Kwahu oohh Kwahu

This is a true story; two years ago:


“Kwahu oooooohhhhhh Kwahu!” Fred kept on howling in the office. The excitement of the Easter break was beaming in him. I checked my watch, it was 49 minutes after 4 PM. Our Easter break would officially begin after 5 PM. Unlike everyone in the office I was the only one who wasn’t really feeling all the excitement. The truth was, I had no plans for the next couple of days, unlike the other guys who talked about exciting plans. I was going to be at home the entire break. The idea of going to a few fancy places with my girlfriend popped in my head but I wasn’t really sure, I was still thinking about it. I’ve been busy at work the entire month to make plans or even think about the Easter break. Nevertheless, I loved the idea about the break, it meant I was going to have a well needed rest.

Fred raced to my office like a 4 year old chasing after his dad. “Hey! You’re needed at the conference room ASAP!” Fred said with an evil smirk on his face. I checked my watch again and it was 8 minutes after 5 PM. Before I could even ask him what was going on when I raised my head after glancing at my watch, he was already gone and left with my door ajar. I figured it was an emergency, we clock off at 5 PM so a meeting at the conference room at this time was mind boggling, and so I left everything I was doing and rush there.

When I entered the conference room all the guys in my department were there, it seemed they were all waiting for me, I took my seat, our Head Of Department sat across all of us, he had smiles on his face and that calmed me down a bit, a sign of relief, because whatever this was, I now knew it wasn’t that serious. He began with what seemed to be a speech about our punctuality to work and random absenteeism, till he got the part where he congratulated us for our overall performance for the first quarter of the year, on that note he said, “I finished building my second house at the mountain, I mean at Kwahu, 5 bedroom house, it’s a really big house and it’s been vacant for a while now, I’ve made plans, I have decided to invite you all there to my house at Kwahu to have a good time, fully paid, transport and food, it’s all on me, I’m taking care of everything, all you need to do is show up”.

All the guys in the room were delighted, it was a really timely thing our boss was doing for us, so we all agreed to come along. Before he left he ended by saying, “If you’ve agreed to come to my place, there’s only one rule, it’s an all guys ‘weekend out’ so no plus ones, no girls allowed, only guys, so if you wanna bring a plus one or girl along, you’ll have to book a guest house for the both of you, you’ll have to carry that extra cost yourself”.

I sighed. I was thinking of bringing my girlfriend along, but after hearing that rule I wanted to pull out and stay in Accra with my girl but the guys managed to convince me to come along, telling me how this was ‘a one-time life opportunity’. I told them I had plans with my girlfriend but they told me to tell her I was visiting my grandparents this weekend so that I could spend some time with them.

I didn’t really like the idea of lying to my girl until H.O.D came back to the conference room and gave each guy GH 200.00 cedis, he said that was just for transportation to the place or fuel for our cars in case any of us wanted to bring our own cars instead of public transport, he assured us there’ll be more when we finally get there. Holding GH 200.00 cedis in my hand for just fuel sparked a fire in me I never knew existed, I was buoyant, at this point I knew Kwahu this year was going to be LIT!

Soon as I got home I started parking for the weekend trip. I wanted to give my girlfriend the heads up before disappearing so I called her on phone, but her little sister picked up, “hello” the tiny voiced said. “Hello” I responded, I asked her where Korkor was, and she answered, “My sister is bathing” then I told her, to tell her sister to call me soon as she was done, “Okay” she responded before ending the call.

15 minutes later my girl called me back, “Hey babe, what’s up” the happy voice whispered. “I’m packing”, I answered. I told her something important came up at the last minute, my grandparents wanted me over for the break so I was leaving first thing in the morning, I told her I hadn’t seen them in 2 years so when they asked me if I could come over I couldn’t decline. I apologized to her for it being on short notice and deeply regret any inconvenience I’ve caused since I thought I’d be spending the break with her and promised to make it up to her when I returned. She was quiet for about 10 seconds, it was obvious she wasn’t too thrilled about this recent development but in the end she extended her greetings to them and told me to have fun.


