As fragile as the heart is, comparable to that of an egg or a piece of glass, when broken, it becomes difficulty to mend it – Naa Deidei


Walking together in the Garden of Eden with Cledre and holding each other’s hand is something I thought would last forever. Looking into his eyes with my usual broad smile whilst he looks back into my eyes has always been a pleasure. All that I know during times like this, is that I love him and how I wish he loves me same if not more. The Garden of Eden is a tourist site which Cledre and I have always planned to visit, save that time could not permit us earlier. We finally took time off work to visit the site. The fresh smell of flowers, with beautiful butterflies sucking nectar from them is something to write home about. The breeze within the garden is so refreshing and I think nobody would like to leave such premises if not to attend to other aspects of life such as work.


“We have exhausted the hours we intend to spend here … so, are you ready? … we’ve got to leave …” Cledre said whilst holding both of my hands, facing each other.

“Yeah … but hey, can we get some coconut from the seller outside the garden?” I said this in the sweetest tone I can possibly sound whilst pressing kisses on his cheek.

“Sure … how many will you sip … five, ten, fifteen,” he said amidst laughter.

“Everything on the wheel barrow, Oliver Twist wants more.” I giggled.

We walked to the coconut vendor and purchased some of it after which we drove off.


At home, Mommy sat at the balcony looking into the skies as if she is counting the number of stars in there. I stood at the entrance leading to the balcony whilst studying her for a while. I love and admire my mother so much. She has this cute face with lovely set of teeth and love to smile and laugh out loud at the least joke I try to tell, knowing very well that I am that bad when it comes to telling jokes. Before I used to think that I had a great sense of humour until I got to know that she tries to laugh at my jokes just to make me feel better and motivated. She is my angel, my teacher, advisor, best friend, name it.


I wish to say she is my father too just that I don’t know how fathers behave, except in movies, where fathers try to show love and affection towards their children. I never got to meet my father, he and my mom separated few weeks after I was born. He never reached out when I was growing up, years later he became a distant memory and pictures is all I have. I grew up knowing only one parent and that’s my mother. Even in her fifties, she is still the loveliest woman I have ever seen. May be I need to travel to other countries to figure out if there are more beautiful ones than her.


“Mommy?” She turned to look at my direction and stood, a bit startled by my echo, she walked towards my direction to embrace me.

“I miss you love. You kept too long out there. How was your date?” She asked.

“It was great, I had fun. Mom, were you trying to count the number of stars in the sky?” I asked. She knows how sarcastic I can be at times.

“No. You stayed out late with Cledre again, I was a bit worried, I didn’t want to call to check up on you, I knew you didn’t like that so I stayed up waiting for you. The stars were out, I was just admiring them, lost in thought there, I was trying to figure out if your relationship with Cledre will stand the test of time. Let’s go to the dining hall. There is banku with groundnut soup, but I figured you won’t eat that at this time.


There is however, water melon and mangoes, which I know you will eat some.” Mother served me with some of the fruits, and sat opposite me across the dining table. She appeared worried and such an emotional state is mostly exhibited by the ‘V’ mark that usually appear on her forehead any time she is worried about something. “Naa Deidei, …” she continued, and I knew from the onset that this is going to be a long chat, “if you know that this relationship is going to turn out like one of the previous three that ended up on rocks, then the earlier you quit the better. There is no time to waste and besides you are aging. This family appears to be just you and me. You need to be married, have children and extend our lineage …”


“Mommy, can we have this discussion some other time, please. I am a little bit exhausted.” I cut in, whilst leaning back on the chair.

“No love, we do this now or never again.” She said, making gestures with her hand on the table to indicate how serious she was. So tell me, has he proposed marriage to you yet, any marriage plans in the pipeline? Hmm??? Abah! Why are you staring at my face? Are the marriage plans drown on my face? Say something Naa Deidei.”

“Well, all that I know is I love him and he loves me too, but all I can say for now is that there is no marriage proposal yet, and you don’t need to worry. And, to borrow your own words, God’s time is the best. The clock is ticking gradually. Or, do you want me to propose marriage to him?” I said whilst chuckling.


“I know you are speaking with your tongue in your cheek. Well, it hasn’t gotten to that yet. Traditionally, he has to but if it is delaying go ahead then.” We both laughed out loud at her latter statement. I could see tears from both sides of her eyes. “More fruits?” she said, pointing at the tray on the table.

“No mom, I’m okay. I love you.” I said this whilst grabbing her left hand firmly across the table.

“You are my love sweetheart. I will pray on your behalf, do pray as well.” She stood to kiss my forehead, and whispered into my ears, “Good night, and don’t forget to pray, not just about your carreer as a make-up artist and the dresses you have been designing, but also, and most importantly,  about marriage and being married to the right person.”


I smiled and whispered back, “I will, dear mother. Good night.” I tried to clean the table but she stopped me and asked me to go and shower and have some rest.


