The broken egg still liveth, to preserve it, it was frozen – unknown

I looked dead straight in his eyes and thought to myself, ‘Who the hell does he think he is?’ with a stern look I said, “We just met each other and here you are, talking about marriage. I don’t know you. Even if Yayira knows you, that doesn’t mean that I know you. What if you are a drug baron, and I am a prostitute, how do we co-exist?”

“That’s certainly not the case with both of us. And even if that’s the case, we will consider that as our weaknesses, and help each other to overcome it since it is highly unpleasant for beings like us to find ourselves in such a state. You don’t mind that I fill your glass with some wine?”

“I want to go inside and lie down for a while. May be some other time, we can spend time together and share a glass of wine as well.”

“I understand princess, but before you go, kindly accept my business card. Feel free to call my cell phone at any time. I am a bachelor so you don’t have to worry about external forces. The truth is, I came here with the mind that I should be able to find my wife before I leave this premises, and I have found you, no man’s chattel apparently. I have travelled, met women upon women, including this very place. There are a number of spinsters around tonight. But I found you, a mother to be.”

“Thanks for the card. Some other time.” I stood and he also stood simultaneously to help me with the seat. We exchange glance and I started to walk away. What the heck is this! He sounds so convincing but really, I am not going to give in. Maybe I am deceiving myself. I turned to look behind me and I realized that he was still staring at my back. Right now there is only one thing going on in my mind that appears to be true to me. I want to have him in bed, and probably panting under him. It sounds crazy, I know. I am getting attracted mainly because of his physique and the mere fact that I haven’t been with a guy for a while.

At home, my warm water is ready, prepared by mother. All that I have to do is to get into the bath. I am excited within and people like my mother can easily detect such excitement from my conduct.

“You look graceful.” My mother said, when I came out of the washroom. She is sitting on my bed, trying to get my pillow in order for me. I sleep on two pillows now a days.

“And sort of happy. You don’t mind sharing … your phone is ringing.”

“I do? Mom there is nothing to share. I am fine.” I picked the phone. “The number is unknown to me.”

“Still answer it. You may never know who is calling.”

“At this time?”

“Yes. A more reason why you should answer it.”

“I will, when it rings for the second time. The Amuzu family send their regards.”

“I will pay them a visit next month. Good night my love. When the call comes again, don’t refuse to answer it.”

“Yes ma’am. Good night.” She kissed my forehead and left.

I switched the bedside lamp off and about to get some sleep. The phone started to ring again. Still unknown number is calling. I decided to answer it to satisfy my curiosity.

“Naa speaking, who is this please?”

“Naa …”

My heart missed a beat. Prince charming? How did he get my number? I only got his card few hours ago.


“Do you want to guess who I am?”

“No, I don’t want to. Please who is this?” surely, I didn’t mean what I just said. This isn’t going to be ‘play hard to get’. Honestly I want him, may be right now, beside me in bed. Even on phone, he is not near enough.

“The drug baron. Never mind. This is Enoch. We met some hours ago at Yayira’s birthday party. I hope you recognize my voice now.”

“Yes. I thought as much. Just wanted to confirm it from you. Yayira gave you my number right?”

“Right. I only gave you my card without taking yours and I thought that was a grievous error to commit. You probably won’t call me.”

“I would have called you but it won’t have been tonight.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I am.”

“So, what’s up with you?”

“In bed. I want to get some rest.”

“Good night then, and pray for both of us. I don’t want to stress you.”

“Surely, good night.” I hang up the call. This shouldn’t be happening but it is. I never wanted to be in a relationship with a guy because I am sexually attracted to him, but this time around it seem to be happening to me. I am attracted to him sexually, and I want him badly.

My mother is a wonderful woman. My source of inspiration. But I just can’t be like her. She is a virtuous woman who has known only one man in her life. But me, I am planning on being with a fourth man because things have been rough for me. I can’t be without a man. I need a man I reasoned to myself.

With my mother’s supervision, my business is flourishing without my presence and I am grateful to God. By God’s grace, I have welcomed my baby boy into this world. He is a healthy baby and I am extremely grateful to my mother and all those who helped me to go through the pregnancy stage successfully. At some point in time, Cledre stopped texting the baby messages and no money was forthcoming. But I wasn’t worried because Enoch has succeeded in filling all gaps.

Enoch and I got married a month later when the baby was born. He told me that my child need a father around him as he grows and he is willing to do that. I was grateful. The marriage ceremony was just between both families. In the beginning, his family didn’t want him to make me his wife but he was able to convince them to accept me as one of their own. It wasn’t easy for both of us. But hey, I am married and that’s what matters most.

The truth that is known to me only, is that I am extremely scared. I don’t know what to think nor what to expect in the future. Sometimes I feel like I got into this marriage that is barely a year now as a result of desperation. Maybe I was desperate to be married. The idea that my son will grow up having somebody to call “daddy” sounded perfect to me. I didn’t have that opportunity but my son will. When my son is an adult, or may be a teenager, I would let him know that Enoch is not his biological father. All these thoughts scares me a lot.

Presently, I have hired the service of a maid to assist me with the house chores since I don’t live with my mother any more. I live in my husband’s house. Enoch treats me like a queen. He always makes me feel special. He just got me my second car. I love beautiful surprises and he is just good at that. Thanks to Yayira, who led me to him.

I think a lot about my mother. She is alright I know but I miss her so much. Her sister’s daughter, one of my cousins now lives with her. I get to visit her twice or more in a month. There are times that she also visits me.