I was standing in front on my house as early as 7 AM waiting for Ben, he was taking his car along and he didn’t want to ride alone so he asked Fred and I to join him. I called him before 6 Am and he assured me he’ll be at my place by 7 AM, so I was waiting. Half an hour later Ben wasn’t in, my patience was running out, I started thinking about plan B since Ben’s plan A was in doubt. I was about to request an Uber to the bus station when Ben showed up. I was so annoyed he was late, he gave a flimsy excuse but I ignored him.

The beginning of the trip was fun, we had lot to talk about and what to expect, Ben tried to explain why he was late but I wasn’t interested. The trip got boring after an hour of driving, Accra to Kwahu wasn’t a stone throw away, and the mountains wasn’t in sight. Since I woke up very early to prepare for the trip, I didn’t have the required amount of sleep my soul would have enjoyed, so I decided to sleep the rest of the trip.

“Hey wake up! Dre we’re here!” Ben yelled. I pushed myself upright and glanced around. We were on this beautiful compound. Two story building house with enough parking space for at least 4 cars. The place was beautiful, the grass was green, the weather was cool, the air was clean and refreshing, the environment was noiseless and peaceful. H.O.D was standing in front of the house smiling and beckoning us to come inside. Most of the guys were already in and they were already drinking beer and hard liquor. It was already past midday when we arrived, so there was lunch, Kenkey with smoked salmon. After our lunch, H.O.D, as we usually called him helped us with our bags and showed us to our various rooms. I went straight to bed ’cause I was really tired.

It was soon 6 PM and all the guys were present. H.O.D asked if we should prepare our own meal for dinner or go out to eat. Majority agreed to stay home and make our own meal for tonight. Banku with chopped pork was on the menu. I opted to do the steering of the Banku. It was really nice. There were no women in the house so we did everything ourselves. There was more to drink, eat and chew. It was a nice experience, it provided us the chance to get closer to our boss and fellow colleagues. I went to bed after 9 Pm. But just before that, I called Korkor to check up on her and to tell her I had arrived at my Grandparent’s place and I was having lots of fun with the old folks. I asked her what her plans would be for the weekend, now that I am away, “oohh nothing much, just singing, you know I’m in the church choir right? So I’ll just be at church all weekend” she religiously said. I asked her to pray for me when she’s there. I went to bed thinking about her, I had truly missed her.


The loud voices outside woke me up. I didn’t know what all the merry making were all about but it was really dammn loud to wake me up. I went out to check what was going on and I found two goats tied outside, bleating for their lives, and the guys were holding and waving knives, dancing around these goats. H.O.D sat few meters away with smiles all over his face while he enjoyed this youthful scene.

I quickly freshen up and joined the guys in killing and preparing the light soup. The rest of the gang peeled and pounded the cassava. I haven’t had this much fan since high school and I enjoyed every second I spent with the guys. Fufu and goat soup for the man dems!

After the meal we all grabbed a chair and had random conversations about football and petty arguments. I could see the genuine happiness on H.O.D’s face, he was really having a good time, you can easily tell he misses being a young man and surrounding himself with us made him very cheerful. I asked him if he had plans of renting the house or using it as a guest house since the house was vacant, he said, he built the house for his Dad, but unfortunately he died before the house was completed so for now it’s vacant. He also said he had plans for renting it out later.

Saturday night all the partying dey Obomeng high street. The street was chocked with people, all the bars and drinking spots were full. You could hear loud music playing from all direction.

We were all dressed up ready to step into town to party. On our way out H.O.D gave each and every one another GH 200.00 cedis to spend on our night out. That really set the mood:

“Wherever the party dey we step clean

Styling on a hater flexing I do

Put on for ma kings and queens

We only find time for the greens

εnkomo bia ni ho biom

If it aint money n*gga we aint cool

Grind like a billionaire

Asumɔɔ ni abaana akε wɔnya nɔ but we no dey cheley

Still balling! Worldwide with it!

