The House Help – Part II

It’s been two weeks now, and still mom doesn’t want to pick my calls. Dad says she’s going through a phase right now, so I should give her space. Mom hasn’t been herself ever since I told her about Anna and I, she says I’ve betrayed her. She’s shut me out, she doesn’t even want to see me when I visit home. It was a miracle she even made it to my engagement ceremony, all thanks to dad. I’m sure it wasn’t easy convincing her. Throughout the ceremony, she wasn’t happy, she acted happy and only showed fake smiles.

Anna said everything changed at home after my confrontation with my parents, nobody was talking to nobody, especially mom. Mom doesn’t talk to her anymore. But dad was cool, he calls her anytime he needs something, and they talk once in a while. With time the house felt like a cemetry, it got too uncomfortable for Anna. So she left the house, she thanked my parents for all they’ve done for her, they catered for her high school education and fashion design school, she’s known them half her entire life, so she’ll always be grateful to them.

Mom refused to get another female house help, she insisted on a male help. Mom doesn’t trust anyone anymore. But that didn’t bother me much. My major concern was getting mom to show up at my wedding in two weeks’ time, because she threatened not to come. Honestly it didn’t make sense, why should the kind of woman I want to marry bother my mom so much that she even doesn’t want to look at me? And it wasn’t as if she was a stranger, she was someone my mom knew.

I had no idea my mom was an actress, she really put up a show at my wedding, she was full of smiles and acting all happy, but I knew she was acting it. Nevertheless my mom’s presence really meant something to me. I knew with time, she’ll warm up to Anna again. My wedding day was the best day of my life, I was a married man, I was so happy. I was married to the most beautiful woman in the world, I couldn’t help but flaunt my wedding ring to my friends.


This was just the beginning of a beautiful marriage, and like all fairy tales, I hope we’ll live happily ever after!




We’ve been married for 5 years now, and I still love my wife more and more every day. We’ve had some ups and downs but still our marriage grows stronger. I was happy but I was depressed all the same. Anna couldn’t bear me children. Shortly after our marriage, Anna fell ill, after a few tests and scans, she was diagnosed with Endometriosis, which occurs when endometrial tissues implant grows outside of the uterus, often affecting the function of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. This basically means she had one in a million chance of bearing children.

Not having a child didn’t bother me, but it really bothered Anna. It’s not as if our families are pressuring us to bear children, but their silence was killing her. Anytime I visit home, it feels like someone was whispering “I told you so”, “but you didn’t listen”. Anytime I saw my mom, it feelt like she was giving me that “I told you so” look on her face, though she wouldn’t say it to my face.

Anna cries almost every night, she couldn’t stand, knowing that she can’t give me children. But that didn’t bother me. I’ve told her several times not to worry, but she wouldn’t listen. She says people look at her and judge her. Anna is suffering from depression, mood swings, and she shows symptoms of bipolar disorder.

There were days she wouldn’t talk to me, and there are days she completely shuts me out. During these times she locks herself up in the bedroom for days, and I sleep in the couch. I really want to help my wife but she’s not open to any form of therapy.

I can see my wife was mentally losing it, she’s always talking and whispering to herself, she spends hours in the bathroom, she doesn’t go to the salon anymore, her hair’s in a mess, she sometimes wears the same clothes for days before changing them, she doesn’t make dinner every evening like she used to.

All these didn’t bother me, I still loved my wife, and would marry her again and again if faced with that decision. I made a vow to love her forever till death do us apart, and that’s a vow I want to keep. I love my wife, and I have no plans of breaking my marriage vows just because of this minor setback.

I came home from work one afternoon, I was very exhausted so I asked for the rest of the day off, I got home around 1:03 pm, the house was very quiet, I called Anna several times, but no response was heard. So I went to the bedroom, she wasn’t there, so I checked the bathroom, I nearly passed out from what I saw, Anna was in the bath tub facedown, floating lifeless, I quickly got her body out and performed CPR, but no pulse was felt.

On the bathroom floor were tablets of sleeping pills and other pills and a piece of note signed by Anna saying:


I cried my heart out. I cried like a baby. Anna had committed suicide. When the autopsy report came in, Anna was two weeks pregnant. Only if she knew.



story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

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