Fantasies Of My Naked Mind

This is not a story, just fantasies…

You and I, watching a movie in the couch, the time is around 12;06 am in the morning we’ve been watching late night movies after dinner, I surprised you tonight by preparing dinner for you, and of course it’s a one time thing. I prepared your favorite meal and I guess you know the meal yourself, you complained much about the spices in the meal, I tried to defend myself, but the meal gave me away… but c’mon, it wasn’t that bad. I can tell you loved the meal from the looks from your eyes, and the corner of your lips always  twisted a bit as you swallowed a spoon full of your meal…my meals may not be perfect but at least I know how to put smiles on your pretty face.

After that magnificent meal, I you made some smoothies for desert, and we both agreed that my banana smoothies was really magnificent. Not much to do as the night draws near, the clouds slowly disappears to make way for the starry heavens to shine brightly in the night sky, wine in the ice bucket, drink in hand, we both decide to go watch the magnificent skyline, maybe we might see a shooting star, make a wish and maybe our wish might come through.

I sit in the chair around the pool while you sit at the edge of the pool so you could be flapping your legs in the still gently water. We’ll talk all night about old times, plans for the future, friends, work and family. As the night slept deep and everything becomes quiet and boring. I slowly sneak up behind you and push you in the pool…you were about to curse and insult me when you saw me also dive into the pool, we all laughed as we try to float in the water, you curse me about how wet I’ve soaked your hair, you try getting out of the pool but I pull you back in, then I hold you with my hand firmly grasping your waist, then I start to kiss you slowly

giphy (2)

Funny as it sounds, you kiss me back, we kiss passionately for a minutes, you wore a white t-shirt with no bra, and a short mini jeans with a white lace panty…for me I was topless in a brown shorts and a blue boxer shorts…minutes after our endless kissing, I slip my hand in your mini jeans, I unzip the zipper and slowly take it off, I grab hold of your panty then I quickly take it off and throw it over the pool, we continue kissing and I respond with my eyes closed…

I gently insert my finger in your vagina and slowly I rub your clit with my index finger…you moan softly, slowly and you hold me firmly to that effect. I continue rubbing your clit till you bite my lips…the I slowly take off your shirt, I begin to kiss your neck…kiss your cheeks…kiss your lips again…then I use my tongue to lick the tip of your nipple…I swallow your nipple and begin to suck it…mmmhm mhmm…suck it hard while my finger still in your vagina rubbing your clit…you then slip your hand inside my boxer and grab hold of my penis…you jerk it off and pull it up and down in the pool…

I continue sucking your nipples very slowly…slowly…I then hold my breath and submerge under the pool…I open your legs wide apart and begin to suck your clit out…I gently use my tongue to lick around your clit and I finger your vagina with my tongue, pushing in and out, in and out, I do this for 7 seconds under the pool and quickly resurface for air, I hold my breath again, go under water  and repeat the same thing…then repeat the same thing again…on the 4th time you tell me you also wanna try it, you rip off my shorts and boxer then you hold your breath for some seconds then go under the pool…

You begin to suck around my penis and lick it…you then swallow my dick and give me a blow job for like 5 seconds and quickly resurface for air…you repeat this for like 3 times…you then whisper something in my ears…

‘tick’ ‘tock’ ‘tick’ ‘tock’ is all I hear while I lay in bed waiting for you…I’m laying lifeless in bed beneath the sheets…yeah naked of course, the ‘click sound’ as the bathroom door opens, as if by force my head slowly turns to the right…split seconds what I see sends impulses to my brain, which also travels down my spine and involuntary erects my penis..I feel the tip of my penis to rub of the little drop of semen…

As you close the door behind you, shyness eludes you, you become nervous as you turn your face away, the firm grip of your fingers on your towel proves your shyness, you stand with your face turned away, I whisper in your ears, “you look beautiful”, you steal a quick glance at me then you smile, you tried to hide it, but the corner of your lips gave you away…

I beckon you to come close to me, then you let go off your towel…just like the curtains dropping down in a movie theater


your brown dark hard nipples like a cocoa seed sends shivers down my spine, I lick my lips in pleasure. I flick over the sheets so you could join me…I hold your waist, and draw you close to me, I open my legs and allow you to sink between them, with you on top of me I begin to kiss your lips, and smooch your hips…you shake, I tickle you, you lick my upper lip while I suck your lower lip.

I begin to sense the excitement in your body as you firmly grip me…mmmmm aarrhhh are the sounds you moaning slowly…you get over excited and bite my lip…you smile with your face turned away…I smile too, held your lips closer to mine, kissing you…kissing your neck and ear, your moaning sounds are like a billion little birds chirping around 4;45am…this beautiful sound feels me with delight, pushes me to lick your nipple, and slowly I use the tip of my tongue to slowly rub the tip of your nipples, you clinch me firmly in excitement…

I’m looking at you now; my hands are around your waist and you also holding me, I’m looking at you and you biting your lips…I start to kiss you gently while I hold you close to me, I’m now moving and rubbing my hands all over your body, I’m moving from your back down to your waist line moving down to your butts…I hold it and squeeze it gently, you close your eyes

I start to move my fingers from your toes to your legs slowly moving up to your thighs…moving back from your thighs down to your toes, repeating the same thing again, with your eyes closed, you twitch and moan slowly…I gently bend over and I start to kiss your toes and kiss along your legs right up to your thighs…kissing and licking your toes…kissing your legs and slowly moving closer to your vagina

I spread your legs wide apart…I bend over and start to kiss around your labia majora, licking the hairs around your vagina, trying to pull out the hairs around your vagina with my tongue; I slowly lick and kiss around the lower edge of the vagina. I now use the tip of my tongue to slowly rub the very tip of your clit

giphy (1)

I gently rub it slowly “mmmmm aarrgghh yeah”, you moaning. I use the tip of my tongue to slowly lick the very tip of your clit, I lick the surface gently round and round and from side to side, then I dip my tongue into your vagina and start to lick the juicy sticky icky wet juicy licky from your cute pinky tight cookie, I begin to penetrate the vagina with my tongue, moving slowly in and out in and out…I increase the tempo and start to penetrate the vagina deep and deeper with my tongue slowly, I try to suck out your clit with my tongue.

