letter to my crush in class

dear crush,

me sef i conf, i no no what make i write sef, make i give you some kinda hint of where she sits,

In class, I sit along the window, Franca sits in front of me, Asare sits behind me. Ben sits to my immediate right, Eddy sits to Franca’s immediate right, Selasie sits to Asare’s immediate right. So from where Franca sits, to her right hand, in a straight line to the opposite end of the class, from where Asare sits, to his right hand, in a straight line to the other opposite end of the class, this forms some kinda rectangle, somewhere within this angle is where my crush sits.

First semester I’ve been eyeing and admiring you from where I sit. Charle I really like you, I mean I really reallyreally like you. You not just pretty, you smart too, you know book. The thing is, my muff die, so I can’t approach you. And from the looks of things, I don’t think you’ve even notice me in class before, and that’s totally cool with me, you came to school to acquire knowledge, not to chase guys, and I really respect that.

She’s a pretty girl, last time she wore a yellow dress to class, dammmnn! She was looking like shooting star, be like some trail of stars dey follow am charle. She’s the reason why I sometimes get lost in class, cos my attention is more or less on her.

She contributes in class, be it asking a question or answering one. That’s something admirable. She likes to put on a pony tail, that’s my favorite hair-do, anytime she wears a pony tail, I feel like gliding across class just to give her a peck on the forehead. She reminds me so much of my mum. If I had a pic of her, like I go take do my wallpaper sef.

The interesting thing is, I don’t even know her name. Can you believe that? The thing is, anytime I wanna get close to you, I my tongue gets tied, I can’t speak. When a lecturer says something funny in class, and everyone laughs, including you…that’s when you look the prettiest, I hope you don’t get me wrong. When your facial muscles contract and relax to form the pretty smile on your face, OMG I feel like dying!!! I feel like heaven!

I can talk on and on and on about you, but I don’t think I deserve such an honor. I don’t wanna sound cliché or exaggerate too much. All I am saying is, I really like you, that’s it. But if I get lucky and you like me back, and we both want more than liking each other, hahaha then I’ll be smiling to the bank.

I sure say, you get some tall nice looking guy with a beard with some six packs, who has a car and prolly works at the flag staffed house, but still I no de mind, you naa I dey feel.

I’m not a comedian but I can make you laugh, I’m not rich but I can make you happy! I’m not a king but I can make you my queen. I’m your biggest fan, and I mean that!

The girl sits in the “rectangle” description I gave in the opening of this letter, so If you get the hint that it’s you I’m writing this all for, holla at me when you see me on campus, and I’ll gladly confess. There’s a lot I wanna tell you but I’m a coward, I dey fear women pass, eno be easy lol


Your’s biggest fan,




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