Friendzone [Part II]

Tina had made a complete fool out of me, if I knew that idiot was gonna be there, I wouldn’t have bothered showing up at her room. I was walking towards the stairs when I heard Tina calling me from behind, She asked me to wait up, and I did. She said she was going down stairs so she might as well join me. On our way down I asked Tina, “What should I do for you to take me seriously? or are you that blinded by a fairy tale love, where the princess thinks she’s met her prince charming and they gonna live happily ever after? Vena isn’t your prince charming, he’s just using you”, but she laughed at me.

We had almost reached the ground floor when we met these girls, they started talking, I got bored and told Tina I need to get going, but she told me to wait a few seconds so that we all go together. After five minutes, I coughed loud to get Tina’s attention, ‘cough! cough!!’, and Tina was like, “oh shoot! where are my manners; girls, this is CleDre, CleDre these are my friends Sally, Portia and Akosua’,and I said,”Nice to meet you”, they smiled back. They talked for a few seconds more, and they left.

On my way back to my hall, I bought some bread and an apple juice. I sliced the bread in half, spread the chocolate ‘I bought for Tina’ in my bread, laid on the couched and enjoyed it like it was my last meal on earth. Laying in the couch, got me thinking, I wondered to myself why I was chasing a girl who doesn’t share the same mutual feelings with? I realized it was about time I moved on, I realized that, if the one you love doesn’t feel the same way about you, you gotta move on, time no dey, cause if that boy or girl doesn’t love you by now, they will never ever love you!

I was still in the couch, enjoying this nice conversation with myself when I heard, “Bang bang bang”, on my door. I peeped through the curtains to check who it was, it was a girl. My heart skipped a beat. I opened the door and she said, “Hi” and I responded, then she said, “are you busy or I’m I interrupting anything?, I said, “No not at all”, and I asked her, “Do you wanna come in?”, and she replied, “I’d love that”. So we got inside and I told her to make herself comfortable. I asked her, “Did Tina send you?”, she said no, but she was the one who showed her my room.

I was a bit confused, so I asked her, “What can I do for you”?, She said, “I got bored. I wanted to watch movies but I didn’t have any, I asked Tina, but she said she only had the old movies, then she asked me to come see you”. It was funny tho, Tina sent her to me for movies. “Then I asked her, “What kinda movies you want?”, she said, “2016 movies”, and I said, “okay, but I only have a few of them, do like series?”, I asked. Then she said, “Not really, but if you recommend a nice series for me, I would watch”, and I said, “Okay, have You watched ‘Banshee’ before?”, she said no, and I was like, it’s a nice series”, and I continued, “Did you bring a removable flash drive or SD card?”, she said, “yhup” and gave me her flash drive. She used her name as her flash drive’s name, “Sally”.

Two days later, she came knocking on my door again, she said she was done watching season one of Banshee, she wanted to season two, she was really excited, I could see it in her eyes. She was in a cheerful mood, I wasn’t sure if it was because she loved the movie or because she was excited to see me. I asked her if she liked the movie, she said she did, that’s why she came for season two. I copied season two for her and she left.

Three days later, I was in town when I got a call, I answered, “Yeah hello”, “hello, please is this CleDre?”, “Yeah, abeg who this?”, “It’s me Sally, I got your number from Tina, I hope you don’t mind”; “Not at all, so what’s up?”, I asked, “Yeah are you on campus?”, she asked, “No, but I’ll be there soon, I’m in town, like something?”, “Not really, could you call me back when you get on campus please? I wanna come over”, and I was like, “Yeah sure, I will”, then she said, “Okay, later then, this is my number, call me on this one”, “Okay”, I said. I had no idea what she wanted, but it was interesting trying to figure out why she wanted to come over in my mind.

I called her when I got to my room, she said she was coming over. She showed up minutes later. She apologized if she had caused any inconvenience with her visit, but I told her not to apologize for anything, she was welcomed to visit anytime she wanted. She said the reason she came was to try and get season three and four of Banshee, but I told her I only had season three for now, but if she could wait, I could download season four for her. She said she could wait. Whiles waiting, we talked about our favorite characters in the series and scenes in the movie, I could tell she really loved it. About 2 hours I was done downloading and copying the movies for her.