Enoch Jnr is now six years of age. He is so handsome but looks more of Cledre. Everybody knows that he is not Enoch’s son, people whisper and mummer about it when they see my son and this makes me sick. There was a time that he inquired of me as to why people say he doesn’t look like his dad. I was dumb founded. How was I supposed to answer that question? I relied on science to explain that you don’t necessarily have to look like both of your parents. “You may look like one of your daddy’s ancestors.” I once told him. I know he did not embrace the idea. But I plan on letting him know what he needed to know when he is about ten years of age.

My husband and I would love to have a child of our own, but I am in my forties now. The energy is not much but still want to satisfy this desire we both share. We should have had the child earlier. My husband travels a lot. His dream of setting up an institution in Ghana to offer IT training made him spend less time with me. I was worried when he used to travel almost all the time. The only thing that made my marriage to survive was trust. It trusted Enoch dearly.

But two years ago, I detected that Enoch was seeing another woman. It was quite appalling. The lady could send her nude pictures to him and do everything to suggest to me that someone is ready to take my husband away from me. When I asked about the nude photos on his phone, he said it was nothing and she didn’t know the lady or how those pictures got onto his phone. I knew he was lying but I wasn’t ready to divorce him because of that. I just wanted my husband back. I had a discussion with my lawyer, who told me that adultery is a ground for divorce so if I am uncomfortable with the fact that he is seeing someone else, I should file for a divorce. I rejected that opinion. Even though I despise what my husband was doing back then, that wasn’t my focus. My aim was to get him out of that evil snare and keep on growing my family.

It’s a Monday morning. I have to drop Jnr in school before I go to work. With the help of my husband, I managed to buy a six room store building at East Legon, where I run a number of businesses. I am still into the beauty salon and the designing of clothes. I have employed the services of younger adults to help as sales personnel in my mini mall. The other three rooms are rented to a bank, and electronic dealers. I can say that by God’s grace I am a successful business woman who is ready to impact the lives of young ones by attending seminars to have a talk with students in tertiary and high schools.

It’s lunch time and I want to have lunch with my husband. I hope he does not turn me down. I know he is quite busy trying to supervise his workers but I want my man for lunch. I called his cell.

“Odo yewu, I am in a meeting now, can you, with all due respect, call me in twenty minutes time?” Enoch said when I called him.

“Darling, please pick me up for lunch. Will you?”

“Surely. Till then. Take care.”

I just needed to say what I needed to say. I want to be on his mind. I snapped a picture of myself and sent it to him as a text. ‘Waiting’ was the caption. I have grown to love my husband dearly. My mother’s advice has sustained my marriage till date. I rubbed my hand around my engagement ring, held the thought that I have to rejuvenate my marriage life. Now that his IT institution is in place, we need to spend more time together.

One of my old employers is Dzifa. I still work with Dzifa but the other ladies are now running their own businesses. Whilst waiting for my prince charming to take me out for lunch, I decided to assist her by performing manicure for her client.

“Hello ladies!” I heard my husband’s voice and I just turned towards the direction of his voice. As always, looking smart and more charming with the nice gray hair growing in his beard.

“Hello!!” Dzifa and I responded simultaneously to his regards.

“Dzifa, please you have to take over. I have a lunch date with my husband.”

“Certainly. Have fun. I want a package upon your return.” Dzifa said, whilst attending to our client.

“Why not. Take care.”

In the car with my husband, I realized that his direction was different from the usual route we take to ‘Lord of the Wings’ where we usually have lunch. He was moving towards South Airport Residential area and my curiosity started to develop.

“Honey, where are we off to?”

“Tang Palace Hotel. I have an offer to make. We are going to have lunch there and probably dine as well. And something else, the offer I want to make to you. I will tell you about it after lunch. Don’t think about anything.”

I sighed and nodded my head in agreement like a little shy baby girl expecting some candies from her dad. Interestingly my husband has made reservations for both of us at Tang Palace. We were informed that a room has been prepared for us among others. What is my husband up to? I wondered. At table, I stared at my husband, trying to figure out what his plans were. He was on his phone reading something I wasn’t ready to know what it was.

“Naa, I have legalized Enoch Jnr as my adopted son. Cledre is in town. He came to my office yesterday, I didn’t know how to inform you about it. He wants custody of Jnr. I know how much you are attached to him and I don’t want him to take away one of our source of happiness. Okay? I am doing this for our family’s sake. He will be coming to meet you as well. I sincerely don’t want you to spend time with him. Not for lunch, not for snack, please.”

“If that’s what you want, consider it done.”

“When he comes around, just let him know that when Jnr is sixteen to eighteen and he wants to be with him, he can go ahead.”

“Okay. Is that the offer you wanted to make?”

“Let’s consume our marriage. After lunch. That’ my offer. The consideration is the lunch. What’s your consideration?” he smiled at me.

“Offer accepted. You will have the consideration very soon.” I didn’t want to think about what my husband just told me. He is a wonderful man and I appreciate him for that. Ever ready to do what he wants. He does not request for much anyways. “I love the meal, very delicious.”

“I love you, Naa. I want to have your meal now, let’s go upstairs. There’s a room for us.”

“You aren’t kidding me, are you? I promised to get Dzifa a package. Order something nearby for her, we aren’t leaving any moment from now. I miss you.” We got to the room meant for us and I just loved the scene. The room smells damn good! With some white roses and lovely frames on the wall. At least, I can compare this place to our room at home. Making love here wouldn’t be bad, I thought to myself. I love my husband. Marriage is beautiful with my prince charming in the centre of it.

Do you want to know what’s happening in here right now? Come peep! My second child is on his way coming!

“I love you Enock!!” I could hear myself scream out his name loud.

“Wow. You are too tight! How long has it been? I have been away for too long. I promise to stay close now a days.”



story by: Princess Blessing

@AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2018 by @AbokiCleDre

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