Murder She Wrote [Part I]

I had just completed university with a second class degree in Arts. School was fun but I was extremely happy I was leaving at last. The last four years hasn’t been a smooth journey for me, assignments and exams were the tough part. Alas! I was leaving and I wasn’t going to miss it.

I have been at home for some months now, sleeping most of the time or watching movies or Tv to speed up time. I just heard the national services posting were out, so I decided to go and check mine at the internet café a stone throw away from me. I was nervous, I didn’t know what to expect, some of my friends have been posted to villages miles away or villages without electricity sef. I didn’t want to go outside Accra to do my service so I was a bit hesitant to check where I posted to.

My time was wasting away, I slapped my cheek and said, “dammn it! Get it over and done with, I’m even hungry”. I took in two deep breaths, let out a relaxing sigh before I signed in. I wanted to cry. My worst fears have just been confirmed. I was so broken I even lost my appetite. I was posted to Dambai, a village in the northern part of Volta region, a primary and JHS school to teach English and Creative arts. I’ve never heard of this village before, I even had to use google maps to locate that village. I made up my mind on the spot! I applied for reposting.

I had to wait for some few months for the reposting. I went to the café to check again. I was even broken than the last time. This time round I was posted to somewhere in Dorma Ahenkuro, some township which shared the boarder with Cote D’ivoire to the west. I was beginning to think ‘someone was doing me’ by sending me to these places. I kept thinking, even if I was posted in Accra to direct traffic at 37 or Madina, I go do am sharp! Some of my mates got posted to nice places; some have received their 2nd or 3rd salary already.

I decided again to reapply for another posting. At the national service HQ, I had to grease someone’s palms to get a third reposting. I was given a week to come and check my new posting. Dzifa was aware of all that was going on with me, she was concerned about me. Dzifa and I have been dating for two years now. She was still in level 200 in the university. At first she told me to go to Dambia for my service, she argued the place might not be as bad as I’ve imagined it to be. But I was very clear when I said, there’s no way I was going to that place.

The guy at the National Service secretariat that was supposed to help me get a posting in Accra because I gave him ‘something thing small for pure water’ had failed me. I had two options, either stay at home or travel to Dorma Ahenkuro for my National service as an English teacher at senior high school in that area. I decided to stay at home.

Dzifa contacted me saying she knew somebody who knew somebody that also knew somebody who could help me get posted in Accra, she said she had already sorted it out; all I had to do was to call the number in my inbox and schedule a meeting. The next day I got an interview at KGT engineering. I was immediately hired ‘cause they were short staffed, and I had to start work immediately.

When I got home I called Dzifa to inform her I’ve got a job, and it was all thanx to her. I was really grateful, so grateful I made her a promise. I told her soon as I get enough money from work, I’ll get an apartment and marry her ASAP. She asked, “woy3 sure?”, I laughed and said, 100%”.

The firm got a government contract to build a 1.3 megawatt solar farm in the northern region. The firm assembled all workers to update them of our new $2.5 million contract. We were asked to brainstorm and cook up ideas for this project. I had an awesome idea, I voiced it out and Miss Anastasia Kendrov Pavlyuchenkova, the firm’s Managing Director loved it. She loved it so much she invited me to her office to talk about it. Due to this project Miss Pavlyuchenkova and I were working closely, she was my boss but she didn’t act like it, she always told me to call her by her first name, she was easy going and very playful. We have countless casual conversations on our drive from Accra to the North.

We’ve been at the job site for 2 weeks now, the project was running smoothly, it’s been three and half months now and all is well, the project is 35% complete, the project was on schedule. I was supposed to embark on this trip alone but at the last minute, Miss Pavlyunchenkova opted to join me, I told her I could handle it by myself but she insisted on coming with me. After routine inspection and supervision I took Miss Pavlyunchenkova to the hotel and I went back to the field to continue work.

In the evening I retired to the hotel. Few hours later Miss Pavlyunchenkova called me and invited me over for dinner. She said, “I was kinda wondering if you wanna go grab something with me, you know these parts more than I do, I need some company it’s boring out here?”, I was extremely tired and sleepy, but she was my boss so I couldn’t decline her offer. I replied, “ok ma’am, I’ll freshen up real quick and meet you downstairs in 20 minutes”. I was nervous to be very honest, I was having dinner with ‘THE’ boss, I didn’t know what to expect.

I was downstairs in 15 minutes waiting for her. She descended wearing a black silk gown and a handbag. She was looking extremely pretty. Then she asked me, “how do I look?”, and I answered, “Just like the boss” with smiles on my face, she giggled and said, “no need to be official or formal, let’s just enjoy the evening, eat good food and drink the best wine”, all I did was to nod my head. I escorted her to the restaurant outside, it was an open space. We sat by the pool next to the summer hut. We drunk some wine and ordered some food.

