Author: mdJaey   Another night staring at the moon Counting stars like I’m Abraham… Saw a star shine bright Seemed it was falling from the sky Then I thought of you… If i was a singer A lullaby I’d sing to you about you… The Broadway splits into two Our hearts make separate turns And … More Stars


Author: Kelvin Annorson Age: 12   I went down to see if blossoms were on walnuts trees, grape-vine and fruit trees. And I will climb that trees and cling to its branches. But in my imagination l was suddenly riding on a glorious chariot. That’s love , the ecstasy between a man and a woman, Thus … More ECSTASY


Author: Kelvin Annorson Age: 12   Mama my first teacher on earth Who taught my infant lips how to compose words And caters for all my needs Who always gave ears to my feeble words And praise me for all my good deeds But never spared me when I went wrong And gave me words … More Mama


Author: Kita Twitter:@Anitaaaa_n   You gave me a lie But I saw truth and lived it all round So that shined and led me against the surrounding darkness. Like shambles around my feet I had to stumble when I realized I like to embed a lie in truth. The good news is You taught me … More Elevation