My Ex

I recently replace my cell phone, the old one got broken suddenly, so I bought a new one. Sad thing was, I lost most of the contacts on the old phone, but, fortunately for me, I had a back up online. The back up online wasn’t recent but it was all I had so I downloaded it, after updating my contact list, I went through it, I realized the back up was almost 3 years old and none of the contacts on it were recent, all I had was old numbers.

I was scrolling down the list when I saw a number saved, “Babe, Eve”, I started smiling to myself, I never thought in a million years I’d ever see anything of hers’, I disposed off anything of hers’ that reminded me of her. I thought I had buried all the memories of us away in the deepest darkest part of my brain, with zero intentions of finding it ever again, I thought I locked those memories up and threw the key into the Gulf Guinea.

 But seeing her number again after almost 3 years brought all those memories back to me, as if I had a spare key in my back pocket all these while and I had opened the door meant to locked. I remembered the fun times we had together, but unfortunately the sad times  exceeded the fun times. I wanted to delete the number but at the same time I didn’t want to. I checked the number on whatsapp to see if she had a display picture. She did, and she was looking extremely pretty, just like the first time I saw her. Eve is my ex girlfriend.

I kept staring at her photo and wondered to myself, ‘why don’t I hold onto the number for a while, just to check up on what she’s been up to lately’, so I kept the number. The first one week, I kept spying on her whatsapp display pic, she kept changing it everyday as if she was doing a presentation on power point. Must admit she looked way better than she looked those previous years I was with her. Her skin was lighter, her ass was now humongous, she wears nicer clothes, and life seemed to be pretty good for her.


It was just another boring day, so I decided to scroll down my chat list. That was when I realized Eve had changed her DP, as inquisitive as I was, I decided to check it out, so I opened the chat, I was about to click on her name on the top left when my hand slipped and clicked on the voice call button on the right. I ended the call but I still knew I had messed up, I was trying to keep a distance on my spying by staying low-key, but it seems it’s too late now. I knew she’ll see the missed call but I hoped she wouldn’t recognize my number.

Around 5pm Eve sent me a message saying, “eii so you dey?”, I sighed and murmured to myself, ‘here we go again’. I replied saying, “yep, it’s me, hope you good?”, she answered, “yeah I’m good, how long has it been since we last talked? Lol”, I replied, “I think 3 years now”, she replied, “so why haven’t you been in touch all these years, where have you been?”, I sent her a long laugh, “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL you dumped me, remember? Why would I still keep in touch?”, “you’re as stubborn as I could remember, you still hold on to grudges huh, let bygones be bygones, anyways I missed you very much, I think we should meet up sometime”, she said. I told her I’ll think about it.

The next day the chat continued, we talked about old times and good times, the memories we shared. It was fun but the conversation took an unexpected turn, she started telling about the guys she dated after me, telling me how they were jerks and how they were only interested in sex. She said she’s been single for 3 months now, but she’s lonely, she had no one to talk to or anyone to keep her company.

I told her I was free this Saturday, maybe we could go to the beach to hang out. She was delighted about that idea, I also liked it, ‘cause I’ve been looking for an excuse to go to the beach for months now. As delighted as this may seem to me, I felt a bit uneasy about it, ‘cause I had a girl whom I really love, adore and cherish so much, I wondered how she’ll feel if I told her I was going to the beach with one of my ex.

Friday afternoon, I texted my girl, I wanted to engage her in a chat but her replies were really slow. I didn’t want to just announce my plans with my ex to her all of a sudden, I wanted to do that in the middle of the conversation, so annoying as those replies were I just endured it. About 2 hours of unproductive slow chat with my girl, she sents me a text saying, “I’ve been busy at school all day, I’ll text you when I get home okay”, I shook my head and replied, “Ok B”

8:30pm I was still waiting for the text, but nothing! At 9pm I called bae several times but she wasn’t picking up. 10pm she called me back saying, “sorry boo, I was asleep, I had a busy day in school, and I was really really tired when I got home, so I went straight to bed, can we talk tomorrow please”, there was a long pause, and I answered, “Ok boo”.

If my girl asked what I did to spend my Saturday and I told her I met one of my ex at the beach and she starts to make a big deal outta this, I’ll just tell her, she was too busy to talk to me in school, she didn’t text me like how she said she will when she got home and she was too sleepy to talk on phone the previous night, that’s why I couldn’t get the chance to tell her, makes sense right?

Saturday morning, Eve called me to confirm the meet up at the beach, I told her I’ll meet her there but she insisted we go together. I didn’t want to pay for the drop-in so I also insisted on meeting her there, ‘cause I had some errands and movements to do in town, she didn’t like the idea but she said okay anyways. 11:30am Eve called to let me know she had arrived at the beach, I also told her I was on my way there, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.

I got there in 10 minutes as I said earlier, I was surprised at the effort Eve had put in this meet up, she had a mat, a basket full of food, drinks, cake, a whole lot of sweet things, so I asked her, “Is this a date? ‘cause that’s what it looks like”, she laughed hard and said, “no it’s not a date, just see it as a picnic of some sort, anyways you really looking good, you work out don’t you? I could see those 6 packs through your shirt”, “Let’s just enjoy the day and stop flattering me”, I answered her.

