The Perfect Wedding

I asked her to come with me, it’s a beautiful late evening, the sun was gradually setting down and taking a stroll along the beach doesn’t sound like a bad idea. She didn’t want to go at first, she said, “It’s cold at the beach, I won’t feel comfortable”, but I told her, “Okay, here, … More The Perfect Wedding

Dance with my father

Sitting here the dark, with strangers from another land, strangers with a different mother tongue, I’m so confused and scared. I wonder how I got myself here. I hear whispers but I can’t make meaning out of it. I can barely see their faces, only whispers. They speak French but I don’t. The inmate sitting … More Dance with my father

The End Product

Author: Kofi Wordz Twitter: @Owura_Quophi   Vigorously kneaded with expertise  and rolled into shape Slapping gently seems to be the norm, the reason quite eludes the ordinary Everything happens for a reason; this is certainly not a kickshaw In a burning furnace Tossed around to prevent burning Working on them with much gravity Hostile to … More The End Product


Author: Kita Twitter:@Anitaaaa_n The deep of the depth is down beneath the waters. Beneath the surface, a fountain runs, where springs of refreshing life flows. To whom shall it reach? But wait! Who is searching? Wisdom asks,  “To what extent will he who searches go? “ The deep asks. For deep calls unto the deep, … More Deep

Submit your story, poetry, secrets and articles

Tales from Madina is now public, we introducing a new page called”SUBMISSION”, this page will have four new sub pages, 1.Short stories, 2.Poetry, 3. Articles and 4. Secrets. Under Short stories: the public would be allowed to send in their own stories to be published on for free Under Poetry: the public would be … More Submit your story, poetry, secrets and articles

Friendzone [Part I]

I spotted this girl at matriculation, we were both level 100 students, the girl was fine. If there was another word that could describe someone who had surpassed the level of beauty, I’d use that word. She had this pretty face and physic that every husband would wake up every morning just to see. She … More Friendzone [Part I]