The Perfect Wedding

I asked her to come with me, it’s a beautiful late evening, the sun was gradually setting down and taking a stroll along the beach doesn’t sound like a bad idea. She didn’t want to go at first, she said, “It’s cold at the beach, I won’t feel comfortable”, but I told her, “Okay, here, wear my jacket, problem solved”, so she wore my jacket, I held her hand and we went strolling. It was fun, we talked long for hours, it was getting late, she wanted me to take her home, she said she was tired.

Just when we were about to leave, I dropped down on my knee, took out a gold ring, took her left hand, looked straight in her eyes, she was stunned, her hand trying close her dropped jaw, I cleared my throat and said, “This is all new to me, I’ve been rehearsing this for weeks now, okay, here we go; Loving you was one of the best thing that has ever happened to me and being loved back was the most amazing feeling ever, we’ve had our ups and downs but you held me down and made me a better man, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Lizzy will you marry me?”

She started crying, she was trying so hard to stop those tears from pouring down her eyes, her eyes sparkled with excitement, she replied, “yes, I will, I’ll be your wife CleDre”. That was the happiest moment and day in my life. I gently pushed the ring on her finger, got up, looked in her eyes, kissed her and whispered, “I love you”, she replied, “I love you more baby”.

Weeks later, I took some elders from my family to accompany me to ask for Lizzy’s hand in marriage. I was given a full list of items for the engagement ceremony. I wanted a simple but beautiful marriage, but Lizzy had other ideas. The date for engagement ceremony and wedding was set. We had to prepare.

I got a text from Lizzy saying she was coming over to my place. I was at home when she walked in, we shared a romantic kiss before settling down, she said, “Cle, I’m having a bridal shower this Saturday at my place, my friends will be coming over, can I get some money please?”, then I asked, “How many friends are you inviting?”, she said, “Mmmm not many, only 50 friends baby”, surprised I asked, “why ebi inter-co or inter-houses you dey organize? Why so many people for a bridal shower?”, she replied, “aww baby, do you know how many people my friend Frimpongmaa invited for her bridal shower? She invited 40 guests; I want mine to be bigger”. I said nothing and gave her enough money.

The other time Lizzy came to my place with smiles all over her face, she said she went for wedding shopping but then she wasn’t holding any shopping bags, so I asked her where her items were, she said, “Guess what hunny? They’ll arrive tomorrow. I shopped online, I saw an awesome bridal gown online from the U.K, so I bought them, I made the delivery express so it’ll be here tomorrow, it’s beautiful, my friend Ann recommended it, but I chose a more beautiful dress than the one she wore on her wedding day, I have good taste, less I forget, here’s the bill for the shopping and delivery”, she gave me the bill, I almost cried when I saw the amount on the slip, but when I converted the amount from pounds sterling to Ghana cedis, that night I ate bread and washed it down with water.

I love Lizzy, I really do, I’ll do anything to make her happy, especially on her wedding day, I can see she has a vision for a huge glamorous wedding, I don’t want to disappoint her, I want to make her happy, after all Y.O.M.O, you only marry once. Her spending is alarming and I’m running low on cash, but I’ll figure out something, after all Y.O.M.O! I secured some money from an external source for my wedding, so money was no more a problem.

“My love guess what?” she said, I looked at the time it was 2:35am in the morning, I replied, “It’s late, I don’t have time for guessing games, I’m very tired,  can’t it wait tomorrow?”, she answered, “awww nooo love, I wanna share this excitement news with you”, I sighed and continued, “I’m listening, make it quick”, “I just secured a photo shoot gig with Qrafiqx Inc., they’ll take care of our pre-wedding photo shoot and the photography  for the entire wedding”, then I asked, “what’s a pre-wedding photo shoot?”, she replied, “don’t worry love, you’ll find out tomorrow”

The next day we went met these Qrafiqx guys, they were very professional, they showed us samples of their works, I was really impressed. I asked Lizzy if a pre-wedding photo shoot was really necessary, she said, “My friend Joyce had her pre-wedding shots at the beach, they were really nice, so I also want the same, but mine will be different, you’ll see”. The photo shoot wasn’t cheap. Here are some of the shots from our pre-wedding


We had an amazing traditional engagement ceremony, it was colorful and beautiful. Lizzy was in her kente gown looking beautiful like the sunset. I couldn’t believe I was getting married to such a beautiful woman like her, I was feeling lucky. The happiest moment was when Lizzy publicly agreed to be my MRS. I was very happy, she was also happy. When she came to my side, I kissed her on the cheeks and told her, “You the most beautiful woman in the universe”

After the ceremony Lizzy and I went to change our dress for the refreshment party. Just as we sat down to eat, the disc jogger splayed Sarkodie ft Pat Thomas – bra. Lizzy got up, took my hand and dragged me dance floor, she started giving me her dance moves, I was reluctant to dance, cause I was extremely shy! My mom and everyone was watching me, my friends had their phones up recording us. But then I remembered Y.O.M.O. I danced with my wife and it was amazing.

