FINAL CHAPTER; CHAPTER TEN – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle

Chapter Ten – CARDIGAN

The morning had drawn clear and cold, as the sun gave a breeze of a silent warm air, on young Cardigan who observed the Sun’s beauty from the fourth floor of the school building. This was his last day in earth, and he chose to enjoy it by observing and feeling the true beauty of nature. His hands fixed in his pockets, as he later closed his eyes to the sun giving an interesting smirk.

” Cardigan.” AC.agyeiwaa called out, from behind him.

” Of what do you need from me Assistant Agyeiwaa.” He asked.

” Thanks for everything Cardigan, but you promised you would not allow you to die.”

” Do you remember a part in the Bible, when Peter told Jesus, he would never leave him?? But yet when the time came he denied his Lord three times, for fear that he might be tortured along his Master. I will not say same for you assistant, you are not to take any unnecessary action to save my life. The nation’s last hope rests on my shoulders, and if I lose consider it the end of your country. What you can only do is pray for my success, which I already know has worked.”

Cardigan answered calmly and softly. The day of the final pronouncements of the election was that very day.

” Your car has arrived Cardigan.” C.Ankobis said.

” Had the complete clearance of the Circle market been initiated?? I expect no single soul apart from me and the killers to be there.” Cardigan said.

” Yes, please” C.Quabena Ankobia said with an unhappy face, a young intelligent lad they have been working with for several months was about to die, as he told them the first time he met them.

” My family and the Triune has been fighting in three circles, innocent and courageous blood spilled in three circles. Well, you all should do just as I ordered and everything will be safe. Do not add your emotions into this mission we won’t be needing it.”
Both Chiefs nodded in agreement, it was ten o’clock in the morning, and ten thirty was when the meeting was about to take place.

Cardigan followed as he sat in his limousine, no one ever knew his real name, and the Police high detectives recently saw his face, however he did not always show it, sometimes he would take off the mask and would sometimes wear it back, but he had worn it the whole morning without showing it to them, Infact two weeks had passed, since they ever saw that cute black handsome face again. If they were told to describe what he’d look like, there would be some complications.

As they sat in the car, quitely he watched both sad faces of the detectives and said.

” Ermm, AC.Agyeiwaa, do you know you’ve never told me about your love life??, Like when you first had your kiss, your first crush, you know something like that.”

Cardigan chipped in causing AC.Agyeiwaa to laugh shyly.

” Ooo, You want ask me of my love life some???” Deputy Chief. Quabena asked with a funny looking face as If he felt dejected.

” Sorry, to break it to you Sir, your era has pass ooo, right now if am supposed to use your method right now, who knows I might be attacked by the woman I’m trying to know, you know yobb” Cardigan said rousing laughter in the car.

“So Agyeiwaa, who was your first crush??” Cardigan asked as both the driver and C.Ankobia became attentive, their ears all concerntrated on what she was about to say, they did have quiet some fan in the car.

” Have you heard of The Three lost Keys ever??” Cardigan asked

“Nope,” The Chief answered, as AC.Agyeiwaa shook her head in oblivion.

” The Three lost keys, are an ancient artifact crafted by the spirits. According to hidden legends and stories it was crafted with by the Three Lord Tribes together with the help of the spirits in order to win wars. The only ones who could use the power of this key were the nobles also known as Ahenefo in Akan. For centuries the Yayra tribe has fought thousands of dark hidden wars against the Lord Tribes, but have lost seventy percent of the wars fought.”

” Why are you telling us this??” AC.Agyeiwaa asked.
” You would soon know.” Cardigan said with a smile, the face of both the Chief and his Assistant grew awkward and nervous their hearts pounding so fast for fear of the coming terror. If he lost, it would determine the fate of the shallow world.

The car moved smoothly on the tarred road leading to circle, a public announcement was made for the entire country not to step foot into circle. Market women, ‘kayayoo’, shop owners and a whole lot had stayed locked up in their rooms, the entire nation was raided with fear, Circle was not the only place to which non dared to step, The entire country was ordered to stay indoors.

