The young lad wore White Beckingstock sandals, black socks, black skinny pants, a black round neck shirt, with white sleeves hood. He wore his new eye glasses to conceal his strange right eye.

Berima trailed on the rough road as usual to school, it was a Saturday and everyone was enjoying weekends at home, but it seemed his life was turning around completely ever since he got access to that strange eye of his, he was told by Eda to meet up at the school library. Infact she was the same person who explained lots of things to him, so he kind of had some trust in her, unlike the others who drowned him in suspense.


” The young lad sure is late.” Sir Benefo commented, he was clad in a white clean shirt, black trousers and wore his glasses as usual.

The other three were all clad in mufti. Aranaa was in very short black jeans shorts, and a white hooded cardigan which covered the Black jeans shorts, she also wore White sneakers as well.

Eda had clad herself with black skinny jeans, cute white Sneakers and a black T shirt. She tied her waist with a red checked shirt. Her face was graceful as usual. And in expectations of their new recruit.

” So today is the day he is granted access to an Akrafena??” Abam asked, he was clad in short black fitting jeans shorts, and An ash v neck shirt, he wore sleek black and white Sneakers.

” Yes ” Time Elder Benefo answered.

” Even tho he is a rare soul like Aranaa, his power far supersedes what we expected, he also needs an Akrafena. All Time Walkers do. The Akrafena is responsible for Channeling your power into it’s true nature, hence it is a tool for boosting Ashe. However we the Time Elders had Baba of the Adumfoo Tribe, the Forger, to Create a Special Akrafena for him, which will instead hold his powers at Bay. It seems you kids have not Studied much about the God’s Eye huh??”

” Madam Humu taught us back in class, but she only gave us shallow explanations to it’s power.” Aranaa answered.

“Hmm, and were you guys introduced to the Lost Parts of The Orisha??” TE.Benefo asked.

“Lost Parts of the Orisha??” Eda said in Oblivion.

” Hmm, I guess Mrs.Humu chose not to reveal that information to you “

“Time Elder Benefo, what do you mean by that??” Abam asked.

” All I can tell you is this, there are other guys like Berima.”

” What?? What do you mean by that Time Elder Benefo.” Aranaa asked, the eyes of all the kids, watched widely into the Elder’s eyes. Eager to have a clearer picture of the strange thing he spoke of.

“Yes, Seven of them. However people believe their Kind to be A myth. But in actual fact they are true. The Oculus. We sometimes call them the Seven Eyes.”
” Seven Eyes?? Oculus??” Eda said in great surprise, her face covered in shock, as sweat began to creep down the faces of the three.

” So you mean, there are six more others who possess The glowy one eyed power??” Aranaa asked to be sure.

” Yes, However each eye has it’s own special abilities, but all seven have one Ability in common, Clairvoyance. We the Time Elders sometimes call these Seven the HARBRINGERS. That is their true name. The HARBRINGERS.”

The three students were shocked at this untimely news. They became scared within, as their hearts began to beat in fear.

” Yes, my children very few Time Walkers know about the Existence of HARBRINGERS, and you three are part.”

” So where are the Six??” Abam asked.

“Their whereabouts are unknown, since all have dispersed. Berima is living proof of their Existence, Descendants of Nyameeni the god of War and Sight and Time, somehow the HARBRINGERS have some kind of Link to him, because they possess His eyes, the power to which other gods feared most, we the Time Elders believed the HARBRINGERS to be a Myth as well, until you guys found him.” TE.Benefo commented.

” HARDBRINGERS.” Eda whispered to herself.

” We should try our best not to tell him yet.” Aranaa said.

” Agreed, the rest seconded.”

” Sorry for being late guys, Good afternoon by the way.” Berima said as he bulged into the quiet Library panting.

” You are always late.” Aranaa complained giving a frown.

” Well, whatever.” Berima responded making Aranaa feel angry.

“What did you just say to me??” Aranaa asked with a frown as she walked towards Berima who stood at the door, with a fist.

” Oooo, you think am scared of you like the other guys huh??” Berima teased moving closer as he gave a way smile.