During the meal, I realized she was stealing glances at me, but I pretended I didn’t notice it. From the way she looked at me, it felt like she had questions to ask me. I felt uncomfortable from the way she looked at me so I decided to engage her in a conversation. “How long have you been in Ghana?”, I asked. She smiled and said, “two years and 7 months”, and I asked, “so far what do you think about the country”, “oh Ghana is a beautiful free country with many opportunities, I like it here” she said. Then I said, “what about the people, your thoughts about them..?”, she laughed out loud and said, “Ghana has nice people, the men here are handsome, better than the ones we have in Moscow, and I have the pleasure to be having dinner with one right now”, we both laughed.


“Don’t you miss your family, when will you see them again?”, I enquired. ‘hahaha’ she laughed, “I have no family, I live by myself, no husband no children, just me…but I have three sisters but they’ll adults and married”, she replied. “Don’t you get lonely or bored?”, I asked. She gave me a stern look and said, “Sometimes”. Then I asked, ‘what do you when you’re lonely and bored?”, “I work”, she answered. After a long pause, she asked, “what about you? You got family? Wife? Children or girlfriend?”,  I wanted to laugh off the question and pretend I didn’t hear it, but the way she looked at me meant she was waiting for answer, so I said, “none of the above”. She smiled.

Some few minutes later she said, “It’s getting late and cold out here don’t you think? Maybe we should get inside..”. I said nothing and walked her inside the hotel. I walked her upstairs to her door, I said goodnight and turned away. Just then she said, “hey, there’s something I want your opinion on, come with me inside, it’ll only take a few minutes plus I have a bottle of wine in my bag, I can’t drink it all by self, c’mon inside, share a drink with me”. Tempting, I thought to myself, she is my boss, I couldn’t say no, I just followed her inside and she locked the door behind me, my heart sunk when I heard the “click” from the locks on the door.

She asked me to make myself comfortable, and I did, but I kept wondering what she wanted my opinion on at this time of the night, I figured it was work related. She came back with two wine glasses and poured me a glass full of red wine. I took a sip and she asked me if I liked it? I told her it was nice. Right in front of me she just drunk two full glasses of wine. She asked me to finish up my glass and I did. Then she poured me another, I drunk it all up. She poured me another glass and watched me drink it all up. She was about to pour a fourth glass but I told her I was fine, but she insisted, I didn’t want to be rude so I drunk a fourth glass. After the last drink I was feeling tipsy.

She stood in front of me and asked me, do you prefer this, referring to what she was wearing now, or this, she slowly began to undress. I figured I was drunk so I was imagining things, but sh*t was getting real. I’m in my boss’s room and she’s stripping right in front of me. I thought I was dreaming but I wasn’t. She was wearing a see through pink lingerie moving to and fro like a belly dancer.


She came over to me and sat on my laps dancing, next thing I know she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast and asked me to feel it. Her breast was as soft as ripe pawpaw. Her nipples were hard as expected. I had mixed feeling, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to enjoy it or cry because she was my boss. My boxer shorts was soaked with semen, I couldn’t take it anymore, I just gave in and made love with her.

When we got back to Accra, Anastasia called me to her office. She said, “do you have any regrets about what happened to us at the hotel weeks past?”, I wasn’t sure what to say but I replied, “No”. she continued, “Good, since we both adults and single, I’d like us to get emotionally and physically intimate, I have a feeling something good will come of it in the end, truth is, I’ve fallen in love with you, I know is uncharacteristic but I cant help it, so what do you think?”, I was about to speak but she stopped me and said, “Before you answer, I want you to know that, you’ve been promoted to senior supervisor which means after your service you still get to keep your job here with us, and here are the keys to use one of the company vehicles, and lastly, this is from me to you, I just bought you a two bedroom house, here are the keys”.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was dumbfounded, she spoke, “I can see you weren’t expecting this, I guess it’s a lot to take in so why don’t go home and think about all this and come back with an answer”. I left her office without saying a word. I drove straight to Dzifa’s house, I told her I was promoted, she was really excited for me. But I told her the promotion came with a ‘BUT’, I told her if I accept this promotion it’ll mean I’d have to spend more time at work, do a lot of travelling around the country and that means it’ll take some time for us to get married, and since she’s the love of my life, I wanted her thought about it before I accept or decline this promotion. Dzifa told me to accept it, she told me she can still wait a few years for us to get married. The next day, I went to Anastasia’s office to accept the promotion, the car and a house bought in my name.