Gossips roamed all around the country, fear came about like the dry winds of Hamatthan. The very sun scorched it’s heat not on human souls anymore but things of the Inanimate family the warmth of the sun, the silent and empty breeze filled the empty streets.
It was as if the entire country had been silenced, No cars were on the road, no human, nothing only old shops, lotto kiosks, choked drainage systems. This was the first time ever to see the country drowned in complete silence.

AC.Agyeiwaa looked out through the windows of the Limousine, her eyes roaming all around the world of complete silence, nothing no one, was on the streets. Her eyes caught sight of a couple of fowls, roaming near the gutters. At least she could see a glimpse of life on the empty streets.

“Silent huh??” Cardigan asked drawing attention of both detectives, who turned to watch him in complete silence.

” Hmm, you ordered this??”

” Yes, I did.”

” Why??” AC.Agyeiwaa asked.

“A thousand souls lost, a thousand wars failed, circle of blood, circle of death, circle of possession, formed the last, a drop would end the curse, and wars shall rise once more, for the last I presume, for peace, for without sacrifice there can be no victory. Hence a drop of blood for the last and for us all, is what our weary souls need to quench death’s thirst, So that when the sun rises again Man will do nothing but scream in joy along with the beauty of the Sun, and when the moon rises last, sleep without fear will blend with the shinning beauty of the silver colored sun, which hangs above our heads upon the darkest clouds.” Cardigan said these, putting up a big confusion on both Detectives and the driver, the knew not of what he spoke of, and understood not a single word.

“Is that a Poem??” The Chief asked.

” Yes, my good friend, we are almost there, drop me off here as I walk to my death, my fellow lads try to decipher the Poem, and then you will understand. But I tell you, you shall not understand not a single word of my poem, not even if years or days pass, but you shall understand it whiles I am gone to my very grave where I was born to return, Adios my friends see you in your memories, for that is the only place you would see me and at least smile of my Noble legacy.” Cardigan said these words and stepped out of the car, meters away from Circle, he watched from within his mask as the Vehicle left, The detectives and the Driver who was also masked, Black to be precise watched with faces of unhappiness as the young lad trailed to a war none knew of his return, for he laid it to them that if he’d return it would be his dead body.

The Chief felt some kind of guilt, as he watched Cardigan go, but he believed Cardigan had something up his sleeves. The young Yayra was no fool he thought.

But he was slowly attacked by an ounce of fear, for the boys family believed to have tamed The Lord Tribes, had lost thousands of wars against them, even when the great minds were united and fought together they lost, so how will it be possible for a single unarmed Yayra to war in the Ring of Spirit creatures which could not be seen. How would he prove their existence to the world of Humanity??

Each step he took made a sound, his hands he stretched into his pockets, as he walked boldly towards a point where he saw there figures clad in hoods, dark colored hoods. It was them, their faces were concealed. The one who stood to the middle was but a very young soul.

The wind silently billowing their long hooded cloaks, it was a warm wind, that which was from the sun.

” You guys are punctual” Cardigan commented.

” Hm, So he finally found and joined them, the third killer.” Cardigan said.

” Black can you help us with the poem Cardigan left us to solve?” C.Ankobia asked, his face eager for an answer from a member of the Oracle, his Assistant’s ears were attentive. As Black the young lad drove the car.

” No, but I have a question for you??” Black said.

” A question??,” The Chief said.

As Black pressed a button on the wheel, activating a mini version flat screen as it played the Live footage of Cardigan and the Three hooded figures, their hearts rose in shock, confused.

” What?? Is this a live footage??” AC.Agyeiwaa asked in shock.

As Black nodded his head in agreement. Suddenly in their way, they caught sight of the Ghanaian Army in their tracks, and armored cars moving to the direction in which they left.

” What is going on Black???” The Chief asked hastingly,he had never seen this ever before as the very grounds of the road shook, with fear an entire army of the Ghanaian Military force racing towards circle as if there was a war about to take place.

The Movement of the Army invaded the silence of the country, it was heart threatening, Both detectives felt their lungs contract, their hearts striking against their chest Soo hard it looked as if it wanted to come out. Sweat squeezed it’s way out of their bodies, their very souls shook to this scene, this was something they had never seen before.

” What i-s is is happening??” Agyeiwaa kept asking herself. This never involved the police either.

” So the rumors were true.” C.Ankobia said out of shock.

