I wasn’t really a fan of group chats on Whatsapp until I was added to this particular one. I only knew one person in there, it was really awkward at first, but I decided to keep an open mind and stay, they asked me to introduce myself and upload my photo, I did a short intro about myself but I was very reluctant to upload my photo, they insisted I do if I want to be a part of them, but I didn’t want to, I felt like they were about gang up on me until the friend who convinced me to join the group in the first place told me to. I sent them one of my recent pic. I was biting my nails afterwards, I was nervous ‘cause I wasn’t a ‘fine boy’ so waiting on the feedback from these guy was nerve wrecking.

Two minutes later, someone with the name, Megg, highlighted my pic and commented, “Hey fine boy, new member, PM me wai”, I was light-headed and surprised too. I just “lol’ed the comment and said, ‘Okay’, I had funny thoughts in my head. The other guys in the group started opposing, nagging about why Megg asked me to text her privately, most of the guys in the group were really funny so it was kinda fun trying to tell them I wasn’t going to snatch anyone’s girl. Since then Megg and I became very close friends. We talked on phones many time but we never met in person due to our busy schedules. She was really good company so I was fond of her.

I realized this whatsapp group was really fun, I was new, basically a stranger but I didn’t feel new or a stranger, they talked to me like they knew me from long ago, the chat group was active 24/7, you could text “hi” at 3:30am in the morning and someone will reply “Hello”, others will be sending “LMS” at 2am, the group never sleeps, I found out there were different people from all over the country in the group, about half of them were in Accra, a handful from Kumasi, Tarkoradi, Koforidua, Kasoa, Winnieba and as far as Nkoranza. Others outside the country were in Beijing, Stockholm and Fullham.

It was the beginning of a new month, this guy called AA announced that 23rd was his birthday and he wants to celebrate it with us in the group, he wants anyone who could trip down to Kumasi to join him celebrate the occasion. People were excited about it, but a few people including me was interested, the cost involved in bus fare and hotel accommodation seemed like something that wasn’t worth it. I was excited about the whole birthday get together thing, but I knew I wasn’t going.

All the guys from Kumasi were very excited and promised to come, but the guys from Accra didn’t really talk much about it. Then AA said, he’ll provide guest house accommodation for anyone coming from outside Kumasi, and that sparked interest, ‘cause it meant cutting down cost.

Megg asked me if I’d going to Kumasi for AA’s birthday party, I told her I wasn’t really sure, probably not, then she said, “Aww too bad, I was hoping you’d be going, ‘cause I wanted to go with you, you’re the only guy from Accra that I really vibe with, too bad you’re not coming”, I thought fast and said, “I’m not saying I won’t be going ooh, I only said I wasn’t sure of it, which meant I might change my mind and come along”. Plans were made, Megg and I decided to go together, we arranged to meet at the bus terminal after work.


I sat patiently at the bus terminal waiting to see that gorgeous and splendid figure I spoke to on phone who actually convinced me finally to take this trip to Kumasi for the birthday party with that sweet and soothing voice of hers. I closed earlier than normal that very Thursday evening and luck being on my side, I got a cab with no stress as usual, straight home. I was so excited about the trip that I had even lost appetite that evening so food was the last thing on my mind. I quickly dry-washed my sneakers and left it in the open air to dry up whiles I quickly rush to the bathroom to take a quick bath.

I was so nervous, at the same time excited to the extent I didn’t even know when I finished taking my bath and found myself in the bedroom half-dressed already. I started packing my stuffs for two days trip. As a guy I wouldn’t need so much stuffs, just some one or two jeans trouser and 3 tops, a comb, perfume, body splash and some cash, then I’m good to go. We were supposed to meet at the terminal around 12am so we could catch the night bus to Kumasi. I hurriedly packed my things, checked if everything was intact then I sped off to the roadside to catch a cab to bus terminal.

Before I could get down from the cab, I was welcomed by some folks I barely know and all I could hear them say was ‘wo k) Kumasi?’, ‘Kumasi anaa?’ (Are you going to Kumasi?). Well, as a city folk I ignored them and walked straight to the waiting lounge but suddenly it dawned on me to surprise that soothing voice I spoke to on phone with a little treat to show that I’m a gentleman. So I stepped into one grocery shop next to the terminal and I did some shopping for her. At the waiting lounge, I took my phone out, went to to read stories to kill boredom.

It was around 10:37pm, time was moving very slow, ‘cause I knew I would have to wait till 12am before she would arrive. My phone suddenly rang and I felt within my heart it was her calling. I answered the call and looked up to see where she was. My eyes caught a figure walking in the waiting lounge with such perfect body shape. Talk of hips, curves, ass, boobs and all that, she’s got it all. It was my first time meeting her in person her. I waved to signal her where I was seated and she saw me, I walked towards her, I begun to imagine and looked around to see if there was any sea closer to the bus terminal, apparently there wasn’t any because what I held in my eyes was like a fresh mermaid who just emerged from the sea. Such beauty to behold.

