The hot sun blazed upon his Frizzy hair, sweat creeping down his face, as it soaked his entire uniform, he unbuttoned his Collar in order to make fresh air cool down his body. The Cutlass gripped by his right hand as he used his thumb to clear the sweat from his forehead.

He had only weeded quarter of the large plot given him by his Madam as a punishment. He was exhausted as he stretched himself a little bit, the day was a boring scorchy one, And the young lad had weeded for hours, he began to experience back pains as he grinned his teeth in pain.

Then suddenly came the pain he always felt in his eyes for past weeks now, Few days ago as he looked into the mirror, he saw something unusual, His right eye changed completely into an opalescent color, a very bright one.

His pupil became bright opal, as his sceleary became black, this freaked him out, For he saw those strange eyes in the same vision of his.” Not again” he complained while holding his right eye.

He heard the breaking and crunching of the dried up leaves, as if someone was walking towards him from the Back. That was when he saw her, The Lightskinned Strange and pretty new comer whom the boys in the school both senior and teacher fought over, the most talked about girl in the school, she was nicknamed the Mysterious one.

She held a Cutlass in her right hand, had dark afro hair with faded sides, pink cute lips with big strange green eyes. Same age as Berima and had cute body contours which the boys always imagined pressing and squeezing her in excitement.

Those were the naked fantasies most boys had about the Beautiful mysterious girl, who had no time for boys, she never even spoke to a boy from the time she came to the school, For two weeks she had not spoken to a guy, if she was called and asked about her name, she never answered she only stood unconcerned watching somewhere else.

She was indeed a strange one and hardly smiled. Her uniform was neately pressed and she loved to change and wear, cool sleek cardigans just like the way Berima did to shoes. She wore a cool black and white cardigan over her well ironed short skirt, and wore black and white Sneakers with long black socks.

She was an arrogant girl Her name was Aranaa Merley Vanderpujie. But what could this girl have done, to be punished to weed with Berima in the extremely large plot. He watched in surprise as she sashayed towards the plot with her Cutlass in her hand.

Girls and boys who stood at the Barristers of the fourth floor of the school block began pointing and gossiping.

Aranaa passed by Berima without saying a word and began to weed without asking him any questions or speaking to him. He stared at her in a confused state, watching her as she waved the Cutlass to and fro against the weeds, She did it Soo skillfully as if she came from the village, For a girl of her Calibur and Proud Nature she did not expect her to be this good at weeding.

” Are you going to just stand there and watch me weed or you are going to join me” Aranaa said with an awkward face at Berima who stood open mouthed.

” Did she just speak to me??” Berima asked himself in thought, he was astonished, the girl had never spoken to any guy in the school, And if she spoke to other females she spoke less. ” She spoke??” He stood and kept wondering in shock.

” Ermm, am I speaking to a human being or???” She asked.

Berima stood, relaxed and continued his weeding without answering her question, she became irritated at how the young lad responded to her, Infact every boy would have loved it if she spoke to them the first time, even when she sounded rude.

But this Frizzy haired lad was quite different, The most popular guy in school, he sure was handsome, the girls died to have him, well it was no surprise. He was popular. And he was admired just like her. He had the right to flex her as well after all That’s the same thing she did to the guys.

It seemed The boys had told Berima to revenge on her in some kind of way. However Aranaa was not ordinary like anyone else around, She knew what was happening to Berima. So she said these in order to catch his attention.

” Your right eye huh?? The multi colored pupil, it’s giving you severe eye pains huh??”

” What?? She knows about my eye?? Impossible! But how?” He asked in thought trying his best to ignore her.

” I can help you Berima.” She said coming closer to the young fellow, who stood perplexed, all students had returned to their class since break time was over, and these two were far deep in the bush all alone. She moved closer way too close to Berima as if she was about to give him a kiss, She could inhale his breath and he could inhale hers, he could smell a fresh scented perfume from her.

” What are you doing?” He asked under pressure.

She looked into his eyes, her Cutlass in her right hand, as the wind blew carrying the dried leaves around them, The air became awkward and silent.

But someone watched these two from afar, a student who watched closely with keen eyes even tho he stood at the Barrister of the building, it seemed he was sacked from class during class lessons.

” What are you doing??” He asked.

” Moving closer to you.” She whispered as her beautiful green unusual eyes focused in the boy’s right eye.

With a swift and sudden move, she swang the Cutlass violently at Berima with the speed of lightening, it was Soo fast, she swang it with the intent to kill, but something mysterious happened, which made her open her mouth in shock, Berima some how managed to dodge this deadly strike and jumped backwards. It was as if he saw the future movements of the girl which he did. This quick nimble and swift dodge, made Abam open his mouth in shock.

Abam was thick and tall darkskinned with ponk haircut, he was choclate skinned, a much more silent character who spoke less. He wore clean all white Beckingstock sandals and long black socks. As he stood at the fourth floor all he could do was open his mouth in shock.

” It really does exist?? Nyameeni The God’z Eye, he’s a Rare breed.” Abam said .

” Impossible!! It’s real! Nyameeni.” Aranaa said, watching Berima open mouthed.

” What the heck is wrong with you?????” Berima asked angrily as his strange right eye activated giving him a very strange rare vision. He saw Aranaa surrounded by gold flames. He did not know the meaning of this, all he could do was watch Her in surprise and anger.

” You are a rare breed, A Spiritborn.”She commented.

” So it’s real, prediction of an opponent’s movement four minutes ahead of time. This is crazy!! The Nyameeni has more secrets behind it as Lord Ogya said. No wonder the Time Rogues together with time Spirits chase after it’s power, if these rogues find out such power exists, They will give his young soul no rest.” Aranaa said in thought.

” Hey!!! Are u crazy?? How can you swing a sharp machete at me like that??”

” This girl she really is dangerous, I don’t know what she truly is, but am sure she is definitely not around here. And the fact that she knows about my eye, explains everything, but what the heck happened back there this is the fourth time this has happened. Calculating I always see things Four minutes before they happen, when the eye activates on it’s own, this is cool tho, it really did save my ass back there.”

” Who are you??” He asked angrily.

” I- I – I am a Time Walker.” She answered, surprising Berima who had heard this same name in his vision.

” The Time Elders were right about this. The Nyameeni really exists.” Abam said as he watched from the fourth floor the scene going on down there in the bush.

” A time Walker??”

” Yes, we would explain to you later after school.” She said and continued her Weeding as if nothing ever happeneded. Berima stared at her for a while as his Strange Eye deactivated.

“We?? You mean other guys are there just like you?? Time Walkers??”

” A Spiritborn like Aranaa herself huh.” Abam said to himself as he walked back into the class according to his teacher’s Orders.

Abam was in 1A2, the class after Berima and Aranaa’s class. He sat near a short darkskinned very hairy girl, called Eda. Her eyes were pretty and wide, she was Soo cute, she wore cute eye glasses, which increased her beauty. She had her beautiful dark natural hair tied, with the help of a rubber tie.

” So how was it? Was Elder Ogya and the other Time Elders serious about what they were saying??” Eda asked in a whisper.

” Yes, The Nyameeni does Exist.” Abam answered. Eda had very cute pink lips, and big beautiful strange brown eyes. At hearing this she was quite shocked.

” What?? You mean the power to actually Control every single aspect of Time Exists?? I know there are Spiritborns like Aranaa with crazy abilities but never expected such a power, it is believed to be a myth. And now it does really exist, hmm it would be our responsibility to protect The Popular guy you know. His power would call for more enemies from the Timeline. We would have to get stronger.” Eda commented, her name was the Ewe pronounciation for Hair.

” I know, Eda, I know.”


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