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1st April 2016, I remember I was at the Cyber Arena Internet café trying to set up a blog for myself. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing, I thought having blog for my stories and poetry online was just awesome, that way I don’t lose records of it since the stories I wrote was mostly tweets on twitter that could be hard to find in case someone wanted to read them.

That was when I first interacted with Gideon Bliss, the internet café owner, he saw me setting up wordpress and asked me if I was a blogger. I said no, I’m just looking for space to store my stories and poetry, and I thought wordpress was kinda dope. We talked about blogging for hours. Turns out he’s a web designer and a graphics desiger, he owns blissgh.com (visit that site for all your local and foreign music downloads, it’s free), he’s a retired rapper too lol

Long story short, Bliss inspired me to take this blogging thingy serious, cos it might open doors for me. He gave me technical advice and tips for setting up talesfrommadina.wordpress.com which now is talesfrommadina.com, he really helped me out, for that I’m really grateful.

I remember my first published post, “Who I’m I”, it wasn’t anything special but I was really happy cos I just took my first baby steps in blogging. The next day I was really excited, cause I realized 5 people had read something on my blog, the feeling was amazing, that motivated me to start writing more stories and be creative.

I got enough content on the blog but the sad thing was, people were not reading, it was really frustrating, that was when I realized ‘Most Ghanaians don’t like reading’, cos my blog was dry af! so I started sharing links to my friends, so that when he’s done reading they could also forward it to their friends. And it worked! A fraction of Ghanaians really liked the kinda stories I wrote, the feedback, some were praises some were critics, either was it really helped me.

Someone asked me, ‘how do make money from this tales from madina thing you doing’, I’m not making money out of it right now, besides money isn’t the motivation, I just enjoy writing that’s all, but I know deep down, the time and resources invested in this will surely  pay off, if not now, later.

Someone said to me,’I wanna set up a blog, any advice?’, owning a blog is super cool, so if you feel like getting one, just do it! But my advice is, make sure you have content before setting up, don’t set up and later look for content, if you do that you’ll be active for a month or 3 months tops and your blog will come crumbling like humpty dumpty and fade away in the air. Get content first, make sure it’s fresh and interesting and just enjoy yourself.

I’m not implying I’m the best blogger there is, my blog is far from perfect, grammatical errors, omissions, diction, a couple of unexciting stories, boring poetries are some of the flaws of talesfrommadina.com, but I have amazing readers who point these flaws out, thanks guys, doing so, you pushing us forward.

There’s so much I wanna say and many thanks and shout outs I wanna give to you guys but I fear I won’t end if I start writing names, so thanks to everyone who’s read anything on this blog, I really appreciate the every second you spend here 💢😘

Special thanks to my friend and co-writer mdJaey, thanks for holding me down with all those magical poetry, hope we continue working together in the future. Special thanks to Kelvin Annorson, the kid with the beautiful brain, writing all those poetry that could melt your heart even when standing at Mt. Everest and my favorite female writer, Kita, an excellent writer, thanks guys for all the submissions.


For what it’s worth, here’s our the stats for the first 1 year, as at 8:00pm

96 published posts (poetries, stories, journals, secrets etc)

14,315 readers (an average of 39 readers in a day)

5,374 visitors

Most read stories

  1. Sex on the first date
  2. Why girls don’t like playing truth or dare
  3. The girl next door
  4. The house help 1&2
  5. Murder she wrote 1&2
  6. Fantasies of my naked mind
  7. My first kiss
  8. That lapaz chick
  9. Yvonne Nelson
  10. The love of my life – Awurama

Most read poetry

  1. Number love – mdjaey
  2. Memory lane – mdjaey
  3. What kiss means – Kelvin Annorson
  4. Suicide – Kita
  5. Undeniable love – mdJaey
  6. Time Machine – Cledre
  7. Elevation – kita
  8. Deep – kita
  9. Love – Kelvin Annorson¡
  10. Mama – Kelvin Annorson


Readers with the most comments

  1. Vena
  2. Adiza
  3. Qutie
  4. Lawry
  5. Afua

You can submit your poetry and stories to abokicledre@gmail.com to be published on talesfrommadina.com

Hope we do this again next year 😉 – CleDre.

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