The House Help – Part I

Mom said, ever since I retired junior high school, she’s been buying everything in double, they say I eat a lot, drink a lot and just lazy around all day. And I skip house when I have chores to do. My parents were the busy type, they leave very early in the morning and come home very late at night. My cooking skills wasn’t impressive, so when my parents arrive home and I haven’t cooked diner, they go berserk! Especially mom.

So my parents decided to ship me to a boarding school, and the arrangement was, they’ll give me whatever I needed, so long as I ONLY come home by the end of each academic year. Which basically means, I get to visit home once in a year when I’m at school. I am only allowed to override this directive when there’s an emergency.

I was posted to Wesley Grammar School, in Dansoman. Before I left for school, my parents came home one night with a girl. I was watching TV when they walked in, Dad said “good evening” and went to his room, Mom didn’t say anything, and she led a girl to one of the empty rooms. So the next morning, when I woke up, the compound was swept clean, the dishes were done, the living room was spotless clean.

I went looking for mom, she was in the kitchen, so I asked her what was going on, she said, “she’s your younger sister, she’ll be helping us with chores around the house”. Then I said, “Is she like a house help?”, she replied, “She’s not your maid or house help, never call her by that name, she called Anna”. Then I said, “Are we related by blood or something?”, “No, but she’s now part of the family”, she replied.

It was awkward having someone at home with you, because I was used to being alone at home. She was humble AF! She calls me Bra Cle. She was a nice girl, but I had to leave for school. And as promised I only came home once in an academic year, and with each time I came home, Anna had sprout beautifully.

I graduated from high school. Next was university, but my parents had other plans. They told me, they only buying UDS admission forms. UDS ‘s3 s3n?’, i thought to myself, I mean, University of Ghana, Legon wasn’t far from home, but they thinking of shipping me far North to offer Medicine, I was pissed off! But they were the ones paying the fees so there was little I could do.

For 5 years I haven’t been home. I kept constant communication with my parents, mom calls me every week, dad texts me from time to time. I missed home so I decided pay a surprise visit. It’s been 5 years now, I wasn’t so sure how’ll they’ll react when they see me. I booked a flight from Tamale to Accra, I only told Anna I was coming home. So I asked her to com pick me up at the airport.

I didn’t recognize Anna when I saw her, she’s grown to be that beautiful woman that she is. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was excited to see me. She hugged me, and her breast touch my chest, awwwwwww I almost died, it was very firm, just the way I like ‘my breasts’. So I asked her to take me some place nice so we could talk and eat. I was starving and there was so much we needed to talk about.

She took me to a very nice restaurant, we ate and talked. She was done with high school and was in her final year in a private fashion school. I couldn’t take my eyes off her breast. She had no makeup on but she was glowing. Hairy dark skin girl, she had an ‘ass’ like a zebra, she dey form!


I spent most of my time at home with Anna. During my stay, one morning I hadn’t seen Anna, so I walked into her room without knocking, she was still sleeping, I called her twice but she didn’t respond. So I took time to snoop around her room, she was super neat! You wouldn’t see a piece trash anywhere in her room. Her room was organized! I really admired her for that. After scanning the room, I called her again, she didn’t respond, so I moved closer to her bed to check if she was still breathing.

So I climbed her bed, sat on her bed and watched her sleep, observing her chest moving up and down. She had a see through nightie on, so you could see her nipple through the dress. Her nipples going up and down as she breathes. I was really enjoying what I was seeing, so I laid in bed next to her.

Then she opened her eyes, I was smiling at her when she saw me, she smiled back and covered her eyes with her hands. Then I told her, I called her but she didn’t respond so I came to check on her. Then she asked me how long I’ve in her room, then I replied, “Long enough to see how beautiful you look when you sleep, the kinda beauty every husband would like to see when he wakes up from bed every morning”, she laughed loud. Then I told her not to get up, I’ll be right back. I went to the kitchen to make her breakfast.

She laughed and asked me where I was taking the food to. Then I asked her, wasn’t that obvious? Then she said, she’s never had breakfast in bed before, then I told her, I was glad to be the first, then she told me, she hadn’t even brushed her teeth. We both laughed and I told her not to worry. We talked after her meal, then she told me she was going to take her bath.

