Author: mdJaey There are some people you meet in life and in time you delete.. Some friends that you retreat from with time… The ones that stay with you, advise they hesitate not to give you.. Their presence is an inspiration, Their smile calms the heart, Words from their mouth aren’t like arrows through your … More Y.O.U

Love of my life 

Author: Esaawa In 2012 when I was in SHS 2, was the first time I met him during a program in our school. I remember it like it was yesterday, I remember he was walking on the corridor with his friends laughing and teasing with his guy friends. I was also with my friends, sitting … More Love of my life 

Life reimagined

Author: Kelvin Annorson Imagine a world full of darkness, without light No sunlight at day and moonshine, at night When we sit under the moon and night is noon When we sparkle under the sun and its noon. Imagine when Christ wasn’t born by Mary And the three wise men were led by a fairy … More Life reimagined


Author: mdJaey He paid the price with his life.. He left his peaceful existence to help man.. His life in exchange for ours.. One for All because he loved us all.. Imagine his life before things went wrong… An experienced apprentice to Jehovah our God.. No Pain, no Strains, just a happy living being.. All … More PRETiUM

My Ex [part 2]

I spent the last 36 hours trying to find out why my girl dumped me. So far nothing, she doesn’t wanna pick my calls or reply any of my texts. It’s exasperating what I’m feeling right now. When someone breaks up with you, they usually tell you the reason right? Guess mine was different, all … More My Ex [part 2]

My Ex

I recently replace my cell phone, the old one got broken suddenly, so I bought a new one. Sad thing was, I lost most of the contacts on the old phone, but, fortunately for me, I had a back up online. The back up online wasn’t recent but it was all I had so I … More My Ex

@ 1

1st April 2016, I remember I was at the Cyber Arena Internet café trying to set up a blog for myself. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing, I thought having blog for my stories and poetry online was just awesome, that way I don’t lose records of it since the stories I … More @ 1


Author: mdJaey   #1  My nights come with pains, pains that come everyday… The way that you left,  I have no reason to object… The way I came into your life, I didn’t realize I’d have to leave so early… Sincerely speaking, I wish I never came out open… ‘Cause if loving someone was a profession, … More Confess¡on