Author: mdJaey What a Gentle breeze as she passed by me. Let me take a peak please, into your heart… You’re a cute angel with attitude When you’re cheerful the whole world stops wailing… So I tell her; “…keep on smilling, because your smile keeps me going…” I won’t be like the sun; I won’t … More PLEA


​I’m mad, I’m very angry I’m filled with rage, I feel like breaking something, anything, but I can’t I can’t ‘cause I’m broke, I cant afford to replace it I want to punch something but there’s nothing close Feel like I’m possessed, my rib cage moving up and down Fuck I’m I even writing? FUCK … More Goodbye


​Author: Kita Twitter:@Anitaaaa_n They said the place with the most dreams is the cemetery, just that they never came to life. Perhaps some worked hard, just so hard for that dream. Others were just comfortable to dream in their sleeps, the land of Hades brought further relief. But how about those who never dreamt? Never … More Suicide

Undeniable Love

Author: mdJaey You might wonder why I write more about love than I do about life  But that’s what you get when I’m surrounded by much love… Someone to love is scarce and hard to come by, painful to abandone and never to forget… Like a treasured gift; easier lost than found… My dear one, … More Undeniable Love

What Kiss Means

​Author: Kelvin Annorson Age: 13 A kiss is a sign of affection An answer to a suggestion  And an act of perfection  Lips intersect lips Hands touches hips  Desire of wanting more dips  Sinking as the heart sips It makes a man have eternal bliss  All because it is a perfect kiss Hold me tight, … More What Kiss Means

Jah’s Nation

Author: mdJaey We are Jehovah’s Nation – No part of this world. We are set apart… Dedication and worship comes from the heart. Jehovah’s laws we leave by – our eyes fixed on the prize. From far and near – Dark or fair – we are still His dear ones… Undeterred, we persevere… Sometimes we … More Jah’s Nation