” The Best Detective, really had control over Military forces, it was said that he is the General of the UN Military force. His Military strategy is unrivaled and that has gained the UN supremacy and respect. Cardigan truly is an Urban legend, but- how possible?? A child?? Hmm, I’m not supposed to be shock either he has proven himself already and he shall prove it today.”

” What??The General of the Entire UN Military force??”Agyeiwaa said out of shock.

” Yes” Black answered.

” Now, before we were interrupted by the Noisy Army, I wanted to ask you guys a question.”

“Carry on Black.” The Chief said with his eyes still set at the moving Army.Whiles Agyeiwaa’s attention turned to the screen.

” Do you know what an Oracle is??”

” Yhh, often a priestess or priest of Ghanaian Culture who serve as Mediums and give advice to humans and answers to questions through their gods. Basically The Priestess serves as a mediator between the humans and the gods.” The Chief answered.

” Exactly, Chief we the Oracle ranked the world’s most Intelligent detectives, see our brain as gods, however in times of any unsolved mystery we consult our intelligent minds to find answers to our questions.

The Oracle was Secret Detective Class of Students trained not only to investigate the things of The Physical world but of the Supernatural, we were trained to Investigate paranormal activities and Deaths, and we have solved tons of Paranormal death cases executing the Culprits. The Punishment for a killer who uses Paranormal means, is execution and Cardigan will accomplish his mission, right now all we will have to do is put faith in him.” Black said arousing a flare of Confidence in both detectives.

” So you truly came, to my invitation isn’t it?” Cardigan said, with both hands fixed in his pockets in a relaxed manner.

” Yes, we accepted the invitation in order to end this Once and for all, Cardigan,” Omotey said.

” After today, The country will be under Omotey and the rest of the Triune, we shall change the world of it’s corrupt leadership, we shall cleanse it Cardigan, killing you however is not in our interest.” Tutuwaa said, calmly with her face concealed.

” Yes, Cardigan we do not have the power you falsely accused us of, we came here to prove how wrong you were, we knew that from the beginning you suspected us.” The other said, as all three took off their hoodies, the message was broadcasted nationwide, The entire nation watched in shock and fear.

” Well, we have showed our face Cardigan, why are you hiding yours, how can we tell if you are not the one killing people, since we all know the killer needs a face to kill, the Killer himself will be cautious by hiding his face from the world.” Tutuwaa said.

“Prove to us Cardigan, that you yourself are not Massacre, that you yourself are not responsible for the mass Killing of the Parliamentarians.” Tutuwaa said cunningly. But what exactly was her plan. She aroused doubts into the viewers.

” How are we sure that you yourself would not kill us here and now, how can we trust someone who always hides behind a mask, someone with Soo many secrets.”Tutuwaa added.

Her Grandparents could do nothing but watch in complete shock, their grand daughter on LIVE Television, something which was broadcasted worldwide.

Cardigan stood, for a while, as he slowly moved his right arm towards his mask.

” Hmm, he fell for it! We’ve won!!!” Tutuwaa said in thought, as her mouth wanted to move aloud on it’s own in excitement the only thing she needed was his face and that was all.

” Our Entities are invisible beings and no one can see them, However immediately he takes off his mask, he will be slaughtered, we in turn will ran helter skelter as if extremely scared, then we will play a recording of a similar voice to which Cardigan used during the Campaign, faking my voice to be like him, I will speak in a way that the whole world will see Cardigan to be the killer, even tho we have slaughtered him, when that happens we will tell the authorities we have a guide to where he lives and finally attack the Oracle.”

Honorable Omotey remembered the words of Tutuwaa, he remembered their plan.

His heart raced with joy, as he watched cardigan take off the mask slowly, The Detectives opened their mouths in shock, shouting at Black to drive back. So they would prevent him from Taking off his mask.
But Black didn’t abide to their plead, he rather urged them to try and decipher the Poem.

” Hahahhaaaa, Sorry Cardigan, I really enjoyed the Game of hide and seek we played, but it seemed you were not that smart as the world thought of you.” Tutuwaa said with excitement in her mind.

“Hahaha, We finally won, we will control everything.” Isaac said.

