CHAPTER SEVEN – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle



The school was filled with hundreds of students who walked up and down, some rushed to have lectures, whiles some rushed from lectures to their hostels, and canteens. It was full of life.

Pink a member of the Oracle, who concealed her identity by wearing a white and pink hooded cardigan decided to take a walk, but something caught her sight as she walked around the school, at the Penthouse.

A large number of students had gathered around something at the sixth floor before a room. She spotted a lot of people weeping and wailing. And she as a member of the Oracle had to satisfy her curiosity by climbing upstairs to check.

” The country is growing ever strange and fearful during this election year, am extremely scared oooooo, oh God save us.” One girl lamented as she was calmed down, by a certain guy, probably her boyfriend.

Pink rushed upwards to the sixth floor until she finally got to the crime scene, as she pushed through the crowd gathered before the room, everyone was scared to step into the room, for the room itself gave of a chilly breeze, which was soo cold that if one entered the person could be frozen as well. She opened her mouth in disbelief, for the sight was too strange.

A room of five boys, who had all turned into ice, they were frozen completely, the entire room was covered in ice.

” This is definitely, not the doing of Death. This- this is something else. I have to contact Cardigan right away.” She said and rushed downstairs.

” Does it mean that, it has began??, That they are here???” She said to herself as she rushed into the room where Cardigan and the other members of the Oracle sat.

” We have another case, guys. And it is bad, and definitely not the work of Death.” She alerted.

Cardigan rushed together with the Oracle and two of the Police detectives to the crime scene.

” Oh my Good Lord!! What did this??” C. Ankobia said out of shock and disbelief. Cardigan who was bold enough walked into the strange frozen room, it was very chilly and freezing. Vapor came out his mouth as he spoke.

” Looking at the posture in which these five frozen boys, are stationed. It is clear that they were attacked unexpectedly by someone they always bullied. Black I need the names of these five boys immediately, By the way the Oracle will have to split into two teams including both of you Chief.

I would continue to investigate the Issue of Death’s Mass murder, that of which Black, I and AC. Agyeiwaa would deal with.

You C. Ankobia will deal with the Ice issue, with Pink, and Green. Pink will head this investigation since she found the bodies before us. Well, as I have said we are in two different teams now. And I have already prepared a second room for you guys to head your investigations there.”

” Oh my God?? First dead headless bodies?? And now Frozen ones??” AC. Agyeiwaa commented in fear and fright.

” There have already been announcements of massacres at Catholic churches, Prisons and what have you. Our killer is spreading these deaths nation wide, as well as channeling his killing not only to rich and prosperous men, but to prisoners and Catholic churches. We have to be on the look out. We will wait for the campaigns to end, after that we can make our next move.” Cardigan informed.

As he sat in the couch, with the entire team before him. Something was not right to him, something was coming, but what?? ” Could this be what am thinking, am confused right now. The one responsible for the frozen bodies, is definitely not the mythical entity- Death, this is clear because since time immemorial Death always left some parts of the dead bodies to instill fear into whoever discovered the Massacre. Is it this, what I think is about to happen??, If so I will have to call off the Oracle from this case. If I involve them, it would be too dangerous. If all members of the Oracle are killed, then it’s over for the world. I will only need the help of the Chief and his assistant. With them I can control the Police. Hmmm, taking down paranormals with the police?? Well if this is what I think it is, then it is my war and I have to fight it. If there is a third confirmation of another mysterious unnatural death. Then it’s definitely them, And as a Yayra, I would capture all, if them, one by one ” Cardigan thought through. But what was he talking about?? What was he planning???

” Cardigan!” C. Ankobia called drawing his attention.

” I still have a Problem.”

” What is it, Chief??”

” You and your crew have never revealed your faces to us, how are we to trust completely that you yourself are not the Murderer.”

“So guessing from your question, you want us to show you our faces huh???, Am sorry I can’t allow my friends to do that. But I will.” Cardigan said, surprising all those present in the room.

The entire room was filled with flat panelled large screen super computers, together with mini computers as well. The room became silent for a while.

” So let’s move on as we planned, after tomorrow’s campaigns, together with Black’s Intel on the Ossas, I would be able to deduct some clues.” Cardigan said…


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