That Lapaz chick

It was Friday, chilling with my friends as usual, we went to a club to have some drinks and have fun. Unlike me, I usually don’t get drunk, but that day, I lost control of myself and had lots of drinks, got tipsy and eventually got intoxicated. Being drunk was funny as F! Everything was … More That Lapaz chick

The Butcher [Part II]

 I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling, then tears out from my eyes, I started crying bitterly. The police man sitting next to me started talking, “Kwasia you’ve killed a woman, you’ve realized your stupidity so you crying now huh?”, wiping the tears off my face I said to the police officer, “I’m not … More The Butcher [Part II]

The Butcher [Part I]

I’ve been standing behind the window for 8 minutes now, even though what I was witnessing was killing me, I was determined to identify the guy banging my woman. The curtain wasn’t properly closed, so from an angle I could see everything happening. Dzibodi had arched her back in the doggy position, and the unidentified male was stroking hard behind … More The Butcher [Part I]


Author –  mdJaey    I remember the day I saw her-  in a particular way the sun rays reflected her beauty in my brain… Something about her voice-  left me with no choice but to lean forward and make a mess out of myself… Something about her smile-  just made me want to try and … More Desiré