100 Things That Makes Me Happy…


On 30th March 2017, a dear friend of mine Ama Nyakoa, sent me a link to her “100 things that makes me happy” and I thought it was very creative, ‘cos I now knew 100 things that made her happy, which was pretty cool. But I was a little sad because my favorite brand of car wasn’t part of her 100 things that made her happy. I thought the 100 list was pretty long but to my surprise she actually came up with 150, but managed to cut it down to 100. Point is, once you start writing, you realizes a lot of things make you happy.

On that note, she dared me to come up with my “100 things that makes me happy”, she asked me to start with my favorite food if I happen to struggle with coming up with the things that makes me happy. It’s been six months now, I guess I’ve had enough time to come up with 100 things that makes me happy, I hope you enjoy my list, in no particular order 🙂


  1. Banku with Okro stew (the stew should have crabs, wele, fish maybe, some amount of ginger should be grinded into it to give it that taste that keeps you coming back for more.
  2. BMW (all brands of BMW).
  3. My mom’s smile.
  4. When I get 8 hours of uninterrupted sound sleep.
  5. A warm bath.
  6. Cute babies
  7. Peck biscuits
  8. Buffets (esp at weddings)
  9. When a stranger smiles at me 🙂
  10. Well-tailored fitted suit
  11. Free WiFi
  12. Hamburger
  13. Friends (very close friends from school, Jackie, Asare, Selasie, Ben, Eddy, Danny, AJ)
  14. Meeting friends I went to junior high with (Adams, Bright, Jay Meltz, Bajidewe)
  15. My co-writer Md Jaey & Kelvin Annorson
  16. Fried yam
  17. Reading the Bible
  18. When Chelsea win each game
  19. The sunset
  20. A fancy wrist watch
  21. Hobnobs biscuits
  22. Eating ‘kanzo’(shishi) in High school
  23. Watching series (GOT, Banshee, Silicon Valley, Devious Maids etc)
  24. The new kingdom melodies
  25. I love opera music (Mozart’s magic flute, Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman – time to say goodbye are my favorites)
  26. When my dad cooks
  27. When people randomly text or check up on me
  28. Texting makes me happy
  29. My nieces and nephews make me very happy
  30. Anyone born on Monday makes me happy #TeamKwadwo/#TeamAdwoa
  31. Gari soakings
  32. Writing stories makes me very happy
  33. Kisses
  34. Hugs
  35. Playing Fifa or PES
  36. A full moon
  37. When it rains in the middle of the night
  38. When someone pays for my troski fare
  39. Guys with black polished leather shoes
  40. Gari & Beans (gorb3)
  41. Working, jogging most especially
  42. Home cooked jollof not funeral or wedding jollof
  43. Chicken wings
  44. Getting home safely
  45. Beautiful girls
  46. Breasts
  47. When a mother spank her child’s ass in public, a very good ass whooping.
  48. When a mother breast feeds her baby in public
  49. Dancing at weddings
  50. The name “Konadu”
  51. Money
  52. Salad, with lots of cabbage & carrots
  53. Random evening strolls
  54. My favorite cousin, Jeff
  55. My Aunties, Regina & Doris
  56. Adwoa Boahemaa
  57. My sister, I call her Yaa baby 😀
  58. Old childhood photos
  59. I like selected hip-hop songs
  60. Waakye in leaves
  61. That dusty
  62. The smell of coffee
  63. The beach
  64. Old married couples
  65. Grandmothers & Granddads
  66. Shakira’s unique manly voice 😀
  67. Banku & Tilapia
  68. Chelsea Fc, oseeeeeeeeeeeey Chelsea, THE BLUES, #KTBFFH
  69. Colour BLUE
  70. Dark skin girls
  71. Girls without make-up
  72. Field Service on the weekend
  73. Reading books, literature, novels makes me happy
  74. Playing Chess (I’m pretty good)
  75. A haircut and a clean shave
  76. When people dedicate their lives to Jehovah and baptizes
  77. Pizza
  78. Listening to music
  79. Fried noodles
  80. Making new friends
  81. Getting to bed late and waking up late
  82. Apple drinks
  83. Origami
  84. Assisting people anyhow I can
  85. Girls with flat tummy
  86. The thought of having kids
  87. Going to Kumasi
  88. When my phone’s battery is fully charged.
  89. Cooking (I’m a very good cook by the way)
  90. Sleeping naked.
  91. JW.ORG
  92. My Family make me happy
  93. Napping in the middle of the day
  94. Long phone calls with someone I really really really like.
  95. Twitter, follow me on twitter @AbokiCleDre
  96. Creating talesfrommadina.com, makes me happy & proud
  97. Neatly trimmed finger and toe nails
  98. Going to conventions
  99. The thought of seeing our dead loved ones in paradise someday.
  100. Serving Jehovah whole heartedly makes me happy.


I hope you enjoyed it. I could write more but I’ll halt at 100. This is so much fun, so I dare anyone reading this, to send me their list of 100 things that make you happy, forward it to me on Whatsapp or email it to abokicledre@gmail.com and I’ll publish it on talesfrommadina.com for you.


written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

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