It was a Friday night and the night had grown Soo cold, it was the last day of the year, and the hamatthan grew much more serious than ever. Berima sat on his bed unable to sleep, his eye thing had come again and he was seriously under stress.

It was quite unusual during that year because school and work had not gone for holidays, during the Christmas era, which had nearly faded.

” Goodnight Berima” a voice called freaking out Berima as he fell violently from bed. He was Soo scared, sweat all over his body mysteriously the lights In his room came on, giving his eye a clearer vision on Eda who sat at the corner of his room on a chair. She had crossed her legs in a relaxed manner, still in her school uniform.

” You??, How?? what are you doing here??” Berima freaked out, as his Strange right eye activated seeing her surrounded by bright pink flames.

” Now I get it, When I use my eye on ordinary humans I see white flames around them, showing that they are normal, however when my eyes are set on very strange guys like Aranaa, Abam and even Sir Benefo, their flames are colored. Same for this girl, could she also be a time Walker? .” Berima said in thought.

Eda handed a cute Eye glass to Berima, as she stretched out her hand with the glasses in her hands, it was in a special white sleek case.

” What is that??”

” For your eyes, your eye power keeps growing, in Time you won’t be able to deactivate it, it will stay there forever, in order for you to seal your power and hide it from the world, those eyes are Strange it would make people suspicious of you. This glasses will control it.”

Berima took it from her hands, looking at her suspiciously.
“You are like them? Also a Time Walker, ermm which of course I do not know about, and would be extremely happy if you explain it to me.

Eda watched him for a moment, and spoke in Ewe telling him to sit down.

” Ermm wah language is that??”

” Ewe.” She responded with a charming smile.

” I just said you should sit down. Today I will enlighten you about what I Abam and Aranaa are part of.”

” Err, is Sir Benefo part??”

” Yhp” Eda responded.

” Time Walkers, as you have heard over the week, are people who have the ability to travel through time. Basically to travel into the past and the Future.”

” Huh???? Traveling through time??, Hahahaa so you are telling me that Time Travel is possible?? Hahaha so you guys use a spaceship or something??, Like you guys have advanced technology like Marvel’s Wakanda??”

” Hahahahaaaaa, nooo. We don’t basically use technology per say. We use Ancestral Arts.”
” Ancestral Arts??? What is that??”
” Ancestral Arts is the study and manipulation of Ashe.”
“Errr, Ashe?? What is that??”
” Ashe is the divine energy or life force that exist in all things, The Akans mostly call it kra”
“Kra?? Soul?”

” Not necessarily, but basically it is a form of divine energy existing in all things, both animate and inanimate, It is also described as the power to make things happen. Your eyes I presume gives you the ability to see Ashe.”

” The flaming looking energy??”

” Yh exactly,”

” By why is yours colored and everything is white”
” Well, there are two kinds of Ashe, Dominant Ashe and Indominant Ashe, Dominant Ashe mostly is colored and has the power to control Indominant Ashe, Indominant Ashe are mostly inanimate things whiles some are half animate and inanimate. Those with colored Ashe possess superhuman abilities, in the study of Ashe it is seen as a disorder.

” However there are some who possess a special Kind of gold Colored Ashe, these ones are called the rare souls or Spiritborns, their Ashe is strangely dangerous and does not need An Akrafena to channel their Power.

But those with colored Ashe need an Akrafena to channel their power.

” So does it mean that Aranaa is a rare soul? A Spiritborn?”

” Yes, exactly.”

” This is quiet impossible to believe, but because I have these eyes, I cannot doubt what you are saying.” Berima said as he wore the glasses.
” Well, gold Colored Ashe mostly exists in the Spirit realm whiles colored mostly exists in the Physical realm. Well it seems I have explained a lot to you, so would continue later when you are initiated into the Clockwork shrine”

” Clockwork Shrine??, What is that??”

” Issokay, cannot tell you everything today, we’ll meet you tomorrow evening at the school library, you will see more.”

” Tomorrow at the School Library??”

“Yhp, Don’t forget, we will help you know where you truly belong.”

“Hmm, One last question before you leave.”

” And what question is that?”

” What is an Akrafena??”

” Do that research on Google, you will get it there, by the way the glasses have made you look more and more cute. Bye,bye” Eda said as she mysteriously forged an Akrafena from strange blazing pink flames from her hands, causing Berima to open his mouth in shock, she struck the Akrafena to the ground Vanishing in a form of solar flares.

” What?? She vanished?, Hmm this sounds interesting but weird. Time Walkers, Ancestral Arts, Clockwork shrine, hmm will see what these strange guys have for me.”

Berima said as he slept with the glasses on, “Eda said it controlled the eye’s power, hope my eyes won’t do that painful sensations again. But how is this possible? Traveling through time, both in the future and the Past, not with the help of technology per say, but something called Ancestral Arts?? This world is getting stranger the more you get to know it. The world is a big place, and it has a lot of scary secrets. Never knew there was something like Ashe, and mysteriously my eyes can see it.

However what am now worried about is the Origin of My Eye, how and why did I get it. And why are the Time Walkers mostly scared of it, it seems they want to help me to protect it.” He said and fell off into deep sleep, exhausted completely of the weeding he did the entire day, and the Eye pains he went through that night. The glasses did help control the pain in his eyes.
It stopped completely, As he felt the cool hamatthan wind cool him of his sweat, he had a standing fan near his bed, but it only blew heat. Since his bed was also closer to the window, he enjoyed the beautiful breeze which sent him to sleep, a deep sleep which definitely depicted that he would wake up very, very late to school the following day.

“So how did the conversation go?” Sir Benefo asked as he stood on one of the Tall light poles in the community, with his hands fixed behind his back.

” I explained somethings to him, tho and it seems he is getting it”

“Good, I knew you would be the best to explain to him.”
” By the way has Aranaa arrived with any Intel??”
“Haha, not yet, it’s an investigation she is doing, it would take a while, but there is something she told me, hmm and it’s what I quite fear. She mentioned someone’s name, a rare soul.”

” A rare soul??”

” Yes, According to her Investigations, That Rare soul, seems to be the ones responsible for the Vanishing, A group rather sorry.”

” A group??”

” Yhh, a group, Called The Black Rose.”

” Black Rose?? Never heard of them.” Eda commented.
” Yh, if it’s the Black Rose, Then I fear, you guys would have to get stronger, Stronger than anything else, you will have to be stronger than I am, than the Time Elders.”

” To be stronger that the Time Elders?? That’s impossible, we are just kids and are at our Third Arc, You guys have reached the Seventh Arc, the Final Arc, Nson.”

” Well, if we train you, you can defeat the Black Rose, even tho I know it would be tough, some of you might not survive this.”

“What exactly are the Black Rose, and why do you speak of them as high level Time Walkers”

” Legends.” He said causing Eda to open her mouth in Shock.

” Legends??”

“The Intel is not really clear on them, but they are a whole new level of mystery we are studying.”Eda stood in shock, her heart pounding in fear.

” Well, let’s get back to Headquarters then”

” Yes Sir.” She said as they vanished in a burst of solar flares.


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