DNA – Chapter III

Minutes later I heard two repeated knocks on my door, louder than the previous ones, with a clear voice, my dad said, “You’re still sleeping? Haven’t you checked the time? Or do you want to miss the early bus?”, I panicked, my dad was trying to get in my room, and I had a naked girl still lying next to me. I tried staying still without moving or making any sound, with hopes that my dad will get tired and go away, but he didn’t. He kept shaking my door and calling out my name. The noise woke Naomi up, she got up as if cold water was poured on her, she quickly got on her feet, grabbed her clothes and flip-flops on the floor and stormed towards the door, but I was quick enough to stop her just in time, from opening the door.

I whispered softly to her, “Are you crazy? Are you trying to get busted? My dad is behind my door, he’ll kill me if he sees you with me right now, come here let me hide you”, I kept looking around looking for a place to hide her, I even thought of pushing her out the window, but her ass was too big, it won’t go through even if we tried and she won’t fit under the bed either, I began to sweating profusely, I needed to come up with an idea that instant or there’s no way my dad won’t see her if he walks in. My dad called out my name again, “Cledre!!! Wake up and open this door now!”, I had to respond so I said, “I slept naked last night, I’m looking for my towel now to cover myself, I’ll be with you soon”.

There was a short pause, then I got an idea, I told Ama Naomi to lie on the bed and never move an inch or make a sound. I got some clothes from my closet and laundry bin and placed them on top of her; it looked like a heap of clothes on my bed if you should walk in and see it. You’d have to be a magician to be able to see someone hiding under the pile of clothes on the bed. I quickly opened the door, my dad was angry; I pretend I was stretching, as if I got out of bed seconds ago. Then he asked me why I locked my door, ‘cause he knew I’ve never locked it before. I ignored his question and faked a long yawn. My dad was pissed when he saw the pile of clothes on my bed, he asked me why I hadn’t packed my clothes, but I told him I went to bed very early and forgot to pack my clothes. It wasn’t a convincing lie but he bought it. He left after scanning around my room, as if looking for something.

I got Naomi out of the pile of clothes soon as my dad walked away. She wore her clothes, and I sneaked her out of my room, out of the house few moments later just before anyone could see her. That night was the most memorable night of my adult life. I woke up rejuvenated, excited at myself, I just had my first sex experienced and it was amazing. I loved it! In the early morning Teddie came over and helped me get my stuffs to the bus terminal. He noticed this morning glow on me; I was jumpy and a little excited more than I usually am, without asking he noticed I had an amazing time with Ama Naomi. I left for Kumasi hours into day break.

                     *                                        *

The following four months has been the most stressful times of my life, university life wasn’t easy, living alone wasn’t easy. But I made it through the first semester. Told my parents I was coming over for the semester break, it was only a few weeks, but I felt I needed a change of environment, it’s been too long I saw my old folks and a few friends back home. My dad was very excited when I told him I was coming home, he sounded relieved to the news. Five hours later I was back in Accra. Not much had changed in my hood as I drive by in the taxi I took, a few familiar faces saw me and waved, I waved back. The gorb3 seller winked at me when I waved her as I drove past her. I let out a big sigh as the taxi pulled over in front of my house, I was home.

When I walked in the house, my dad who sat under the Avocado tree got up to meet me, he even offered to carry my bags to my room for me, but I declined. I asked him where mom was but he said, “You just came, you haven’t even changed your clothes but you’re asking for your mom? You asking about her to see if there’s food in the house isn’t it? Don’t worry, change your clothes, take a bath if you may, then we will talk”, I did exactly what dad asked me to do. I came back and sat next to dad under the tree; he looked worried, as if he had some bad news for me, so I asked him what was bothering him, he said, “It’s about your mom…”

The way dad said ‘your mom’ made me feel that there was something wrong, I quickly asked, “Where is she? Is she okay?”, he answered, “She’s in the room sleeping”, I felt a sudden relief. But he continued, “Something happened whiles you were away, your mom fell ill for a few days, but it got worse, she got a sudden stroke, which came as a surprise and unexpected, so now your mom’s movement and speech is limited, I know this is hard hearing this, but you should understand why I kept this from you, I didn’t want to interrupt your studies, and when I heard you were coming I wanted to tell you in person, speak to you about it first before you met her, I hope you understand me”, I was in shock, I didn’t know what to say, it was as if I had just lost some parts of me just by hearing dad speak this way. I went to see my mom, she was sleeping peacefully, her current condition made me sad, I wept.

I tried helping my dad anyway I could in taking care of mom, her eyes lit up when she saw me, few words came out when she tried to talk to me, but I told her to rest, it’s our turn to take care of her like how she’s been taking care of us all these years.

It’s been 48 hours I got back in town, and I hadn’t seen Teddie. His cell phone number wasn’t going through. I began trekking to his house, upon reaching there I heard he’s no more in town, apparently he’s been recruited by a football academy, I wasn’t surprised when I heard this, Teddie was a talented footballer back at high school, so I wasn’t surprised he got picked. I took his number from his sister and decided to call him the following day.

I didn’t realize I had over slept until dad came into my room and asked me to give seats and water to some guests outside our compound. It was an hour past mid-day, the sun was shining brightly outside, I peeped through my window and saw three people outside, two females, one male. So I took four chairs outside, three for the guests and one for my dad. I offered them water but they all declined it. I knew these people so I smiled at them but surprisingly they didn’t welcome my smile. I wasn’t offended but I left their presence.

My dad later joined them and I went back to my room. I was on my bed when I heard shouting and indirect insults. Next thing I heard was my dad calling my name. He asked me to bring an extra seat, he asked me to sit next to him when I brought the chair. Then my dad held me by my shoulder and asked, is he the one? The woman yelled yes! My dad looked at me and asked, “Cle, do you know this girl?”, I answered, “Yes”, then he asked, “Who is she?”, I replied smiling to him, “That’s Ama Naomi, everyone knows her”, then he asked, “Do you know this woman?”, pointing at the woman, then I said, “Yes, that’s Naomi’s mother”, then he asked another question, “Who is Naomi to you?”, I was puzzled about the series of questions my dad was throwing at me, so I asked him, “Dad what’s going on? Why all these questions?”, he stared at me for some minutes and said, “Naomi says she’s four months pregnant, and she says you’re responsible for it.”, my jaws dropped open!


​story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

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