The Covenant

In class six, my classmates started teasing me with her, It was funny how it all began, and it wasn’t as if we were close. It started as a mere teasing season, and it gradually became a menace. I think it started some time ago when Mary came to visit me at home when I was sick and couldn’t make it to school that week. News about her visit spread in my class like chicken pox. The teasing began.

I didn’t like her at first, but due to the persistent teasing and name calling, I accepted the inevitable reality. Unlike me, she enjoyed every bit of it, she didn’t seem bothered by teasing. In JHS 1, she confessed her love for me, I was really flattered. I didn’t have a girlfriend like my other friends so I immediately agreed to become her lover. I thought getting a girlfriend would make me look cool like my other peers. I was having fun, but Mary took this relationship very serious.

After our last exams for Junior High School, I invited Mary home to hang out, my parents had travelled to the next village for a funeral and they won’t be returning after two nights. I was 19 and she was 17 at that time. I made her prepare some food for us to eat, all we did was to chat, since we had no electricity in our village by then. We’ve been hanging out all day, it was getting late, Mary wanted to go home, but I managed to convince her to spend the night with me since it was late and the streets might not be safe; she agreed.

I was really happy; I took her to my parent’s bedroom which had a huge bed, big enough for two persons. I usually slept on an old mat on the bare floor, but since my parents were out, I decided to put their bed to good use. It was awkward at first, sharing the same bed with Mary in my parent’s room, but I got used to the feeling. Mary asked me a question, she said, “have ever had sex before?”, I was surprised, but I answered, “of course I’ve had sex before”, but I was lying, I didn’t want to sound like an amateur.

She asked me how many times I’ve had sex before, and I replied, “Twice”, she asked me, “Were you having sex with other girls since we started dating?”, I had to think fast, so, I was like, “Nooo I had sex before we started going out”, she shook her head and said nothing. Then she said, “If I let you, will you have sex with me?”, and I replied, “If you no gimme I no go take oh, only your love I dey appreciate oh”, she laughed hysterically and said, “No kissing me and no touching me”…

As the night went to sleep, and all was quiet except the sounds from the frogs and crickets, I decided to touch her, she said nothing. I kissed her, she said nothing. Then I began to undress her. She stopped me just when I was about to take her panties off, she asked me, “Do you love me?”, I responded, “yes I do, why do you ask?”, she said, “I’m a virgin, if you know you’ll sleep with me and leave me, please stop”, and I told her, “I really love you with all my heart and I’ll never leave you, I promise”, she said, “hmmm are you sure?”, and I said, “yes I’m sure”, then all was quiet, and I asked her, “can I take the panties off now?”, but she didn’t respond. Without hesitation, I took it off smiling to myself.

5:08am, Mary woke me up, she told me she was leaving. Then I asked her when I could see her again, she said, “meet me at the village stream at 1pm, I’ll be fetching water during that time, meet me there”, I agreed.

At 1pm, I was at the stream, Mary was already there waiting, she was really excited to see me. We began talking about the previous night, I was like, “did you enjoy it last night?”, then she said, “na wo tw3de3 mu y3 den paaa”, we both laughed. She looked me straight in the eyes and asked me, “Do you love me?”, and I responded, “with all my heart”, then she said, “will you do anything for me?”, and I answered, “just mention it, and your will would be done”, and finally she asked, “will you leave me for another girl?”, and I replied, “never, but why all these questions?”…

She pulled out a new razor blade, and said we should make a blood covenant to seal our relationship. I was shocked! I was shaking like I was standing in the cold somewhere in Alaska. She had trapped me; it was pointless asking for reasons because I just said I loved her and promise to do her wishes. My silence meant I had agreed to do it, without thinking twice, she pricked her finger with the razor blade, blood oozed out and she asked me to do same, but I told her I was too scared to prick my own finger so she should do it for me, and she did, my cut was deep, blood rushed out, so I had to apply pressure at the base of my finger to minimize the bleeding


My heart was pounding fast, I was scared! We then placed our fingers together. We took an oath, she said, “I swear by the all the gods in this stream, the god of the Densu river and before the almighty God never to leave you for another man, or have sex with another man, always love you to the very end till death do us part, if I break this oath, may I go mad, eat from the dumpster and trash cans, sleep on the cold ground wearing rags for the rest of my life”, then she asked me to repeat the same thing, and I did.



I relocated to the capital city, I managed to make a living for myself out of selling ‘Banku and grilled Tilapia’, my fast food business was booming, I kept making profit month after month. My grilled Tilapia was awesome, everyone enjoyed it, so they kept coming back for more, I was successful, I had my own car and a nice apartment, I’ve made good money ever since I left the village 8 years ago, and the only thing missing was a wife. Mary and I had plans to marry.

I got some elders in my family to accompany me to ask for Mary’s hand in marriage. But to our sad surprise, Mary’s parents refused to accept our drink, Mary’s dad said, he had already selected a suitor for Mary, he had promised to wed Mary to another man. He said he didn’t like me, I’ve been out of the village for many years now, he doesn’t know the sort of man I’ve become now, so there was no way he’d marry Mary to me. He concluded by saying, my great-grandfather was epileptic; he fears it’s in my blood too and I will transfer it to his family, he doesn’t want epileptic grandchildren. I tried explaining that I wasn’t epileptic like my grandfather, but he wouldn’t listen. Since Mary had refused to marry the man he had picked for him, he also wouldn’t let her marry me.

I knew I was fucked up and there nothing I could do or say to change the old man’s mind. He even forbids Mary to ever visit me in the city. Then I remembered the covenant I made with Mary. Regret was the only emotions I could feel. I couldn’t marry another woman; for fear that I’ll go bonkers and start roaming the streets butt naked.

I returned to the city, back to my business, my mood had changed, I became depressed, but I tried to hide it. I acted like everything was normal but I was sometimes seen talking to myself, whispering to myself. My soul was shattered!


I’m good looking, I have lots of female admirers, due to the nature of my work, women are seen all around me. Some ladies have made sexual advances towards me, but because of my covenant I couldn’t acknowledge their invitations. Rumors started going around that I was impotent, some even said I was gay that’s why I wasn’t seen with a woman or hove a girlfriend.

Enduring this never-ending torture because of a stupid blood covenant. *sigh* I miss having sex to be honest.



Story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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