The Covenant

In class six, my classmates started teasing me with her, It was funny how it all began, and it wasn’t as if we were close. It started as a mere teasing season, and it gradually became a menace. I think it started some time ago when Mary came to visit me at home when I … More The Covenant

Love or Hate?

Author: mdJaey   Will this ever change? Why does Hate always predominate..? How enjoyable life could be when those we love come to be with us… But love seems so rare in today’s world. Love is affection based on admiration, benevolen­ce or common interests… Take it this way, love is warm attachment, it is also … More Love or Hate?

Yvonne Nelson

We called her Yvonne Nelson at work because she had similar long beautiful legs like the Ghanaian actress, and plus her real name was Yvonne. Yvonne’s been acting extra weird today at work, she’s been following me everywhere, and it’s not even funny, I know she’s fond of me and all, but today is different, … More Yvonne Nelson