Memory Lane

Author –  mdJaey Memory Lane… I got strapped in the arms of Love… Felt like I’m in a spaceship going to Mars… In the pilot seat is my Love… Then out of the bloom,I got ejected… Now I’m stuck on Memory Lane… All the same, I guess we all make mistakes… Even though I Feel … More Memory Lane

Number Love

Author –  mdJaey   I’ve vowed I’m not going to love you for a while… You ask why..? Because I want you to harbour my heart So let me set sail at your port… For now, let me express my love in numbers – Please count with me… 1  2 – I’m counting on you … More Number Love


Author:  Evil Twin   It’s really not a big deal or maybe it is This poem is complex and filled with inferiority  A simple quest to change the world and reset priorities But vision impaired distorting reality trigger insanity, I can’t believe my eyes though   You say Love is blind? Well, so is hate But … More Monochrome

The Orphan

Mama, papa, you left when i was young I’m now living with a stranger I can’t say life’s good or bitter I didn’t ask to be born Is this life all there is?   All day by the fire, I feel the smoke in my lung I work more and complain less, tho’ my life’s … More The Orphan

Time Machine

Time machine, time machine Where thou art? Please take me back 29 days I made some mistakes i want to rectify.   Left to my own demise I can’t keep wearing this ‘pretending’ disguise The guilt in me made me realize How bad i need to apologize.   I’m full of regret Time machine, please … More Time Machine