Still chilling to the ceiling

Aha ni amε le akε

Eka gba amεna nyɔnmɔ nhele nɔ

wɔnnu wɔn shele

wɔnye wɔn shele”

– Grind.

We were just bouncing to the beat on our way out. The streets were alive, lights everywhere, for a second I thought we were at Times square. The girls were smoking hot and sexy! I just knew were about to have an unforgettable evening.

We decided to stop by this night club, what caught our attention was the fact that all the sexy looking girls were going there so we decided to join them and party over there.

The place was packed when we got inside, the music was loud and the air was filled with alcohol and cheers. We got a table and started ordering drinks. Before I realized I’ve drunk 3 bottles of beer that’s way more than the number of alcohol I took last year alone, I was getting wasted way too fast but I wasn’t ready to slow down. The mood was right and I was hyped af!

I was on my 4th bottle of beer when I noticed something, I rubbed my eyes to see properly but my vision was still kinda blur.

I called Ben over and asked him, “Yo Ben, is that my girlfriend lap dancing on another guy across the room?’ I asked. “Kwasia did you bring your girlfriend here with you?’ he jokingly said. “Ahh but why ask me? Do I know your girlfriend? Have you introduced her to me before? Man if u no get capa ahh shun drinking and leave the art of beer bottle breaking to us’ he laughed out loud.

I was still confused so I called Fred over and asked him, “Yo bruh, isn’t that Korkor over there with another guy? Woo woo they’re kissing right? Or I’m drunk? Bruh help me out here, I think I’ve had too much to drink, and with all that LEDs lights flicking on and off my vision and judgment is compromised”. “Holy shit!!! That’s her! What the hell is she doing here?….Eeii and see how the guy behind her is bumping her ass to the beat! They’re kissing FAM! At this rate the dude will chew off her lips” Fred said. I could feel the shock in his voiced. The rest of the guys asked what was going on, I was too drunk, shocked and confused to say anything, so I sat down with my hands on my head. Fred said, “Y’agye obi girl ooh” Fred started shouting. The guys leaned over for more details.

Fred explained “You see that girl over there being smooched by that tall dude in the corner over? That’s Korkor, Cle’s girl. Cle is shocked to see her, I’m sure he wasn’t expecting to see her here of all places, at least not in a place like this and especially with another guy, it’s obvious she’s been messing around behind his back.” Hearing all that filled me with rage, I got up and tried walking to where she stood but the guys were quick enough to hold me back. But Fred on the other said, “What the hell are you guys doing? Why did you stop him? Why wouldn’t you let the guy confront the girl and if possible beat the shit outta the guy”. I wanted to go over and introduce myself with my bare knuckles on his face.

But Mark was quick enough to pull me back, he said, “Don’t be stupid, do you wanna create a scene in front of all these people? What will you achieve? As he sat me back down, he said, “Don’t be stupid, don’t act on impulse, you have to be smart about this and now that I think about it, it’s obvious she doesn’t know you’re in Kwahu too, so technically you lied to her and she wouldn’t also be pleased to see you either, but first thing’s first we have to make sure that’s really her and not just some random girl who resembles her, besides you’re both drunk and your senses can’t be trusted”

“Now listen up, call her on phone and find out if it’s really her, when she gets the call and it’s only natural that she’ll instinctively rush out of this club to receive the call and to avoid all the loud music playing inside the club. Now because of the loud music in here we’ll also head to the men’s room to shield out some noise while you talk to her. Then you’ll ask her where she is. If she says she’s at church we’ll know”

“You can use this situation to your advantage if we confirm that it’s really her. But we’ll need some evidence that she’s with another guy and I have an idea. I’ll casually walk to her table and take some selfies, making sure she appears in them. With all these you can confront her with evidence and end everything when you get back to Accra”

I did everything Mark said and it worked. We confirmed that was her. She rushed out to answer the call and Mark managed to get some pictures of her with this guy in the club. I was heartbroken, I excused myself and went outside for some fresh air.