Due to the delicate nature of our work, Miss Pavlyunchenkova and I decided to be discreet about our office romance. No one knew about us. We’ve been sexually involved for over a year now things were going on very well for me. In my new position I got paid more so I had enough money, I bought my own car and I have a house bought and registered in my name. Life was good. I began thinking about making Dzifa my wife. After work I passed by Dzifa’s house, no one was home and we had the whole house to ourselves. Making out for an hour, I told Dizfa I have a question for her, I went on one knee and asked her, “will you marry me?”


she was so excited that she shouted, “YESSSSSS!” That made my evening. I told Dzifa I was going home to rest.

On my way home, Miss Pavlyunchenkova called me to come over to her place right away, there was something she wanted to ask me, she asked me to hurry and that it was urgent. I rushed to her place as soon as possible. When I got inside she said, “tadaaaa! Surprise!! Dinner is served!”, I thought this babe was in trouble not knowing she invited me over to her place for dinner. After the needed meal, she asked me, “do you remember what day today is?”, I said no. she said today was the day we first made love at the hotel. She said it was the most memorable day of her life. Miss Pavlyunchenkova took out a ring and placed it in my hand and said, “CleDre, will you marry me?”


I wanted to laugh, a woman proposing to a man, but she said, I know this is unusual for you, but in my culture, if a woman loves a man she can also propose to the man. God knows I wanted to say no, but I couldn’t, she’s done a lot for me, I have everything because of her, I just couldn’t say no. I took the ring and said, “yes I’ll marry you Anastasia Kendrov Pavlyunchenkova”. She was really excited that she cried.

On my way home, I knew I had messed up big time. In one night I have asked someone to marry me, she said yes and on that same night, someone asked me to marry her, and I said yes. I was an idiot. I got this job because of Dzifa and I owe her a promise to make her my wife. Now I’m tangled between two women.

A week later Miss Pavlyunchenkova went to London to buy a wedding dress with five identical maid’s gowns, she also bought me a suit and five matching grromsmen suits. She flew to Paris to get shoes ands and other wedding accessories. She got all these stuffs on the next flight to Ghana, she had bought everything for our wedding. She said she sent five braid’s maid gown, but I only got four. She told me she forgot to include the fifth one; she told she’ll bring it to Ghana herself. She flew home to Russia, from there she called me saying, she’ll spend three months inviting her friends and other family to her wedding in Ghana. Anastasia was happy about getting to use my last name.

I’ve been thinking about the Dzifa and Pavlyunchenkova dilemma for some time now. I love Dzifa but I literally owe everything to Miss Pavlyunchenkova. I want to marry Dzifa but I agreed to marry Miss Pavlyunchenkova. I was home drinking when I realized Pavlyunchenkova wasn’t in town, she is out of the country and wont be back in months to come. I decided to marry Dzifa with in this limited time frame. I figured if I got married to Dzifa, but the time  Pavlyunchenkova comes back, I’d already to be married so there wouldn’t be anything she could do about it. It was the perfect plan.

I told Dzifa to let her parents know that I was coming over with my family to ask for her hand to marriage the following weekend so they should be ready. I had money so I was able to organize everything in a short time. The engagement was a success. The wedding was held the next day, I rented the lovely auditorium for our wedding and refreshment.

Dzifa and her four bride’s maids were looking extremely beautiful. My groomsmen and I weren’t looking bad ourselves. The auditorium was packed me friends and family, everything was lovely. The aisle was decorated with pink rose petals


the wedding was just perfect and beautiful. Dzifa’s dad walked her down the aisle and handed her to me, then I walked her to the altar.

The presiding minister started the ceremony. You could the mothers and other women and single ladies who won’t get married but always attending people’s weddings in the crowd shouting, “Don doooooooooooo, aware s)”, and my male friends shouting from behind me giving me fans, calling me, “Aziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizo!”, the feeling was great. If I knew getting married was this fun, I would have done so in a very long time. The auditorium was filled with “don dooooo” cheering. The presiding minister was half way through the ceremony when he got to reciting the marriage vows, but before that he said with a loud clear voice, “Is there anyone here who opposes this marriage, anyone here who thinks these people shouldn’t get married for very good reasons? Please come forward now or forever hold your peace…!”.

The auditorium was quiet, I swear you could even hear a pin drop. All was quiet for a minute until someone walked in, it was a white lady, wearing a wedding gown similar to what the bride’s maid were wearing, she was holding something that looked liked a bouquet. She was dressed like she was getting married


I nearly took to my heels when I saw her, my heart was pounding very fast, I was certain you could hear it if you were standing next to me. This white woman was Anastasia Kendrov. The presiding minister and congregation were all looking at her, but all you could her was the knocking sound from the high heels she was wearing, she was walking towards the altar, I knew I was fucked up! A tear rolled down my eye.



story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

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