She was about leaving when she looked at her time, It was 11:49pm. she told me it was late, her route home won’t be safe since she’s a girl. She asked me if I could do her a favor, I said sure. She asked me if she could spend the night with me if it won’t be a problem. I wanted to say no, but considering the circumstances, I agreed. I told her to take the bed and I will sleep in the chair. But she insisted I join her in bed, I said no, but she said, she’ll feel bad, she wants me to feel comfortable. I agreed. In the middle of the night, she said she was feeling hot, so she removed the top she was wearing. Moments later, she got up again and removed everything she was wearing, she came to sleep next to me butt naked. I was sweating, I pretended I was sleeping. She started touching me, my blood became hot, but I acted like I was still sleeping, She brushed her hands all over my chest, but I laid still like a dead body, she realized I wasn’t giving in to her advances, she stopped, and I had my beauty sleep. I woke up in the morning, she was gone, but she left a note saying, “Thank you”. I smiled to myself and shook my head.

Many weeks later, Tina called me, she said, I’ve been spending so much time with Sally and I haven’t been texting or calling her, but I told her I’ve been busy that’s why. We talked about school for a while, and it got personal, she asked me,”Hypothetically speaking, if I don’t end up becoming your woman, what will you do?”, and I answered, “Simple, I’ll move to your friend”, she laughed hard and said none of her friends will go in for me, I asked why, she said it’s their secret. I said nothing. Then she said, “guess you haven’t heard”, “Hear what?”, I asked, “I’m no more with Vena, I’m single”, and I said, “Since when?”, she said, “few days ago, I caught him asking girls for nude pics”, so I was like, “You won’t accept his apology when he comes begging right?”, she said, “Nope, we done for good! I’m now looking for a decent guy who will make me happy and treat me better”, my eyes lit up with excitement, and I said to myself, at long last the battle has ended, Tina is mine forever!

Later than evening, Sally called me, she asked me if I would be busy that evening, but I said no, Then she said she’ll be coming by later. An hour later, She showed up in front of my front door looking all polished and sexy in the dress she was wearing. So I asked her where she was going looking all nice, she said she came to see me, I said, “huh?”, then she said, “Dress up, we going to the movies, I got 2 tickets for a movie at the Silver Bird Cinema, and I know we both love movies, so I want you to come with me”, I was stunned, I didn’t know what to say, it wouldn’t be polite to decline her offer since she invested time and money into getting here, so I asked her to give me a few minutes dress up.

We enjoyed ourselves at the movies, I had fun more than I imagined. On our way home Sally suggested that we go some place nice and drink something since the night is still young. We went to this nice club, we had lot to drink. we danced, we sung loud to the music playing. Sally was such great company, she really knew how to have fun. She gave a great time I have never experienced before. We got tired and decided to sit for a while and rest since we’ve been dancing all night.

Sally said, “CleDre, do yo know, I like you?”, and I said, “I also like you”, and she continued, “No I mean I really really really like you”, and I said, “I don’t hate you, I also like you”, and she said, “What I’m trying to say is, I love you, I have fallen for you”, and I said, “wow, are you sure it’s not the alcohol talking?”, “No I’m fine, I’m not drunk, and I mean what I said, I love you”, and I asked her why, she said, “You remember the night I spent at your place?”, I said, “I do”, smiling to myself, “Okay, you see, I slept next to you naked, you could have taken advantage of me, but you didn’t, even tho I tried to seduce you, you didn’t give in, after that night, you earned all my respect, I prayed to have a decent guy like you, who would be faithful as you, and I think I’ve found you”.

Sally noticed I was confused, so she said, “i think I’ve given you too much to digest, so here’s what I’ll do, I’ll give you up to tomorrow to think about all I’ve said, and if you interested in me, I’m all yours”, I agreed. It was late so we decided to head back to school, I wasn’t drunk, but I was feeling tipsy, I felt funny. I was even surprised I found my way to my door, cause everything was blur. When I got to my room, laid on my bed and slept like a baby!

I woke up in the morning to 8 missed calls from Tina last night and 1 text message. Checking the time of the calls, I realized she called at that moment when I was with Sally, I guess I was drunk after all since I didn’t hear my phone ring. She sent me a text message too, The text message reads


All I could say was;



Story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

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8 thoughts on “Friendzone [Part II]

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    like something??direct translation
    nice one derπŸ™Œ
    now u are in a dilemma anaar?
    ~from FaeπŸ˜™β€

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  2. CleDre now turn hotcakes. Lol.
    Buh why da sudden change of mind,? Ddnt Tina say Cle was like a bro to her. Now u want to date ur bro. Abomination!!!

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