“EEIII in the name of Yesu!” I shouted as I leapt out from the bed. “Who are you? How did you get here? What do you want? Where are we?” I asked puzzled and shaken as I looked down on the naked girl on my bed. She woke up, she didn’t looked surprised or afraid she just used the bed sheet to cover herself. She sat on the bed and asked me, “You mean you don’t remember me or anything?” and I shook my head. Then she mentioned her name, “I’m Queen Hajia Naa Sherifa Sookie, that’s my Facebook name, but you can call me Queen or Sookie, I told you this last night remember?”, I stared in the air for some seconds and everything started coming back to me piece by piece.

So I pleaded with her, “Please walk me through everything that happened last night and how we ended up here and please narrate in details don’t leave anything out.

“I was sitting alone drinking at this bar when you came along and sat next to me at the counter. You looked very miserable and broken and I was concerned so I asked if you were okay but you said no, you began telling me your girlfriend was here with another man even though she said she was at church, at this point you began crying and that made me sad, so I decided to stay with you and talk some more since business was slow. You started asking me questions about myself of which I was happy to answer them, you were flirting with me and I enjoyed it so I played along.

After a while you said we should go to some place quiet to continue the conversation. I didn’t have plans and business was slow so I followed you. Then you brought me here, Kwahu City Lodge. You told me to make myself comfortable and I did. You came back from the washroom shirtless walked up to me and began kissing me. You laid me down on the bed, sunk between my legs and continued kissing me. You kissed me passionately and I felt it, you’re a good kisser so I let myself loose and kissed you back. Rubbing my hands all over your shirtless body really turned me on, it was intense! You continued kissing me for another 60 seconds then you stopped, looked me in my eyes, and slowing began undressing me, you took off my jeans in seconds, crawled your hands under legs, grabbed hold of my panty and yanked it off

You tossed it away like it was nothing. You sunk your face between my legs and started kissing, rubbing and sniffing your face between my pubic hairs. You parted my legs wide open, inserted your finger deep inside me and gently caressed my clit till it was throbbing. You climbed back up on top of me and continued kissing me. The next few minutes you split me wide open, with your body and started fingering me with your index finger, it was painful a bit from the start, thrusting myself on your index finger. ‘Shiiiiiiit uh uhh uhh yeahhh’ I began moaning. I couldn’t allow myself to be idle, I saw an opening in your boxer shorts and I shot my hand through it, I had your balls between my fingers in seconds. Playing with your balls and jerking off your penis whiles kissing and you digging tunnels of pleasure with your fingers deep within my vagina. I loved it.

Your fingers were doing things I never knew was humanly possible, they played my clit and vagina like some Spanish guitar. You kept watching me as you fingered me, reading the expressions on my face. I don’t know what happened but I managed to get on top of you, our lips met and the kissing continued, your hands brushed against my body as my tongue explored hidden spaces within your mouth. Somewhere in the middle you grabbed hold of my bra and unhooked it and skillfully removed it over my head. When you touched my nipples, OMG I dissolved like glucose in water

My hard nipples stroked along your chest as I pushed up to kiss you. I sunk between your legs, and your hands held tight to my ass. When you pressed my ass, I felt that shit in my soul, that firm manly grip gave me goosebumps. I began kissing you from your belly button along your stomach to find your lips. Kissing random spots on your body and caressing your body. I grabbed hold of your boxer short with my tongue and dragged it off. Your penis popped out. It was very hard, veiny and slippery from the tip.

I looked at you dead in the eyes as I swallowed your penis whole, deep throated your penis like we were acting porn, I held and squeezed up the base of the penis and sucked the juice out from it. I was literally using you penis to brush my teeth, I sucked and licked till you were clinging to the bed sheets. My blow job game was strong as F! I held your penis with both hands and sucked on it like I was doing push-ups. I kept on sucking it till you climaxed in my mouth, I almost chocked out of excitement.

You got back on top, bisected my wet hairy legs like two slices of bread with margarine in it, you slowly began rubbing the tip of your penis against my clit, brushing it up and down like you were spreading acrylics on canvas. You swallowed my left breast whole and commenced sucking it like you were drinking water from a bottle.