I got tired, but Lizzy was full of energy, she continued dancing, I only admire her from afar. The cheers from our family and friends filled the room with happiness and excitements.

The next day was the church marriage, the ministering overseer joined us together, made us man and wife. He asked me to kiss the bride. I kissed her for 5 minutes straight till the room was filled with cheers and screams. At the reception I couldn’t help but show of my ring to my friends.

The next day we got on a flight to U.S then from there to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Lizzy picked Hawaii because her friend Joyce went to Dubai for her honeymoon, she wanted some place better. Hawaii was a mini paradise on earth, the local people were awesome, they meet you and go like, “Aloha”, which means hello, funny how Aloha also means goodbye. We got into our hotel, immediately Lizzy changed into a hot bikini, saying she’s going swimming at the pool. In the evening after dinner we went to walk along the beach and watch the sunset, it was beautiful.

Back at the hotel, I wanted to have some quality alone time with bae so I kissed her back, but she said she was tired; she’s been swimming all day. She got up, walked to the bathroom to take a shower. I couldn’t believe it. Before we started dating I told her I’m the old school kinda guy, so no sex until marriage, and we both agreed. Now we are married I want to ‘knack but she dey do long’, whether tired or not “anadwo yi mɛ bie gya!”

I took off my clothes and tiptoed to the bathroom, she was under the shower, her face turned away from me, I got closer, joined her under the shower, she was startled, I grabbed hold of her buttock and pressed it, the asked me, “What do you think you doing?”, I replied, “I’m planting tomatoes on my farm, c’mon what does it look like I’m doing?”, she laughed but said nothing.

Under the shower, watching the water pour into her hair and drip down her back to her buttocks was beautiful. I held her waist and kissed her neck, she moaned softly, then she turned facing me and she kissed me, I kissed her back, it was so intense and passionate. I lifted one of her leg up to my waist level, then I moved my index finger in-between her thighs, I was rubbing her clit and fingering her, she moaned loud. She kissed my lips and whispered in my ears, “Faster, faster Dre”, her wishes were my command. The water was pouring down on both of us, it was beautiful.

I carried her in my arms to the bedroom, laid her on the bed, we kissed and she kissed me hard till my lips felt numb. I kissed her lips to her cheeks down to her neck, she moaned. Her nipples was in my mouth, I was licking it, seconds later I was sucking it hard, whiles sucking her nipple, my fingers were between her thighs fingering, moving in and out like the a mouse in a hole. I opened her legs wide apart, her vagina was wet and throbbing, I dipped my face between her legs and started sucking her clit out, she was screaming, “awwwwwwwww yesssss aahhhhhhh c’mon daddy!”, she eventually cummed in my face. I inserted my tongue in her vagina and started penetrating, going in and out like I’m El Chapo and jail. She squeezed my head with her legs but I kept pushing in till she cummed again!

She held my penis and started jerking it off, signaling me to enter her, she laid there at an angle of 180°, I was nervous, it was my first time, but slowly I inserted my penis in her vagina, I didn’t feel anything at first, It felt awkward, then I began to push in and out repeatedly, man! The feeling was amazing. Staying a virgin until marriage was the best decision I ever made. She gave me a blow job, the rest of the night is history.

I had the best honeymoon ever, it’s been a week now, we were in midair coming home. Our families were at the airport to meet us, they were all happy to see us. The atmosphere was lit.

About a month later I got this letter from this private loan shark, he was reminding me l was late on the payment, our arrangement was I’ll pay back the loan after a month, it’s almost two months now I haven’t deposited even a dime. Work has been awful these couple of weeks, salaries been delayed for  third month straight, my bank balance was nothing to fall back on. I went for a loan for my wedding and entire ceremony because I wanted to give her The Perfect Wedding make Lizzy happy, but now I’m broke as hell, the loan sharks says I have 24hours to come up with the money or he’ll kill me and take my wife, I’m on my knees begging, please help me

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