CHAPTER FOUR – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle


” There is great political uproar in the entire country, since the Vice President was so scared and refused to step in as the new President . There have been an arrangement for another election. The country in itself is under great panic. Hmm, who would have thought this day would ever come.” Superintendent Quabena spoke to his team of detectives.

The entire room was filled with uneasiness, when suddenly Cardigan and a member of the Oracle walked into the Office of the Detectives.

“Greetings to you all, detectives of the Ghanaian Police Force. I would like to share something with you all regarding the Ghost Murder case. The name we have given to this case is what I call the Ghost Murder case. I would like you all to pay rapt attention, to whatever I am about to say.” Cardigan announced.

Tutuwaa sat outside the house as she watched a number of youths play football on the dusty park. It was a Saturday morning and she had nothing to do, since all the house chores had been done immediately she came from school on Friday.

” Twenty one days have passed, after the massacre of the Parliament house, The information was broadcasted three days after the incidence. Hmm, I bet the Ghanaian Detectives are shivering in their clothes. Trying to find out the one responsible. Two more days for more campaigns I think. Hmm, I will be waiting for those political liars. By the way its just a matter of time and the Police will find out that this is a paranormal case, in which they cannot solve. Great, great, great ,great Grandfather caused similar deaths back then, didn’t he?”

” Yes, Tutuwaa.” ” When the Police found out that, it was something supernatural, they all ran away from the investigation never to solve it. But I think it would be different this time. I planned on making the massacre look paranormal. I intended to send a message to the task force, that if they poke their big mouths and eyes into somebody’s business, they will be eliminated the same way, however I have a feeling they would try and contact the Oracle. Hmmm, I have to be ready for them.” Tutuwaa said as she held the Diamond key in her hands.

” I thought you placed the Diamond key from where you took it .” ” Yep, but that was a fake though. The one who wields the Key controls you, isn’t it?”
“Yes, young child.” “Well, then I don’t intend on allowing anyone to have the key except me. Besides whoever wields the key is the only one capable of seeing you. But why is it that Grandmother can’t see you?” ” Because she was not the one to open the door. You were.” The strange invisible creature answered.” “What is the Oracle??”

“Hmm, they surely did not exist in your time, however in short they are the world’s most intelligent detectives of all time, led by a certain Cardigan.
” So you intentionally allowed me to take all the heads of the Members of Parliament, to send a message to the Oracle?”

“Yes I did, Our society is filled with laws, one must abide, however if one of these laws are broken, The Police shall chase after the culprit. No matter how good the culprit’s reason is, since it is against the laws, you shall be dealt with.

I have to face the Task Force with everything i have got. Especially the Oracle. I hope by now they have discovered it is a paranormal issue. Now I will just have to wait for few more days. For their response, since I know it will be broadcasted to the entire nation. Hmmm, I seek a world where everyone will be treated equally, either poor or rich. I seek a world without corruption. So I shall take it upon myself to clear all those who infect this world with such acts.”

” Due to further investigation, by we the Oracle we have come to a conclusion, that this massacre is a paranormal one. I would advise you all, to quit! If you do love your families and want to see your children grow to better the society. ‘Cause if you think you still have the balls to still engage in this investigation, your death shall not be on my head, for I have advised you all.”

” What proof do you have that this is paranormal, Mr. Cardigan??” One detective said, demanding an answer. ” The Paliament house was under strict protection, as the members had a meeting within. However , at exactly four thirty five, without one minute passing by all heads of parliamentarians were taken, within a specific minute. The footage I am about to present to you shows. Now watch carefully.” Cardigan said as he took his laptop from his bag, and played the video to them.

“What?? You took a footage?? But how??” Chief Quabena Ankobia said in shock. ” Pertaining to the case of the strange murders on February 3rd 1970, I realized that our Killer, mostly aimed at causing a massacre, and killing a large group of prominent people. So from these murders our killer, is someone who’s is likely to have hatred against the rich and the prominent. The same case is happening here. Our killer has control over death. A bloody way of killing. But before I share any more information. I would like you all to watch this video, before you can make any further decisions either to stay in the task force or leave.’

The video portrayed the sudden cutting of the heads of the Parliamentarians as blood spilled, it seemed an invisible force was responsible for it. Many were unable to watch, some vomited. As the entire force picked their bags placed down their badges and left Cardigan, Quabena Ankobia, Agyeiwaa and lastly the other three members of the Oracle who currently joined in.

” Hmmm, we now done to six huh???” Chief Quabena said. “How are we going to deal with a supernatural force let alone catch it.” Agyeiwaa complained in a worried state. ” Still wanted to know how and why you placed the cameras in the Parliament house, as if you know it would come. Mr. CARDIGAN.” Chief Quabena asked. ” This is not the first time, this massacre has happened, neither is it the second or the third.” “Huh???” Both Chief Quabena and Agyeiwaa said in shock. ” Listen as I tell you the Tales of Death.” The female masked girl said.


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One thought on “CHAPTER FOUR – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle

  1. A few scenes lost…was she caught when she opened the door?… it’s a nice story but it’s cutting scenes…I think.


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