Waking up with you

​Author: Kelvin Annorson The day was full of humour, after we had a bit of a tiff My bed was hard, dreams were bad, sleep was really weird I didn’t think she will be there anymore, until I felt her curved hips She wrapped herself in her sheet, boiling with fury she was so red … More Waking up with you

Uber Driver

My job paid well, so soon as I got enough money, I moved out from home. Even though dad is a retired old soldier man, he was strong and crazy most times, he didn’t seem to need my help that much around the house, he’s fond of bugging me to get married, he wants to … More Uber Driver


Author: mdJaey I have a friend who said I was immature… That shouldn’t have been a problem, yet it turned out to be because she was more than a friend… But then i came across a new friend who said i had a good sense of humour and on top of that I made her … More Views