Friendzone [Part I]

I spotted this girl at matriculation, we were both level 100 students, the girl was fine. If there was another word that could describe someone who had surpassed the level of beauty, I’d use that word. She had this pretty face and physic that every husband would wake up every morning just to see. She was dark-skinned, had long hair that spread across her shoulders to her back, teeth as white as breast milk, smiles as bright as a button, every guy would wish to call her, his own.

I started stalking her, I was love struck! I found out which Hall and course she was doing. I wanted to talk to her, I wanted her phone number but it wasn’t easy. I was scared to approach her, I didn’t even know what I’d say if I got the chance to speak to her and I always saw her on campus with her friends, so that made it very difficult to approach her, I didn’t want to embarrass myself, especially in the presence of her friends. But I never gave up.

One day I saw her on campus, walking alone, I knew that was my chance to walk up to her and ask for her number. My heart was pounding very fast, but I gathered some courage and walked up to her. I said, “Hi Faustina”, she stopped and turned back and replied, “Hi”, and I said, “My name is CleDre, you probably don’t know me, but I do know you, well I mean, I see you around on campus”, she responded, “Okay”, and I continued, “I’m also a student here”, she responded, “Okay”, and I replied, “yeah”, smiling like an idiot. There was an awkward silence there after, we were both staring at each other, I didn’t know what to say, I froze completely.

Then she said, “Okay CleDre, nice meeting you, I think I’ll be on my way now”, she turned around, about to walk away, then I started singing Akwaboah’s song, I do love you;

“I still can’t believe this
I can’t believe I can’t take control of myself, baby

“Makoma bɔ me bang bang bang
Menfrɛ wo anaase me gyae wo ma won kɔ
Na menkɔ su, baby

Enka Mr Play boy deɛ
Enka ebanosen na me hu obaa ma makoma bɔ me bang bang bang
But this feeling is so different

What reason will I give my heart If I should let you go babe
Cause I wanna know you, I wanna know you

Enti Sweety me pe se mene wo di nkɔmɔ ketuabi
Ayhemeso saa abesi nnɛ
Deɛ ewo makoma mu nyinaa ne sɛ
I do love you, ooh baby”

She was shocked! She couldn’t believe what had just happened! Her mouth was wide open, she didn’t move an inch. I was even surprised myself, I had no idea why I sung that song, I just started singing as if it was forced out of me. All she could say was, “OMG woow wow, that was very nice”, with smiles all over her face. I just stood there smiling back like the idiot that I was. Then she said, “okay  Cle, I’m just coming back from lectures, I’m tired, I wanna go rest a while ok, so I guess I’ll see you around”, and I replied, “yeah sure”. She started walking away, and I said, “Tina, can I have your number please, maybe I could call or text sometimes? If you don’t mind?”, she said okay and gave me her number, the way I was happy eehh

We started chatting on phone. Sometimes I call her and if I get lucky we got to hang out on campus. I usually invite her on a date, like we should go grab something nice to eat at a fancy place, but she decline all my invitations except this one time. I’ve been bugging all week for a date, but she usually uses school and lectures as an excuse and gave me silly unreasonable excuses, but I never gave up! Friday night she texted me back saying, she’d be free tomorrow, so I should come pick her up. I took her to a really fancy place, it was our first date so I really wanted to create a good impression. By the end of the date, she was really excited, I could see it in her eyes.

I took her back on campus, walked her to her door, told her I’d call her before she sleeps and said goodnight. I called her on phone at 10:30pm, luckily she wasn’t asleep. We started talking and talking, I asked her if she enjoyed her self, she said yes she had fun. Then I asked her if she’d like to go on more dates with me? There was a long pause, then she said maybe, I asked her why she said maybe, she said nothing.

I knew this was the right time so I had to go all out, I said, “Tina, you know I really like you eeh, you’re very a decent girl and I like you a lot, I’d like you to be my girlfriend please”, she said nothing, the pause was long so I asked, “Tina, are you still there?”, she said, “yes”, and I asked, “Did you hear what I said, she said, “yes”, and I asked, “So what do you think?”, she said, “hmmm you’re like a brother to me, and a very good friend to me, so let’s just be friends okay”, I couldn’t think far, I couldn’t think madness, so I asked myself, ‘Did this girl just friend-zone me?’


