Author: mdJaey

I have a friend who said I was immature…

That shouldn’t have been a problem, yet it turned out to be because she was more than a friend…

But then i came across a new friend who said i had a good sense of humour and on top of that I made her feel secure…

I have a friend who said i am annoying and that got me laughing. So I questioned why she would say that, the reply I got was; “…Even though your sense of humour is flattering, your annoying state comes with de “Jaey Package” and i love you for that..”

I have a friend who also said I undergo unwanted mood swings like a lady in her period..😂. Instead of a cool breez during a hot day my mood tends to be the opposite..

She continues to say I could go on to be a counsellor because of the timely advice I often give her and the fact that i love to listen..i guess that could contradict my immature state..😉 

A good friend once cautioned that for me to be found by my ‘Rib’ , i have to work on mySelf..well I guess all it takes is time..Time and effort is essential and beneficial..

My ‘Big Sis’ said I’m loud but acts otherwise,

and i answered that its Probably ‘cos im shy..

An introvert is who I am  unless I’m willing to show you the other side..

She said im stubborn yet that makes me distinct..

Some friends like me cos im caring,I listen,im Funny,i have a good sense of humour, some like me cos of my Creativity; when it comes to writing music and writing poems..some even say ‘im The Life of the party’..

Views from my friends..both the old and young..

the new ones and the old ones..

They vary in their own ways but still counts..

I’ve said this before;

 “…friends come and go…” So Cherish those that stay ‘cos they wont lead you astray…

I’m used to recognize myself but its funny how reflections do change..

Views from friends helps you realise your mistakes..

– mdjaey

Copyright © 2017  mdJaey

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