I had so much fun with Eve, for a sec I thought we were actual lovers. The day climaxed when Eve changed into her swim wear and dived into the water, when she came out and was walking towards me, I thought she was a model doing a photo shoot or some fancy music video. When she got close to me, she took her phone outta her bag and asked me to take a photo of her, she said it was for IG. She posed and I just took those pictures, oboy see fresh body ooh 😀


I won’t lie I had mad fun with Eve, just like old times. It was getting late, so I took her home, she invited me to stay over and have dinner, but I declined, I thought the idea was too risky. On my way home we were texting and sharing laughs. Then she asked me, “wanna do this again some other time?”, I was a bit hesitant with the reply but I said, “yeah sure, maybe we could try the pool side in my hood”, she loved that idea.

The next day we kept on chatting. Nothing serious, just ‘checking up on you’ texts, she would forward funny jokes to me, I would laugh and comment on it. One evening she sent me a pic of herself in a red silk pyjamas, it was very short, up to her thighs. You could see the tip of her nipples piercing the PJ, must admit that really turned me on, she had a hair net on, she captioned it “#Goodnight #Bored”


I asked her why she was bored she said she had no one to talk to, she’s feeling lonely.

I asked her if she wanted to play truth or dare, I was a bit bored myself. She said yes. I went first

Me: when last did you kiss?

Her: 15th December, 2016

Me: heerrh looooooooool

Her: what?

Me: nothing, your turn…

Her: Truth or Dare

Me: Dare

Her: dare? Hmmm, okay, I dare you to use my pic as ur dp till the next day

Me: you’ll get me into trouble charle lol, It’s done!

Her: your turn.

Me: Truth or Dare

Her: Truth

Me: Tell me a secret you’ve never told anyone before.

Her: I was dating my English teacher back in JHS

Me: heerrh, you dey lie, how old were you then?

Her:  almost 15 years

Me: heerrhh you naughty I swear!

Her: ikr lol

Her: Truth or Dare

Me: Truth

Her: How many girls have you dated so far?

Me: 4 1/2

Her: 4 & half?

Me: yep.

Her: why?

Me: one of them wasn’t cute

Her: Hahahahahaha you crazy lol

Me: Truth or Dare

Her: Truth

Me: how many guys did you date after me?

Her: 3

Me: okay your turn…

Her: are you single or dating?

Me: I’m dating

Her: I don’t believe you

Me: why?

Her: just a feeling, I feel like you just trying to get rid of me, regarding how our relationship ended.

Me: naaaaa seriously I’m happily dating someone.

The conversation turned into an argument. I told her I was dating but she wouldn’t believe me. She insisted I wasn’t. I didn’t really know what was going on until she asked me to come over and spend the weekend at her place just like old times. That was when I realize she was just trying to get us back together.

I realized I was walking on slippery grounds with her, I needed to be careful. It was very late, she said she wanted to sleep, before she went to bed, she sent me nude pic. she even sent me a pic of her new waist beads


All my brains scatter. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just replied, “sound sleep, goodnight”. Then she went offline. I couldn’t sleep, I kept looking at the nude she sent me. The pic was so hot that I had jerked off and cummed twice already.

As much as I enjoyed every bit of it, I still had an ounce of guilt in me. So I called my girl, I knew it was very late but I still called her. Fortunately for me she couldn’t sleep either, she was awake, so we talked for a while. She said she was having busy days at school and her exams was coming up that’s why she’s been a little distance lately, she ended by saying “..but I really miss you tho, wish I was giving you head right now, wouldn’t you like that?”, I said, “you I would B, I miss you too”

After the call, I knew I had to pray for God for strength, so I prayed, “oh lord don’t let me cheat on my girlfriend, ‘cause as far as I can see, she loves only me….”. I knew I loved my girl very much, and she doesn’t deserve to get hurt so it was about time I drew a thick line between Eve and I.

Eve called me the next day, acting all cute and flirty, I knew it was about time. So I told Eve, “I know you’re an attractive woman, but the more I talk to you the more destructive you become, I told you I have a girl right? I really love her, she loves me too, I wanna make her happy, I don’t wanna hurt her, but the more we talk the more I jeopardize my relationship, so from now onwards please don’t contact me ever again, we can’t meet again, I fear what might happen if we do, it’s too risky”

Eve didn’t utter a word, when I was done speaking, she hanged up, that was the last time I heard from her. 48 hours later my main girl dumped me for no reason.



So I’m single.



story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

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  1. Mehn.. Smh.. Risky stuff.. It wasn’t a mistake getting back in touch the ex, she was going to be replacing her, should’ve been patient. Now you’ve lost both 😅

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  2. This was really well written, I could picture every line of this post. This post was interesting and seductive at the least. I’m a new blogger and I plan on having similar posts, along with music reviews, story times, and whatever I’m in the mood for. Please check out my blog and follow back!

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