You had me on my spine with my vagina staring right in your face, then you pulled out your tongue. You slowly insert your tongue inside my vagina walls and began sucking out my clit, I screamed and moaned with passion. I could feel your tongue penetrating down and deeper and deeper into my vagina.

You kept licking and sucking until I began screaming and cumming. I squirted moments later. And I was wet as hell!

You held both legs of mine in the air open. Slowly pushed down your penis inside the tunnel of my vagina. You went in….and …out. At a slow pace you stroked between my legs as if you were being gently but I could see it from your eyes that you were just warming up. Moments later you changed the pace and tempo, you had one of my legs in the air the other on the bed, you penetrated me harder and faster. In and out in and out in and in out I just kept on moaning ‘aargghhhhhhh Omg! Omg! Faster Dre…baby faster’.

Our eyes met and we kissed, still smooching my breast with your fingers, I groaned softly, “mm mm baby, aahhh yeah, then I clanged onto you, as you kissed my ears down to my neck, I moaned softly, so you kept hitting that spot. I was like “mmm aahhh mmm aahhh” you were on top of me , still moving your hands all over my body, smooching every inch of flesh you could get hold of, then you placed your hands on my breast again, your right hand on my ass.

You were now on top of me, you split my legs open. You cleaved my vulva apart as if you were about to examine it. My vagina was slimy, very wet, sticky, and felt very warm. I raised my head to see what you were up to, our eyes met, then you inserted your index finger gently in my vagina, pushed in and out slowly, I moaned softly. Then you started fingering me fast, I moaned like I was giving birth at the maternity ward, “OMG fuuuccckkkkk OMG, aaarrgghhhh mmmmm, don’t stop plsssssssss arrgghhhhh”, my voice was shaking, I sat on the bed, flexed my legs apart, I was ready for some more fire strokes.”

I asked for her name again she said Queen. I didn’t know if I should be happy or not from what she narrated. Her tale sounded excitement, at some point I was proud of myself that I could pleasure a woman in such a way but at the same time I was guilt struck. I took her number and told her I was leaving, she said, “Oh are you leaving me alone here? I thought we had a good thing going”, I replied, “Baby I’m only here to have a good time not a long time.” I quickly put on my clothes, “Wait!” she said. I turned back to look at her. “You’re supposed to give me something” she looked at me in a weird way. I asked, “Something like what?”, “Money, you have to pay me” she said. “Ahh pay you? For what?” I enquired. “For last night”, she answered.

I began smiling and said, “You be poooley eh? Why didn’t you tell me?”, she angrily shouted, “I’m not a poooley, I’m a hooker”, I wanted to laugh but I dared not, chick was angry, I asked again, “Ah but what’s the difference?”, she said, “Poooley dey chop area boys, me I’m not on that level, I only do guys from out of town like you, that’s what hookers do, it’s called branding, I’m not a poooley”, I opened my wallet and I was only left with GH 5.00 cedis, I told that’s all I had left on me. She came over and took the money.


I dumped my girlfriend when I got back to Accra the next day, but before that I had one last sex with her before breaking the news to her. One for the road before sending her those pictures Mark took, it was so damming that she couldn’t defend herself. I dumped her via text. Revenged served cold.


I began feeling pains in my testicles, painful urination and abnormal discharge anytime I woke up from my sleep. Sharp pains in my lower abdomen. I went to the hospital for help. I was told I had Gonorrhea, fortunately I was it was treatable thank God.

I called Queen Hajia Naa Sherifa Sookie on phone:

“Herrhhh Sookie so you gave me gonorrhea”

She said, “Yeah like something?”

Yesu!! My heart cut!

Should I call Korkor and tell her I gave her Gonorrhea? Naaa bad idea she’ll blame the guy she was twerking on at Kwahu 😹


I almost forgot, this isn’t a true story hahaha, i only said that in the intro to get your attention lool 😂😂😂

story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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