In the bathroom, she asked me to bring her, her towel. She dried it on the dry line outside, so I went out for it. I walked straight to her room without knocking again, and there she was, standing there naked, all wet, water dripping down from her back to her ‘ass’, her breast standing firm like Robert Mugabe’s government. You could see her wet steps from the bathroom to her room on the floor. I saw what I saw but I closed my eyes, and said, “Oh sorry, I should have knocked, I didn’t know you were done bathing”.

She replied, “Oh you can open your eyes, its nothing”. I was surprised. So I watched on with her back turned facing me, while she wipes herself. And when she bended down to wipe her toes, that doggy position she struck eehh, charle my boxer shorts was soaked with semen. Then she told me she can’t reach her back so I should come take the towel and help her wipe her back. I took the towel and slowly and gently wiped her neck to her back down to ‘ass’.

Then she turned suddenly, knelt in front of me and ripped my boxer short off, then my penis popped out like a bar of chocolate out of a vending machine. As if I was under a spell, I didn’t resist. She held my penis and started sucking the life out of it. I had cum like twice already but she was still sucking. Then I lifted her up and placed her on the bed, spread her legs wide apart, she was wet AF!

Then I started kissing her from her thighs towards her vagina. I kissed her all over. Kissing her nipples to her belly. Then I brushed my tongue along her pubic hair, then I licked the inside of her labia, moving upwards to the hood of her clit, sucking it gently, moving from down to up, from the bottom of the vagina to the base of the clit. Tingling her clit with the tip of my tongue. She was screaming for more, so I started sucking her clit out, then I inserted two finger in her vagina, pushing in and out slowly, gosh! She was trembling like a leaf in a storm. She climaxed!!

Her vagina was like a rose flower, her labia closed around her vagina like petals of a flower. I spread them apart to expose the smaller inner lips of the vagina which meet at the top of the main vagina. I spread them out, and slowly inserted my penis in her wet vagina. Then I started ‘going in’ like DJ Khalid. I could feel the warmth along my penis. Then I started pushing faster, faster, faster and deeper. She screamed so loud I thought she was in pain, I wanted to pull out, but she instructed me to go harder and faster. the feeling was amazing!

We slept and cuddled in bed all morning to the late afternoon. Then I woke up and got up, but she was still asleep. Then I saw blood on the bed sheets. Then I quickly woke her up and told her she was bleeding, she jumped out of bed and looked at herself, but there was no cut. Then I asked her, “you were a virgin?”, she said, “yes”, shocked, all I could say was “wow”. She quickly changed her sheets and I went to take a bath. Since then I feel in love with her, it was like our spirit were now one. So I asked her to be my girlfriend, but we’ll keep it a secret for now.

So I went back to school. Two years later I was done. I now had my licenses to practice medicine. I got lucky and got posted to Accra to work. I moved out of my parents’ house rented an apartment. I was still dating Anna, and we were very much in love. I wanted to end our secret love affair by marrying her, but I wasn’t sure how my parents will react. I went on one knee and asked Anna to , but she said she’ll only give me an answer when I seek the approval of my parents.

So I went to see my parents one evening, I told them I needed to talk to them. After diner we sat down, and I told them about my secret love affair with Anna. We’ve been dating in secret for 3 years now, and I’d like to marry her. So I needed them to accompany me to go see her parents so that I officially present the ‘knocking drink’.

Mom got angry, she said, if she had the slightest idea that this was going on, she would have sent her packing. She said, “I can’t allow my only son to marry a house help, what will people think of us?” then I told her, many years ago, you told me she wasn’t a house help, she was part of this family, and I want to make it official by marrying her, cause I really love her. My mom got up and shouted, “I can’t allow a doctor to marry a house help, over my dead body”, then she stormed out to her bedroom.

I asked my dad what he thinks, he said, “you’re a grown man now, you make decisions on your own, whether good or bad, you alone will suffer the consequences, whatever decision you’ll make, I am fully behind you, it’s about time you gave me grandchildren, I’m not getting any younger, but I am disappointed you didn’t tell me what was going on between the two of you, I hope you’ve learnt from your mistakes now, I hope you think about what your mother said and what I’ve told you”.

On my way home, I was confused, how was I supposed to live a happy marriage life if my mother doesn’t approve of the woman I want to marry?



story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

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