She smiled at me and asked…”have you been here for long?” I nodded my head to say no, then she went straight to book a ticket for the bus. Sooner than later we were in the next bus and it had already taken off. We started a brief conversation and I presented my gifts to her, she was very pleased and grateful since she wasn’t expecting anything. The journey from Accra to Kumasi was such fun and enjoyable with no stress except the lady I was travelling with felt cold since the AC was directly on her, but she deserved it because she wouldn’t let me sit next the window but rather the aisle…well, I had to keep her warm by giving her my long sleeve jacket.

We finally got to Kumasi, I called AA on the phone to tell him Megg and I had arrived, we needed directions, but he told us to wait, he’ll come and pick us. We were welcomed again by two taxi drivers who were asking us lots of questions, they were struggling with each other for our bags, they thought we wanted a taxi to take us to our destination, but we told them our friends will come for us later. Shortly after, the guys arrived and took us to our various guest house. It was day break already, the sun was almost up, we started talking about how the day is going to be and plans for the party tonight, all that boys’ boys talk.

They decided to surprise me since I had told them I’ll eat fufu if I should arrive. We went to one of their hide outs outskirt of town to eat. The name of the place still remains a mystery yet to be told, it’s one of the best joints I’ve ever eaten from as a bachelor, we gulp the fufu down with some chilled Orijin beer and rushed back to the house the get ready for the BIG EVENT.

Later in the evening, the almighty God decided to bless the birthday boy and friends with ‘showers of blessings’…we arrived safely at the venue though it was still raining but people for love and other reasons showed up to grace the occasion. Everything was set and the event was on going smoothly, lots to eat, drink, good music tunes which can make you forget your woes and sorrows…

AA, the birthday boy was the first I spotted at the scene with two ladies, one on each side, dressed like a classic old school womanizer. Akua Darkoah our curvy queen doing her thing along with Lizzy. Kallmebecca graced the occasion by coming with her boyfriend, Megg was all over me, as I was too, since it was our first time meeting and because I came with her, she teased and introduced me to the others as her boyfriend. I would say this girl can really worry, but I enjoyed it, we held hands and moved all over the place like newlyweds, I could tell she really liked me, and I kinda liked her too.

Connie and Prissy were there in her white wedding-like gown with Adepa in her short black widow-like dress. Nana Yaa, TMD, Taibah, Ohenewaa, were all present. Kojo Jnr and Zack came late with some spark of fire to boost morale when everyone was kinda tired. Not forgetting our “Agye nsa crew”, Junior, Ante Ba, just to mention a few all present to make the party fun. It was really mad fun. The sobolo was popping along with the chicken and soft and hard drinks, not forgetting the birthday cake with the inscription, “JNNE”, which was intentionally spelt wrongly with the intention to create fun and attention from the Agye Nsa Crew, no one still knew what JNNE meant. Lots to drink and music to dance to, grinding from different angles, it was lit.

I was sitting quietly behind the scene sipping my Smirnoff Ice, nodding and tapping my feet to the loud music playing, Megg came out of nowhere grabbed my hand and we sped off outside, I asked her where we were going but she just giggled and pulled me along. It was late and the place was quiet. She finally said, “We’re in KUMASI! What’s the point of coming here if we don’t take stroll around the neighborhood? I’m bored, let’s walk and talk. Then I asked her an obvious rhetorical question, “You drunk aint you?, you know what never mind”, but in her defense she said, “Nope I’m not, I’m just bored, I only took a bottle of beer, I’m okay”, then I nodded to her reply.

We were just moving about, not really knowing where exactly we were or going, turns out, there were lots of people in town, especially at the bars and clubs, those places were popping hard. Megg took out her phone and asked me to take a photo of her. She had lots of poses so I took lots of photos, then a very loud voice screamed, “Eeii ayekoooooo! Love dey sweet you guys”, I turned around and it was AA, with him was Akua Darkoah, we all started laughing, I asked them what they were doing around by this time, they said they were now going home, it seemed the party is over and its late, some have already left to their homes. Then AA with a cheeky voice he asked, “What are you love birds doing here around this time?”, Megg quickly jumped in and said, “Oh we’re not love birds, we just friends”, even though we were just friends, the speed at which Megg answered AA got me shook.

AA and Akua left, I was quiet afterwards, just walking with my head down kicking stones, then Megg asked me why I was quiet?, I told her it was nothing, and that I was only tired and sleepy, but she wasn’t convinced with my answer, she kept pushing me to say what was on my mind, I was like, “I thought we were more than friends, I don’t mean technically but you know what I mean, I thought maybe we could be more than friends, but it seems that’s never gonna happen, you were really quick to tell AA we were just friends when it was obvious we’ve been seen together more times ever since we got there, we’ve been vibing, others even think we’re actually together, my point is, the chemistry between us is that obvious, but it seems you feel different, it kinda dulls my mood honestly…”

She stopped and stared at me in awe, she said, “awww please don’t say, I know we vibe together that’s why I’m taking a stroll with in the middle of the night, you’re cool like that and I like that, but to respond to the AA situation, it wasn’t deliberate, and it didn’t mean what it seemed or what you thought it meant, I’m sure my lips moved quicker than usual, so don’t worry okay, its nothing okay.”, I said nothing afterwards, just moving in silence, I could see her looking at me from the corner of my eyes…

She pulled me back and said, “We are just friends aren’t we? I mean you haven’t asked me out, have you? Maybe who knows? We could be more than friends…but it’d have to start from your end, I’m the girl, you’re the guy, you’d have to make the first move, I guess you understand what I mean right?”, there was a wild smile on my face, then I said, “Wait..lemme get this right, you saying it’s possible we could be more than friends, and it hasn’t happened because I haven’t said anything to you right?”, she answered, “yeah, I mean have you said anything to me?”, then I said, “Okay, I get your point now”.

