was like a bullet through my heart charle. I almost died. She insisted on leaving, it getting kinda late, she wants to go home. So I got a taxi, paid for it, told the driver to take her to shiashi, where she was gonna get a straight car to kasoa. Then I gave her 50 cedis for tansport to kasoa. We said our final goodbyes and that was the last time I saw her.

As I was going home, I had to analyze what had just happened.

I agreed to meet with my ex

I took her some place nice to eat

She even eat some of my food

I paid for everything

I even paid her dropping and gave her extra cash.

And in the end, she turned down my proposal even tho she broke my heart and I forgave her?




story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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email: 101cledre@gmail.com/AbokiCleDre@gmail.com

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7 thoughts on “on a date with my ex [part II]

  1. Hahahaha smh.. Bro diz story has reminded me of a similar situation ma ex nd i experienced……. I wuldnt ve proposed to her again afta wat she put me tru…. I dnt knw da kind of heart u ve…….

    Liked by 1 person

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