Ever since that night, Tina has been acting ‘some way bi’, weird, we don’t chat like we use to, I call her sometimes, but I don’t always get a call back or text back. I’m the type that never gives up easily, especially when it’s about a girl, I’d even follow her to hell just to make her mine. The annoying part was, she sees me as her brother? Like WTF? Brother? I wonder if I’m her mom’s last born.

Saw her on campus walking with a guy, I got jealous, cause that should have been me, but I said nothing. Another time I saw her again walking around with that same guy, I felt uneasy, but I said nothing. Last weekend I was walking pass her hall when I saw a saloon car drop her off, the driver got out and walked her inside the hall, the driver was that same guy she’s been lately walking around with.

That night I called her twice, she didn’t pick up. The next day, I tried again, she answered, we started talking, in the middle of the conversation, I asked her who was the guy she’s been walking around on campus with, she answered, ” Who? Vena? He’s my boyfriend”, immediately I told her, I have rice on fire, it’s burning so I’ll call her back later. I lied, I just didn’t want to cry on phone. After I ended the call, I cried my heart out, I wept bitterly, I went to bed very early that night.


Even tho Tina now had a boyfriend, I still loved her, anytime I call her, I try to ‘bad mouth’ his boyfriend, but all my efforts was meaningless. What annoyed me the most was, the other time she used a photo of herself with boyfriend and used it as her whatsapp display picture, I was really jealous, that guy didn’t deserve Tina, I did. And her status was, “My bae boo @Vena_c7, ahuofe ronaldo, my one and only Joy Daddy, I love you die, chop kiss 😘😘😘😘😘”, and I was like, “sia you love who die? ofui!” The thing pain me ruff!

In a bold attempt, I feed lies about Vena to Tina, but all my efforts was a waste of time, Tina was head over heels in love with Vena to believe anytime bad I said about him.

 Third year, level 300, came back to school after a long vacation. I couldn’t wait to see Tina, I’ve missed her, only if she knew. I spent my vacation at the village with my grandparents, unfortunately I couldn’t get any network signals. But alas! I was back in school, just a sight of her pretty face would give me a reason to breath. I went looking for Tina at her Hall, her room mates said she wasn’t in school. I tried her number countless time, but it was switched off! I got extremely worried.

A week later, I saw Tina on campus, looking all gloomy. I approached her, but she said, she wasn’t in the mood to talk, I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t tell me, she only said, she’d call me this evening. She kept her promise, she called me, then I asked her why the sad face this afternoon, she said nothing was wrong, I told her to tell me, cause I’m concerned. she finally opened up and said, “I broke up with Vena”, the way I was happy eehh


I knew it was my time to get Tina to be my girl since Vena was now out of the picture. I asked her to be my girl few days later, but she asked me to give her some tine. I played it cool and gave her about 3 weeks alone time. I saw her after lectures on my way back to my hall, she was looking happy, cheerful, just like her old self. I was happy to see her back to her usual self.

I called her on phone, asked her if I could come around, she said yes and gave me the time to come. On my way there I thought it wise to show up with a present, so I bought her a box of chocolate. I knocked on her door, moments later she opened up and invited me in. When I got inside the room I got angry, Vena was also there, sitting on her bed, and here’s how she did the introduction, “Bae this is CleDre, CleDre this is Vena, bae, Cle has been very good to me, he’s like a brother I never had”, Vena got up and said he was leaving, Tina told me to wait for her, she’s just escorting her bae to the packing lot.

When she came back, I asked her if she was back together with Vena, she said yes. I asked her since when? She said, yesterday, Vena came over for them to settle their diffrences. Then I asked her why did they break up, she said Vena was flirting around with other girls. She said a friend saw him cheating on her with another girl. Tina confronted him without evidence, they both couldn’t settle their difference, that caused the break.

I was just about leaving, when she saw me holding the box of chocolate, she asked me, who the box of chocolate 🍫 was for, I said, a friend asked me to give it to his friend on this same hall.



Story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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