Cardigan took off his mask completely drowning the entire Nation in shock, To reveal that Cardigan was a handsome young Teenager.

But something unusual happened as he took off his mask, he gave off an unusual smile which confused the Triune.

Tutuwaa and the others snapped their fingers, as the three entities which unusual speed all rushed towards Cardigan piercing through his soul with their Strange long inhuman fingers, the whole world opened their mouths in shock, as some wailed in pain and grievance, Blood oozing out like tap from his body, the video only showed Cardigan who’s blood like Sunmerwine spilled on the floor as it reddened, no one saw the entities only the suffering of the young lad. But he smiled, for something of great shock happeneded.

Everyone watching the Live Feed Nationwide began to scream as each called out the names of their gods, for they saw it, they saw the entities, some people ran out of their rooms. As they caught sight of the strange Entities.

But how was this possible, the Entities were invisible, how was it possible that the Entire nation caught sight of them, suddenly A strange extremely huge red Adinkrahene symbol began to glow on the floor, it appeared out of nowhere it was extremely wide and huge making the Entities appear more clearer to the world.

“What is happening?? What is this???” Tutuwaa and the others said in shock, for they had it in their minds that they had won. Cardigan who was bleeding smiled and said.

” Hmm, Never forget History, For the same sun that shone then shone now, The world is just like a wheel, What has happened before will happen again.” He said and breathed his last, immediately he died the army got there firing wild bullets at the Entities. It was war, a great war against man and entity, the creatures fought to protect themselves, Death the smoke like entity, Possession who appeared in a form of white light and the fire and ice entity, well it’s name described it, bombs thrown causing violent explosions shook the very grounds, the Triune ran for safety.

” What?? What is that red light?? The strange giant glowing Adinkrahene symbol??” Agyeiwaa asked in great surprise.

” Remember the poem, you recall Cardigan always spoke of His Tribe losing thousands of wars against the three Lord Tribes.” Black said as both detectives nodded in agreement.

” Well, the strange Three glowing circles you see on the screen, is the blood of all Yayra, To begin with, this was a plan.The members of the Yayra tribe lost their wars on purpose drawing this circle.”

” A plan????,” Both said I shock.

” Ayt, it was all a plan, the blood of the Yayra is pure and fights against the Entities, The Yayra tribes planned every single tactic till this day, for the last to activate the circle with his blood. The blood is responsible for revealing the true forms of the invisible entities.

During all those wars as the Yayras tried sealing The Entities, they were planning for this day, to execute the creatures completely, it was all a plan. Don’t forget the first lines of his poem, thousands of wars lost, thousands of wars failed, circle of blood, circle of death circle of possession formed, the last drop would end the curse.” Black recited some parts of the poem to them before they came to realize and understand it.

” Circle of blood represented the first circle created by the Yayra, when they finally sealed Ice and Fire, Circle of possession was the second cycle of countless wars fought before he was also sealed. The last Circle was for death to be sealed. Hence the sealing circles will weaken these creatures making them vulnurable to any attack, I see, I see” Agyeiwaa’s said.

” And war shall come once more for the last, I presume, he meant the Ghanaian forces fighting a war against the weakened Entities, everything went on as he planned. Incredible.” The Chief praised with tears I his eyes, as he watched on TV the great end of the strange Entities, the wicked man who killed to be president, the young University student who was bent on revenging so bad. And Finally the child who started it all, Tutuwaa.

Each of their entities tried protecting them, there the world saw that these three were responsible for the deaths of innocent lives in the name of changing the world.

Cardigan died a noble death, and the Nation added him to be an Urban Legend. One to which every child want to be like.

The war ended at last, the entities were killed together with their masters, A new President elected, and he did a state burial for the young brave soul, A national funeral it was, perhaps it was a death of noble souls, yes it was, for this very heroic act would be talked about in ages, and I know for sure that there are more interesting legends watching from the shadows, The Rise of Urban Legends, perhaps ones far more stronger than Cardigan but not more Intelligent, There have been stories of Ancient Legends, like Kwame Nkrumah, Yaa Asantewaa, Okomfo Anokye, Togbe Tsali and the likes, but I tell you a new era has risen, a new Sun will shine, a new moon will rise, And New Legends will Roar……………



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