CHAPTER THREE – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle

Chapter Three : THE ORACLE

” The mysterious massacres happening within the country is basically targeting the Rich, and we have to do something to capture and execute the killer behind this heartless act.” One man dressed in a brown suit shouted.

All the Deputy Police Forces or the ICPO( INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION OF THE POLICE) had gathered together having a serious discussion about the current two time massacre and the fear it had aroused in the country.

“This case is too dangerous to take into consideration!” One Deputy said, as another replied angrily. ” What do you mean by this case being too dangerous! So are you saying we should close down this investigation and let innocent people keep dying??? Is that what you mean??, Ooo than you are a heartless man!” These arguments reigned through out the entire room, about the killer who murdered people in the form of a massacre.

“Who even knows if that killer is here amongst us?? ‘Cause I remember same happened to the Parliament house of Ghana. Meaning I don’t even trust any of you here!!” Another shouted as Deputy Chief Quabena Ankobia and Assistant Chief Agyeiwaa sat quietly watching as the argument took over the entire room.

Until one Chief said.” We have no other option than to consult the Oracle.” Upon hearing the name Oracle the arguments ceased at once. “The Oracle??” Some said in shock. “Huh?? Chief, what’s the Oracle??? I pretty hope they are not going to allow us to consult the gods of a river or stone before solving this issue right??” Agyeiwaa commented.

“Don’t be too rush to answers, young Agyeiwaa. The Oracle is a class.” C.Quabena Ankobia said. “Huh??”
” The Oracle are a class of Four extremely intelligent Detectives, they are the world’s most intelligent detectives ever to exist. These guys have solved lots and lots of mystery cases all over the world. Their Class prefect or should I say leader, is the best detective ever seen, I assure you of that. He is being ranked as both the first and the second most intelligent detective in the world. However no one has ever seen the faces of the Oracle ever before, the only thing we know about them is that their leader is always in a cardigan and hence has won the name The Cardigan.”

” Huh?? But how??” “The Oracle is already on its way here” One Chief Announced. Immediately he said that, a group of Four lads, who had covered their faces with masks, walked into the Council room, their dress code showed they were students, the One leading them was clad in an ash gray cardigan over a purple and ash uniform together with a very tight fitting school shorts and long white socks together with sleek sneakers. He always carried a white sleek school bag behind him. Followed by his three Classmates.

“Greetings to you all, Members of the ICPO, I am Cardigan.” He spoke word by word as the entire ICPO, listened carefully and giving all their undivided attention and full respect to him.” Considering the case at hand, I and my Oracle request the full cooperation of the Ghanaian Police Force.” “Huh??, Why the Ghanaian Police Task Force???.” “Because it is in your country, that this mysterious massacre has been taking place. On February 3rd 1970 at exactly Two thirty Five, this same massacre occurred twice, the first happened in a Catholic church built by the whites, When only the legs of humans could be found in the church. The case was abolished and was left a mystery to the world. In December 4th, 1970, an entire family was massacred. When the Police went crime scene to investigate, only human fingers, spread all around could be seen in the compound house. All I have for you is this, The same murderer responsible for the deaths in 1970, Is back again, and is coming for us all.”

“What this has happened before? Impossible.”Agyeiwaa commented. All the Chief Police Officers were shocked at this. Making fear grow more and more amongst them. ” Now then, do I have the Cooperation of the Ghanaian Police Task Force? Chief Quabena Ankobia??” “What?? how did he know my name??” Ankobia said in thought. “Yes, you do.” “Thank you then.” He said and walked out with his mates, leaving everyone in shock.

“Hmm, for you to come out all the way to this place, means this mystery is of great interest to you, Cardigan- I know one thing for sure Cardigan, this puzzle is an extremely dangerous one.” One of the masked figures said, the voice was feminine and it was clearly that of a girl.

“I know, I know- and I know lots of people are going to die whiles solving this case, and I will be part of them. However as I already know- My death is inevitable in this murder case, in order words have lost the battle, but the war will have to be finished by you three.” Cardigan said as they walked out of the room


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