Things to give up if you want to be successful.

​Author – Emmanuel

1. Give up  on short term mindset. 

Successful people set long term goals even when they  feel it might not be achieved but they make it their greatest  priority to achieve it. Your daily  habbit  is what  helps you  achieve  your long term goal.

People  who set short term goals just think of ways  of making  quick money; buh this doesn’t last long 

2. Give up playing small 

You have to take full ownership of yourself. You have  to give up on the little things people say about you and think forward. Dream freaking big. 

3. Give up excuses

Winners are always  like “I can’ but losers be like “I can’t”. Losers always  be like  “it’s because of this or that, I can’t, I won’t be able to do that, I don’t have  the money and resource to do it” But winners takes  advantage of their situation and make something better  out of it. If you don’t have  the money you got to find it. For example if I ask you to  bring  £100 for £100000 won’t you go any extra mile to get the money. If you are lacking money get creative and find money. You are never  lacking resources you are only lacking your resourcefulness. If you really want to be successful you really have to be resourceful and give up excuses.

4. Give up your need to be liked 

If you want to please everyone in life you would  never be successful. If you look at every great person on this  planet  they are willing to  give up on  their own truth  not their neighbours truth. If you  do this  the people who don’t like you are gonna begin to  hate you and the people who  like you would begin to love you. If you look at any leader you want, they are willing to speak the truth.

5. Give up toxic people 

If you hang around with Losers, you are going to be a loser. If you hang around with winners you would be a winner as well

– Emmanuel

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