I start to kiss you from your neck down to your ears…kiss right across your cheeks, kissing down to your lips, I slowly bit the edge of your lip, kissing it slowly and passionately


I’m now playing with your hair and weaving my hands trough it, looking at you whiles I’m dong it…then I move my hands down from your hair to your neck and I kiss there gently….and I move my fingers from your neck down to your cheeks and I kiss there gently, just the way you like it I gently rub my fingers across your lips, and kiss you passionately…

I now move my fingers from your lips down to your neck further down to your chest and I slowly hold the tip of your nipple and I press it gently…then I start to play with it slowly, pressing it slowly and gently rubbing it between my fingers. I use the tip of my tongue to slowly lick the surface of your hard nipple, I lick the surface round and round slowly and gently and passionately, I hold the base of your left breast and I massage it slowly with my hand, whiles I lick your nipple gently, I suck the breast whiles massaging it with my hands, I gently squeeze it and caress it gently and slowly


I now move to your right breast, I swallow it whole with my mouth, then I start to suck it hard as I can…I lick and suck the nipples whiles playing with the other breast with my fingers…I now move my fingers across your stomach, I move to your belly button, I kiss it gently.

I slowly hold your legs wide apart…I use my finger to gently rub your clit…I rub it slowly and slowly on the surface, and I rub it gently to the right side and I rub it slowly to the left side, I rub it gently…I dip my finger in your wet cookie and I finger it slowly in and out, in and out, in and out…I now increase the tempo of the fingering, I dip my finger deep inside  and I start to finger it gently but a bit faster, I move in and out, in and out…you squirt in my face.

I insert two fingers in your vagina, you begin to shake as I fingered in and out, you whisper, “faster, faster please”, I oblige and do as you wish, I finger faster and faster. You scream softly and beg me for more, I grab hold on your nipple and suck it as I finger your vagina, your wet vagina makes it easy to push in and out, I then use the tip of my finger and rub the surface of your clit, I rub it upwards, you moan very loud, tears of excitement feels your eyes as I continue to pussy in and out.

I spread open your legs, then I use my erect penis to rub your clitoris, I rub it round and round and slowly and slowly, you beg me to penetrate but I don’t, I just tease you by rubbing it against your clit. I insert my penis in your vagina and slowly begin to penetrate it, moving in and out slowly…I get charged up, I place both of your legs on neck


the vagina wide open, I close my eyes to say a prayer to thank God for this food I’m about to eat, I say amen and begin to pound that tight pussy like I’m possessed by the spirit of that guy who pounds fufu at the chop bar around the corner. The pounding continues for more than 10 minutes till I cum.

30 minutes later…

You screamed, and I get a lil confused cause’ I didn’t know why you screamed, when I asked you said you thought you saw someone behind the window, unconvinced about that, I said maybe its the wind, the wind blew the curtains or you saw a cat run pass by and maybe you thought you saw someone…from the looks on your face, you were no more in the mood for love-making, sensing that, I decided to calm you down with a poem I just made up in my head…

“You’re an angel nobody can see,
still an angel you are to me
angel from heaven is what you are
in my sky you are definitely  a heavenly star

you’re an angel with beauty and grace
you’re kind and sweet, you have an angel face
you have graceful angel wings only me can see
happiness and joy are just some things you give

I love your eyes, those twinkling eyes
they speak of a thousand things
it glows and I drown in its intensity
I would love to stay there forever

It evokes myriads memories
and leaves an imprint on me
I consider myself lucky enough
to have experience its warmth

Just like the morning dew
exotic and beautiful
every time I look into your eyes
I’m lost in innumerable memories
thus forgetting the world behind me”

With a big yawn and a smile at you, you begin to hit my chest softly, at first I thought it was irritating, and then I asked why you were doing that, you told me you were clapping for me, cos you loved every bit of what I said, you tell me. You wanna hear more, so I continued:

“I wouldn’t expect anything much
than just being the apple of your eye
you make me happy
you make me sad
you make me angry
you make me mad
you make me feel alive
you make me breathe
you started my whole world again
your love is all I need
to keep me alive happy and free”

I didn’t know I talking to my self until I felt you breathing heavily on my neck then I realize you were fast asleep, I didn’t want wake you up, so I remained silent as I gazed to the ceiling wondering how fortunate I am to have a wonderful woman like you…words could not explain how I love you so much, I’m laying on my bed on my back, carrying your still body on me, your breast on my chest, your head on shoulder, my hands around your back, your left leg lay on my thigh, and your left hand wrapped around me, your hair smells like fresh strawberries, when I breathe it makes me wanna cum, your hair on my face feels like feathers brushing my face

As you sleep, you breathe and your breast moves up and down on my chest. All I could hear are the sounds the crickets are making outside the window…as if a lullaby slowing driving me smoothly to sleep.



story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

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