My Epilogue.

I write this with a heavy heart, a lot of thought and thinking went into this, making this decision wasn’t easy, but for once I want to do this for me, at this moment it’s the best decision for me, I’m doing this for myself. I love writing, it’s the only thing that makes me happy and alive.

I’ve been writing for the world to read since 2015 on® it’s been a wonderful 2 years of my life, I’ve never regretted any line or word, twist or plot, storyline or tragedy. I really enjoyed giving you something to read whenever you felt like it. But I’m sorry it all has to end here, I’m taking an indefinite break from writing, could be a month or 2, a year or 3, I might not write again, honestly I really don’t know, I really wish I could give you more details on my decision but all I can say is, I’ve been spending so much time making others happy and putting smiles on their faces with the stories I write so much that I don’t get time for myself or get the same happiness and smiles in return.

When or if I ever resume writing, you’d be the first to know. I’m really happy I got to sign off with my recent stories, “Labour; Double Trouble and When Someone You Love Dies”, I hope it was enough to say farewell.

I’m really gonna miss you guys, thanks for all the feedback, comments, love and support you’ve shown me when this journey began, I really appreciate every second and data bundle you’ve spent reading what I write, I’m really grateful.

My blog will still be active for anyone who wishes to read my old stories. You can still e-mail me your submissions to be published at



E-mail: or

Twitter: (DM me)

Phone: send me a message for my personal line


Thank you very much 🙂.

8 thoughts on “My Epilogue.

    1. It’s been an awesome journey. If I resume writing, you’d be the first to know. Thanks for reading & the feedback comments, really appreciate it. You’re my man 👌😊


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