Five Minutes in James Town

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OK, we need to talk about appreciating life and noticing things around us – and people. I had a tearful moment alone  in the bathroom fifteen minutes ago ( don’t ask.)  You know that huge lump you get in your throat when you’re trying very, very, hard not to cry?  yeah. I locked myself in there just in case those uninvited tears decided to fall and ruin my day anyway.  How do you deal with those moments? Do you cry? take a walk? blast some music? Call your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Personally, I think I have good, wise women around me,  I have some amazing friends!  I can’t imagine not having some of them in my life to talk me out of my  melt downs, seriously. I know some people don’t believe in trusting other people so much and believing in their goodness because ‘they don’t do best friends’  But.. that’s just…

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