CHAPTER SIX – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle

Chapter Six : MASSACRE.

Tutuwaa walked silently from school, her head looking upwards, it was a bright sunny afternoon around three. As usual Massacre the strange Entity walked alongside her as she walked home.

” Massacre, you will have to prepare for tomorrow. It shall be grand.” Tutuwaa commented.

” What do you mean by that young girl??,”

” The candidates running in for the next President shall come and hold a rally in our school, interestingly the legal age for voting has been shifted to ten years.”

“Ten years?? Hmm, I have lived before child, and everyone knows the legal voting age is eighteen years and above, when did it shift drastically to age ten.?”

” While you were asleep, you see the world is ever developing as you know it, the internet is ever opening the eye of younger ones to the real world, broadening their horoscope of both good and bad. Humanity are a race of species who love to evolve their minds into greater things, creating new things that would make life easier. However, I would say that those ruling over us only want more votes, to the extent of realeasing young children like my age into the corrupt and dark world of politics. Well, I have no choice than to clear them off, the ones coming to our school tomorrow, but I won’t be stupid enough to kill them right away in the school. I would take the time in which they use in campaigning to keep their faces in my memories, so that I will have the opportunity to change the skill and pattern in which I kill. I know that by now, The Oracle is planning to find out the region and state I am hiding in order to catch me. That’s why I tricked Grandmum, into changing my school for me. Few weeks after the death of the Parliamentarians, I switched my aim to killing wanted criminals in far away regions, mostly the criminals who had been impriosned, I spread the deaths throughout the entire country.”

” Why did you take that plan Young Osaa??”

” You see the Oracle are extremely intelligent detectives, to the extent that they are believed to have super genius level intelligence, so I would also have to use my head. The day I murdered the Parliamentarians, I also cleared of the Grand Tech company which was located in Kumasi. With how I caused the murder, they won’t be able to find me that easily. However I have channelled my killings mostly to criminals, therefore confusing the Oracle as to which is my target. The Rich Politicians?, The Criminals? Or the High priests in churches?” She said with a smile.

“Hmm, that’s clever of you young Osaa. Not even your great Grand Father had this, interesting intelligence. Ahaa, now I remember, how you intentionally failed all your exams, You pretended to always study hard before you grandparents so they would rather blame the school and it’s teachers for not teaching effectively. And since everyone knows you are a genius yourself, the blame would rather be directed to the school and not you.”

” Exactly Massacre. You see humans tend to believe more in what they see. You see if you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality, hence humans would be regarded as shallow minded and short sighted to entities like your kind, am I correct?”

“Yes, Young One.”

” That’s the most flaw in we the humans, most of us are short sighted and always like to think only inside the box, rather than think outside it. That’s reality Massacre, that is reality.

* *

” So what is this place called???”

” Somanya, I think.” She answered.

“What?? Is this where, we are going to continue our investigations???” Chief Ankobia said in shock.

“At the Legion University hostel????, This place is full of crawling kids who think they have grown to adulthood, but in reality they are shallow minded Cardigan!!” AC.Agyeiwaa complained.

“We should have stayed back in Police Headquarters. And handled the Investigations over there. And most of all we are surrounded by girls, they are very noisy and it would be difficult for us to concentrate Cardigan.”

“Hey, a concentrated mind is never disturbed, you know.” One member of the Oracle, who was bigger and taller said, he wore a purple and yellow African mask.

“Yep” the lady in the Green Mask added.

” Owuo or should I say death, is being controlled by someone of the Osaa family. The murderer knows the Police would be investigating this issue, looking at the murderers way of thinking, it won’t take him seconds to send Death to headquarters. If we had stayed longer, I promise you mate. We would have been wiped out. Our killer can kill from a distance, by sending death, The strange invisible entity. And death can only kill if his master has the persons face in mind, due to ancient myth. The university, is the least place, our killer would attack, since he believes that it would be unreasonable to head an investigation, within an institution. For now I can assure you, that we are safe. Trust me.

“Yo Black, have you ran investigations on the total amount of Osaas in the country???”

” Yep, one hundred and sixty two cardigan.

“Good, ran an investigative profile analysis on each of the one hundred and sixty two” Cardigan ordered.

“Yes boss.” Black answered, he was always in a black mask.

” Hmm, now let’s see, let’s see. If Death’s first murders were in both regions of Accra and Kumasi at the same time.Then it shows something. Since we know the history of Death, We can tell that it’s master lives within two of these regions. However I would boldly say our killer is clever. He killed in both regions to have us confused and unable to track him down. It was our killer’s first time of accessing death that very day, death murdered both a company and a Parliament house. An Osaa has to be of royal blood, before he can summorn and control death. Mmm, As to the time of killings, I have also been trapped in my mind. Our Killer is really a tough one. Our killer’s mass murders occurs in different times and does not follow a single pattern. Knowing that we would discover wether he is a student, a worker or even an unemployed. Our Killer scattered the killing pattern. That is quiet interesting, very interesting. I would say, that our killer is not present in this two suspect regions as I previously thought.” Cardigan said.

“Huh??, What do you mean?” C.Ankobia asked, as Cardigan sat with his legs crossed in the couch, whiles he sat in a thinking posture.

” Our Killer, is at the same time calling for war and running away. This campaigns will help us see, where he dwells or where he will dwell next.”


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