Will the theory of marriage ever become practical in my case? I don’t know. Marriage has never been a goal ever since I got into this current relationship. All that I can say for sure is that I am lonely and I want to fill the void and to make observers less worried. My mother just got me to think about marriage now. And this also means that I now have to look beyond friendship with Cledre. Oh dear sleep, kindly take over my thoughts. These were my thoughts as I tried to get some sleep.


My schedule is such that I tend to spend more time in my salon than in the adjoining room meant for sowing clothes. The only time I get busy in the ‘fashion centre’ is during occasions such as Christmas and the like. On normal occasions more time is spent in the salon. There are four ladies working under my employment. They are quite hard-working and I enjoy their company a lot. I enjoy making weave cups as that’s what is trending now and it is quite lucrative too.


It was during lunch time and the five of us in the salon were all busy chatting. Akosuah and Dzifa sought to go for lunch so it was left with three of us, myself, Asor and Frema. A stranger just walked into the salon as if he has lost his way in the middle of Circle station.

“Excuse me, please can you give me some money to buy food?” he said this pointing at his stomach and scratching his body. His demeanor appeared to be someone who is trying to pick off tiny objects off his skin. Not only did we appeared to have been taken aback, but this has actually not happened in our shop before.

“We don’t have money but we have cookies, if you want some we can give you. That’s all that we’ve got now …” said Frema. Asor appeared to be awfully scared and signaled her way to the washroom.


“I will accept it, but what about you ma’am.” He said this whilst walking towards my direction. I got scared and shouted

“Wait! Please don’t take a step further. She spoke on behalf of all of us. We can only afford cookies.” He then stepped backwards. He smells like someone who has just finished five seven packs of cigarette.

“Not even GHC2.00?” he said, slapping his body as if there are twenty mosquitoes sucking from his body.

“Not today Sir. Some other time. May be never. Kindly take this and don’t return waii.” Frema picked some cookies from her hand bag and gave it to the stranger. He accepted it and left. He tiptoed till he got downstairs and started to run off. We went out of the shop to see which direction he was going to. He just sat near a gutter on the other side of the road and started chewing the cookies like a foreign object in his mouth.


“Oh Lawd, may he never return … aah, is Asor still in the washroom or she is gone for lunch? Hahaha …” Frema said amidst laughter.

“Which route did she use?” We both run into the washroom and here is Asor, leaning against the wall as if her life depended on it.

“Is he gone?” Asor asked.

“Gone where?” Frema and I shouted.

“He is actually waiting for you downstairs. It appears that he came to see you. The guy you broke his heart some ten years ago that’s what has become of him now …” we all laughed.


It’s a Saturday afternoon and I decided to take leave of my mother because two of my aunties have come to visit her. The sun is scorching, and this is nothing new to people living in Accra especially in a month like August. Going to the beach for pick nick with my two close friends, Samira and Beatrice is not an option because they are both nursing mothers now. The only option available is to visit Cledre, and may be have a discussion on marriage to see how it goes. It’s been thirteen months now since we started seeing each other and marriage has never been a topic in any of our discussions. How is he going to react if I should bring this up? Is he going to brush it aside or will embrace such a discussion?


I drove off my car towards Cantoment where Cledre’s apartment is. Just as I was about to turn and use the road from the Police headquarters towards the American Embassy, another car, nearly hit the right side of my car door, in what appears like a drunk reckless driver who had no regard for road regulations. And as most of our people will behave in such situations, you could hear other drivers blowing their car horns piipiii … piiiiiii …piiiiipiii … I just drove and parked at a safe place and to my ultimate surprise, the driver of the vehicle which nearly hit my car also parked in front of my car.


Before, I thought he was going to apologize, not knowing his actions were deliberate, his car was aimed at me but in the last few seconds managed to maneuver his way without hitting my car. Here in front of me is William Lamptey, a guy who left me for another lady and finally got married to her. Three years of my life with him just went down the drain just like that! Initially I thought of just driving off as going to see Cledre was all that was in my mind but William also had his own plans. The worst of it all is that he is kneeling in front of me, holding my hand with both of his hands staring desperately at me, and I am just so confused. Should I just go ahead and mind my business or listen to whatever Kwaku Ananse stories he wants to tell me. I checked my wrist watch and it was 2:45pm.


“Naa, I am ..” William said, and I cut in quick.

“I have an appointment and I won’t be able to listen to you. Whatever you want to say to me now, I have heard it before.” I said this in what appeared to be a harsh tone.

“Just listen to me please.”

“Okay, so please, will you get up … this scene won’t be paid for by any movie director, people are staring at us, it’s really uncomfortable.” I said. He stood up and looked sorry in some way, a gesture I consider as pretense.

“First of all, I am so sorry for what happened in the past …”

“Second of all?”

“My wife and I got divorced five months ago. And I want you back. Not as a girlfriend, but a wife. When I saw your car, I didn’t know how to draw your attention so I had to do what I did earlier on. It was bad and I am sorry for that too.” William said.


story written by: Precious Blessing

@AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2018 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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