Wet Dreamz

I went to play football with my friends on Friday, around 4:30 pm. I came home around 6:00 pm. I was very exhausted; I went for my bath, ate something and went straight to bed, I think around 8:30 pm. My team had lost, so I wasn’t in the mood to talk or watch TV … More Wet Dreamz

What’s my name??!!

Just imagine you had to sit through a boring Economics or Ceramics or physics or chemistry class for two periods till the closing bell sounds. Me I can’t endure it. I for go house go bed koraaa. The two periods is just after break, so if you wanna bunk classes, you’ll have to bounce during … More What’s my name??!!


There’s this fine babe for my hood inside, some light skin girl bi like that ooh, the girl fine! In name be Aisha. Boys dey rush for this girl eeh, I won’t blame them tho, who wouldn’t like to date a fresh chick? But the problem be say, the girl dey rush!!!! Sake of boys … More Aisha