This was the seventh day of Berima and Aranaa’s punishment, and students gossiped all over that the two were dating, since they were often seen together weeding the Field and walking home.

Berima thrust his hands in his Short, school shorts with his one-hand bag stripped around his shoulder as he walked along the road to school all alone. That morning around Nine, he was very late, but was already under punishment so he cared less or hurrying of rushing to school.

As he trailed along the road, the honking of moving cars and loud shouts of Troski mates filled the entire Accra atmosphere. Not a second would pass by without hearing a honk blown by one or two drivers, or the dry screaming of ‘Trotro’ mates in search of Passengers.
People had also queued before Waakye and Koko joints, We’ll… he did not need to make or join anyline since he brought food from home. The young lad saw something that caught his eye. Something in the National Daily Graphic.

“THE COMPLETE DISAPPEARING OF PEOPLE” That was what was written in the Headlines, He stood watching the Graphic in a surprised state. ” Strange huh??” He heard a voice from behind, it sounded as if the voice spoke from above him, like the Way God spoke to Jesus from the heavens the Day he was baptized by John. But this sound was closer from above.

He turned his head upwards and saw the tall thick tall lad. His haircut was ponk, He ironed his uniform as immaculately as Berima, but he tacked in neately, he wore pure sleek white Beckingstock and long black socks. He was tall and thick but was Only a year Older than Berima and Aranaa who were of the same age.

” Ermm, do I know you?” Berima asked.

” Hm, you are the most Popular guy in school, who won’t Know you Berima Okokroko.” Abam said.

” Oh, hehe my bad. So Erm who are you, and which class are you?”

” Abam Archer I’m in 1A2 the class next to yours. By the way where is she?? Your Girlfriend.” Abam asked .

” Ermm, I don’t have a girl friend, neither am I ready to enter into any relationship, it’s too hectic, now you have to show a lot of care, emotions and staff like that, it’s such a dragon.” Berima said with coyly eyes.

” I believe you. But this sudden disappearance of people from the country, doesn’t it look strange?” Abam asked. With his backpack stripped across his chest.

” Yh, it really is.” Berima said as both continued their journey to school.

” It might be some guys kidnapping kids or something,you know for rituals I guess.” Berima commented.

” Hmm, this is no kidnapping Berima, People really are Vanishing One by one, nobody captures them or anything, They just vanish into thin air. And Perhaps Most of those reported to have vanished are no kids, Most are adults.”

” Huh?? Really??, Well can we stop talking about this Vanishing staff I am feeling some way bi here, by the way are you also close friends with Aranaa??”

” Ermm, why this question?? I don’t speak to her at school, Infact you are the only boy she has ever spoken to. People believe you are using girl charms on her. Haha.”

” Well, I saw the two of you last night, going somewhere, didn’t know where you guys were really going and that was none of my business either. So I should be asking you that question Abam. Are you two dating??”

“Haha, I hope she mentioned to you Something a few days ago which has kept you thinking till now.”

” What do you mean by that Abam??”

” She told you she was a Time Walker, Original name Is Sankofa.”

” Huh?? I don’t get you Abam. What are you trying to say??”

” Hehe, Am like her- Am a Time Walker, I’m a Sankofa.”

” Huh??, She said something like that to me few days ago after she tried to kill me. What is A Time Walker???” Berima asked eager for an answer as they climbed the Stairs to their class.

” Well, see you during Closing,bye.” Abam said and branched to his class leaving and making Berima feel stupid and Ignorant.

Berima stood for a moment at the front door of Abam’s class as the girls in the class began to call his name in a sassy and funny way as his eye struck contact with Eda who Abam sat by and hurried immediately to his class when he found out that no teacher was around.

The teachers had gone for A meeting. Berima just placed his One-hand bag on his chair and walked out the class to continue his punishment all alone, since his partner in crime couldn’t make it to school today.

” Hmm, So you spoke to Mr Popular huh??, Can’t believe you guys got the chance to speak to Mr.handsome before me, hmm. So what do you see in him??”

” Well, He is Confident, arrogant but very lackadaisical, he thinks everything is a drag, and rarely talks much, hmm… he is stubborn, very stubborn but I like him and Aranaa likes him as well, She enjoys his company.”

” What?? Aranaa enjoys his company??? That girl sees herself like some Queen bi!, Hmm but where is she tho??” Eda asked.
” Well, she was sent by Time Elder Ogya to investigate the cause of the Mysterious Vanishing, happening in the country.”
” Hm, I see, am sure someone is messing up with the Timeline again.” Eda said.
” Guys always mess up with the Timeline, but the question is who??”

“Yh, who??”

” So how was the secret investigation on Berima’s Family?” Abam asked.

” Well, He is a child of four siblings, Technically the last born of four, Two girls and two boys all currently working and one is about to get married. Both parents are alive. Berima himself as you said speaks not much, but Stubborn. Last name night his eye thingy came up again giving him severe pains. Well the guy really is interested in sneakers I tell you. He has a wardrobe full of them, sleek ones. Apart from that He likes gaming and movies. He watches too much movies.”

” Mmm, Interesting.”

” Yh,”

” But you know if you give this kind of Intel to Time Elder Ogya, you would be blasted??”
” Huh?? Yh, you are not him, so I don’t have time to be giving you the exact time he does everything, infact that’s such a drag, oh my God am speaking like him.”
” Eishh, there nɔɔ you are beginning to fall for him, Oh girls.” Abam teased.

“Mmaiii” she said rolling her eyes.
” But I think it’s time he gets initiated into the Secret Society.”
” It would be too early, for fear that he might tell others about our existence.” Abam said.
” I have Studied the guy for weeks Abam, I have Studied him, more than any you guys, I hope you know that.”
” Yup, and you have fallen for him wayyyyy, before us huh??” Abam teased.

” Tsww, I’m not joking here! It’s better we initiate the guy into the Clockwork Shrine, sooner or later, before Time Rogues and Pirates begin to hunt for him, The Nyameeni is believed to be a myth, but we can’t hide the guy’s eye for too long, People will surely know about it’s existence. And when that happens our souls shall have no rest.” Eda urged.

” You are right tho, but let’s wait for Time Elder Ogya’s orders.” Abam advised.

” Whatever”she replied.

“Herh!!!!!! You two stop the whispering and focus on the work I gave you.” Sir Benefo shouted at The two. Sir Benefo was lanky, tall and wore a pair of glasses, he mostly wore short sleeved shirt with oversized trousers.

The literature teacher for 1A2, before saying this, he stepped outside of the class and called Abam and Eda to follow him out.

” So, how is the Investigation going?” He asked, with his hands behind his back as he observed Berima from above.
” Everything is right on point, Elder Ogya” Eda answered.
” Herh! Don’t mention that name here, Just mention my secret name, huh??”
” Yes Sir” Both Abam and Eda answered.

” Well, we shall initiate him into The Clockwork Shrine, Few days from today, I want more Intel on him tho, his Eye power is ridiculously strong, and if we are not careful it would kill all of us. That eye is an unstable power of Ashe, well I sent Aranaa on a mission, she would come up with the results soon, now you two should get back in there and stop whispering High level Intel to yourselves.” Sir Benefo ordered.

” Yes Sir” they answered respectfully and entered back into the class.

” Time Walkers, what the heck is that, I searched through the Internet yesternight and there is no such thing as Time Walkers. Whatever the case I know these guys kind of have something to do with the dream I had, during class lessons.”


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