CHAPTER ONE – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle

Chapter One – November 3rd, A Strange Day To Remember

The thunder rumbled within the thick clouds as rain fell, not heavily, but faintly since it fell seriously during the morning.

The weather grew chilly, and almost everyone was locked indoors. Except the Ghanaian Police Force who had gathered all around the building of the Ghanaian Parliament house near the Osu Cemetery with ‘DO NOT CROSS!’ obstacles all over the entrance of the Compound and building.

The beeping sounds of Police cars filled the air with their noise. Then a car arrived revealing a thick tall man around the ages of fifty.

He wore a neatly pressed navy blue uniform and dark eye glasses. Chocolate skinned and handsome.

A sight which would catch the very eyes of the ladies. With his hands fixed into his pockets he was handed an umbrella by one Maame Akyew, a police officer. At the other side of the sleek black vehicle came a beautiful twenty year old, an assistant to the man in the navy blue uniform.

“Deputy Chief Ankobia, so pleased to see you Sir.” Maame Akyew said as she walked with Chief Quabena Ankobia the head of the Ghanaian Task Force.

“What is the situation here?” “Chief, basically this is a mass murder, and it’s going to bring up a political uproar to the whole country if broadcasted.” Maame Akyew said. ” Hmmmm.” He sighed and walked into the entrance of the Building. As the remaining armed policemen stood at the entrance of the gates itself under the rain.

As they walked to the main scene, both the Chief and his assistant opened their mouths in great shock. “Oh my God???!!!! This is ridiculous!!” Assistant Chief Agyeiwaa said in shock. The headless bodies of all six hundred and fifty members of parliament dead, including the president herself.

“This is bad, this is really, really bad!, Who on earth would do this?? This…this…this massacre!!” Chief Ankobia said angrily but with fear. The entire room smelled of death.

“Where are their heads??” AC.Ageiwaa asked. “Mysteriously, none of their heads could be found. “Maame Akyew answered.
Causing both Chief Ankobia and Agyeiwaa to open their mouths and eyes in shock and disbelief.

“What do you mean, their heads cannot be found?” AC. Agyeiwaa asked with sweat all over her light skinned face. “Only the headless bodies are here. The only way we could recognize them were by their dresses they brought to work. This is a complete mystery.” Maame Akyew said.

The air became silent, the room only stinked of blood and the cold smelly hands of death.
Suddenly Chief Quabena Ankobia received a call, which made him motionless, with sweat creeping down his very face, as his heart throbbed and throbbed and throbbed.

“What’s the matter Chief???” AC. Agyeiwaa asked demanding an answer, for the look on her boss’s face was strangled with terror.
“The….Gra..Gran..Grand Tech…Comp…Com…Company. Has…been…foun…found with a large number of only…hum…huma…human heads in the company…premi..pre..premises nobody knows where the bodies ar..are..”

Immediately he said these, both women became motionless like him.

All drowned in shock, “What on Earth is happening here???”


Copyright © 2018 by Darius Kwabena Partey

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