She told me she was tired, so I walked her to where she was lodging, she said goodnight and I was like, “please hold on…”, she turned facing me with an attentive face, but that face soon turned puzzled since I was just there standing there scratching my head with silly smiles on my face, she beckoned me to speak but I was still standing there like a mute, struggling for words to speak like I was 2 years old, she made a move to enter the house but I stopped her again, she was like “ah? What’s wrong?”, and I replied, “hmm there’s nothing wrong, just that I’ve been meaning to tell you something for a while now, but I feel very shy and nervous saying it, I wan’ say it, but I can’t…hmm, I didn’t realize it’ll be this difficult to say it”

She folded her arms, staring me, and I’m like, “eii hmm the thing I wan’ say it, but I’m shy papa, I don’t even know how to say it, you gimme like 10 seconds to rehearse it in my mind then I’ll tell you okay…”, she laughs and says okay. I take her hand and go like, “abi you know what I’m about to tell you dada, you’re not a kid, I mean you know what’s on right now”, she replies, “Yeah I kinda know where this is going, but I wanna hear what you wanna say”, and I’m like, “ooh don’t do that, if you catch my drift why allow me to waste time say it?”, she laughs and say, “you know what?, take the entire night, go home, get some rest, if possible, think hard about what you wanna tell me, rehearse it very well in your head, come back tomorrow and tell me okay, ‘cause right now I really need to sleep”. What she said made sense so I agreed and went away.

On my way home I was talking to myself, “dammn you really blew it, you dumb goat, you couldn’t ask her to be your girlfriend or tell her you loved her, you just stood there like a mute, you ugly goat, guess right now she thinks you’re an idiot, dammn you really embarrassed yourself, I thought I had rehearsed it well in my head but soon as I was about to speak, the thing went skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kpa! Ka ka ka ski ti ka fu tu boom! But no sweat, I still have another shot at this, I’ll take the night and rehearse all my lines and drop my lines tomorrow, I gotta be poetic, ladies love that kinda ish”

So I took the entire night, pretended my pillow was Megg and I was proposing to her, it went really smooth, my lines were fire and funny, I knew she was gonna love it.

The alarm woke me up at 7am, I woke up with smiles on my face, I had a dream Megg and I were kissing, and on that good note I knew today was gonna be a good day. I freshen up headed straight to Megg’s place. I met Kofi Jnr coming out the house, I asked him which room Megg was in, he pointed it to me. And I walked straight there, I knocked the door but it opened by itself, it seemed it wasn’t locked, so I went straight in…

Soon as I walked in I was yelled at, “heeeeeeeeyyyyyy can’t you knock? What are you doing here? What do you want?”, I was already in the room, I saw what I wasn’t supposed to see…I was dumbfounded, struggling to find words to explain why I just walked in, but I just couldn’t believe my ears, Megg was naked, I mean naked with no clothes on, I mean so naked I see her skin, I mean naked with only beads around her waist, but the sad thing was, she was on the bed and AA was on top of her mounting her like a cowboy.

I was so shocked and so embarrassed that I rushed out from the room, for a sec I couldn’t remember my name. I even got lost returning to my apartment. I started packing my belongings ready to leave for Accra that instant. I met Zack, Ohenewaa and Nana Yaa outside while I was waiting for a cab to the bus terminal. They asked me where I was going, and I told them I just got a call from home, it’s a family emergency, I had to go back to Accra that instant. I was in a hurry so I didn’t bother to check whether they bought my lie or not.

I was in a V.I.P bus speeding away to Accra. I took out my phone and saw 32 missed calls from Megg, I ignored it and had no intention of calling back. I thought that I’ve been hurt before, but no one’s ever left me quite this sore.

She sent me a text message after realizing I wasn’t gonna pick her call, the text was a long apology saying how sorry she is for me seeing her in a situation like that, she didn’t mean for that to happen.

I didn’t wanna reply her text but I had to set the record straight, so I replied her text, “I’m not mad or angry for what you were doing with AA, that’s none of my business, it’s your life, you can do whatever you want, if you felt like increasing your body count, that’s your decision, you don’t owe me any explanations and you definitely don’t need permission from me, but what I’m angry and driving me crazy is, you leading me on last night, you led me on knowing that you and I will never be a thing, last night it was really obvious that I was so into you, you knew my intentions, you knew exactly what I wanted to tell me, to the point that you told me to go home and think it through, of which I did, you gave me false hope, and that pisses me off! If you don’t like a nigga, don’t lead him on and leave him hanging dry, that’s not cool. I thought we could be friends, but I guess not!”



​story by Tintin

written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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