“I am going to-“

” Stop it you guys, we mean business here ” Abam said drawing the two Rivals to him.

” Yh,Abam is right. Now come here both of you.” Time Elder Benefo said.

” Berima stand in the Circle we are about to form, today we will introduce you to the clockwork Shrine as Eda Promised.”
” Okay” He responded and did just so, The Four Time Walkers held hands in a circular form as Berima stood in the Middle of them.
” I hope you saw Eda’s Akrafena.” Time Elder Benefo asked.

” Yes, But what is it actually??”

” Akrafena or Soul sword, is a special sword which was first Created by Members of the Adumfoo Tribe. The Swords have the Ability to channel Dominant Ashe, so perfectly well. You Berima will be having yours either today or the Few days to come. However before you can access your Soul Sword or Akrafena you will need to Time Travel to meet the First Forger of the Akrafena, Adumfoo.”

“What?? Adumfoo??”

” Yes, the Warrior who was cursed by the gods never to die, and to live on in our Akrafena. You will have to meet him first before you will be granted access to wield your Akrafena. With the Akrafena Time Walkers are mostly useless, Even the Rare souls like you and Aranaa.”

Berima stood, for a moment, as his dark brown eyes watched closely the face of the Time Walkers who surrounded him.

” HARBRINGERS huh??” He said in thought. “How am I supposed to trust these guys if they fail to tell me, about my Power. If they fear me Soo. Never knew there were others like me. If I hadn’t eavesdrop I wouldn’t have known all these secrets. However since their conversation was not a plan to kill or eradicate me yet, hmm, even if they wanted to kill me and I spilled it out right here, it will quicken my death. I have to access the Akrafena they speak of tho, don’t think this glasses can hold my eyes for Soo long. Will just have to move along with the flow as if I know nothing at all.”

A huge glowing mechanical clockwork of a watch appeared on the ground where Berima stood and within the Circle the four formed. A powerful chilly wind shield around, As the light in the ground became more bright, he felt every inch of the light,the wind, the strangeness in the air as everything began to spin rapidly, his eyes dazzed, only for him to realize he was in a place Soo strange, so mysterious. Before his eyes he beheld A world of a thousand huts suspending in the Air like Stars, His eyes widened in shock and disbelief, So this was Clockwork Shrine??.

Large unusual Coconut, trees and other plants grew as tall as a hundred feet, The Air was Soo fresh and calm, the clouds were golden colored rays, within the strange golden Clouds he saw giant winged colored birds which possessed horns.

” Six wings.” Eda whispered into Berima’a ears.

” So this is the Spirit realm, The Unseen world?? The Base of Clockwork Shrine?? It’s Extraordinary.” Berima said in awe.

” This place is The African Headquarters of Time Walkers” Time Elder Benefo informed.

As they joined the crowd of people moving to and fro in the Clockwork Shrine. In order for one to enter the strange suspending huts, they needed to stand under it and it would pull them up into it like an elevator.
“So all these people are Time Walkers??” Berima asked, most were dressed In Kaftans, whiles some were in suits, school uniforms and mufti.

“Yep, however most of those you see here are those that protect Clockwork Shrine itself, whiles most also sell stuff here, ancient relics and staff like that, we will have to head to the Palace, you three will have to hang around, whiles I take Berima to see the Time Elders and the Time Chief” Time Elder Benefo said.

” Time Chief??” Berima said in shock.

” This place should be called Clockwork Village or something, you know but err-” Berima was unable to finish his sentence because of the looks his friends and Time Elder Benefo gave him.

” Follow me Four Eyes, you will have to see the Order of Eight.”

” Order of Eight??” Berima said in confusion.

” What, what what is that??”

” You will find out when we get to the Palace, Berima.”

” TE.Benefo please Tell Time Elder Yaa Asantewaa, i’ve cracked the code ” Abam informed.

” Hmm, you are her vice, I would ” Time Elder Benefo answered as he left with Berima.

” Yaa Asantewaa??” Berima said.

Berima was about to meet the Most Powerful Time Walkers ever, Never did he know one secret about these Time Elders, The only ones who had been given permission to Time Travel. A lot more secrets lay to be unfolded in the future.


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