CHAPTER FIVE – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle

Chapter Five : A MYTH OF TRUTH

” How did you know, the unseen murderer would attack the Parliamentarians??” Chief Ankobia asked, demanding an answer from Cardigan and his mates.

” Let me tell you a story, A Myth of Truth.”

” A myth of truth?, What is that supposed to mean??” AC. Agyeiwaa commented in shock.

“What do you mean by that???” Chief Ankobia also asked.

“Are you trying to say our murderer has a history??” AC. Agyeiwaa said.

” Exactly. Young assistant.” Cardigan commented.


” Hmm, Just pay attention as I tell you a myth of Truth, The tales of Death. Lots and lots of years ago, during the reign of the Ashanti Empire, Which tried conquering all the smaller villages and tribes. They attained a large empire. But the secret behind their reason for gathering more soldiers and conquering more villages, was because of two strange tribes.” Cardigan narrated.

” Two strange tribes??” C. Ankobia said in shock.

” Yep. Two strange tribes, the Tribes of Arrogance. That’s what the Ashanti called them. These two were the only ones unable to be defeated by the Ashanti tribe. Hence the Ashanti tribe feared them greatly.
However a war was arranged between the mighty Ashanti Empire and one of the tribes of Arrogance. The Osaa Tribe. This war, led to the loss of many Ashanti warriors. Do you know what warred against the Ashanti Soldiers??, Death!, Also called Owuo”

” Death??? Owuo???” C. Ankobia and AC. Agyeiwaa both said in astonishment .
” It was said that only the headless dead bodies were found on the battleground after the war, their heads were missing and nowhere to be found. This struck great terror to the Ashanti Empire. In fear of their Empire being completely annihilated, they consulted the Second tribe of Arrogance to protect them. The Yayra tribe. The only rivals of the Osaa Tribe.
Do you know why, the Ashantis ran to these guys for help?? Because they were the only tribe to have ever defeated death.”

“Defeated death????”

” Yes Chief. Death was created because of the Yayra tribe, a tribe believed to have extremely intelligent tacticians and strategists, a tribe of geniuses. A tribe blessed with Grand knowledge. Eons of years ago, the Yayra tribe warred against the Osaa tribe, killing a large number of warriors. However their king Osaa, used the dead bodies of the soldiers who fell in this war as a sacrifice to summorn a strange being. Death!!! All the blood shed during wars of the Osaa tribe was gathered to create the key of Diamonds.”

” How possible is that Cardigan???” C.Ankobia asked.

” Hmm, no matter how paranormal this might appear to you, there is a science behind it. All living things possess carbon. However Carbon is the main element that forms Diamond. But before it can form Diamonds it has to be heated at extremely high temperatures. King Osaa gathered all these bodies performing a strange alchemy that heated and melted the thousands of dead bodies, and later obtaining a The Key of Diamonds, which opened the gate to death hence granting him the ability to summorn death.”

“Alchemy???” C. Ankibia was completely shocked.

” Alchemy is real???” Agyeiwaa also said.

” Yes, it is” one member of the oracle commented.

” The king summorned death to revenge upon the fallen souls of his soldiers. However, Death was supposed to rest for every fifty nine years Before it could be summorned into a world again.”

‘ Fifty Nine years?? That’s a lot! But why Fifty Nine years??” Agyeiwass asked.

” Because the Osaa tribe used Fifty Nine thousand sacrifices to create the key!!”

” WHATTT???????????? ” C.Ankobia said, completely drowned in shock.

” Yes. I calculated this, by reading the Book of the Hidden legends of Our Ancestors. And it seemed a Yayra was responsible for that perfect calculation. We cannot kill death, unless through the Sacrifice of One Yayra.” Cardigan said.

” What?? A Yayra, How is possible to even get one with a willing heart???” C.Ankobia said.

“Because you have one. Me.” Cardigan answered causing both detectives to open their mouths ajar.


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