Millions and thousands of suspending huts, it’s very earth, was red white the golden colored clouds it had no sun or moon, as strange birds of enormous size travelled the Air, Colorful butterflies served as Town criers. The clouds served as the Realms entire TV station, as it sometimes dispersed it’s mini clouds all around in case of any news. At the Background loud Ghanaian, and All African hip Hop rap songs could be heard jamming the Entire realm.

” What are those six winged Birds???” Berima asked.

” IMPUNDULU, or Thunderbird, believed to be a folklore of South Africa, mostly to the Xhosa people.” Eda answered as they took a stroll.

People dressed in Kaftans and other African ware moved to and fro as Conversations filled the Air. It’s Air was Soo cool and calm, in order for one to enter one of the million suspending huts, the individual would have to stand under it, as a swirl of red sand served as an Elevator which lifted the individual into the hut, from below.

It was one of the Strangest sightings ever. Coconut trees of Great length were all around. However the biggest and largest, and tallest thing was a gigantic tree, which was located at the Central part of the the Realm, it’s roots were Soo huge, it was extremely tall and was surrounded by evergreen lush. Giant Leopards, Lions and Elephants together with their riders surrounded the Lush shaped wall. The Lions we’re about seven feet tall, and bigger than the usual. These creatures had glowing tattoos all around their bodies. As they moved up and down.

However their means of Transport were Strange anti gravity wooden cars, designed with green glowing lights, Sir Benefo and Berima took one of these as they headed towards the Gigantic tree also known as the Great Palace of the Time Elders.

As they moved Berima beheld another amazing sight, he saw pure green swirl shaped plants which held some huts High, as he saw people walking on it like stairs, in order to reach the hut. As if that was not enough he beheld, a gigantic Red flower, which hanged high in the clouds, it was Soo huge and bright like a rose of gold and red, it had one eye as it watched down tracking every movement. It was like the Sun of Clockwork shrine, around this extremely huge enormous Red and gold flower, were the Six wings swirling around it together with their riders.

” Excuse me to use this word, but what the fuck is that??” Berima asked open mouthed, the glory of clockwork Shrine was too Strange and awesome to behold. This was the greatest sight he had ever beheld ever since the day he was born.

” That is our Time Traveling Machine, We call it the Clockwork Shrine, it’s the reason we named here the clockwork Shrine. It is the biggest thing here, and the greatest. It’s eyes watch out for intruders as well. This is the great Clockwork Shrine.” Sir Benefo said as his body began to change in form, the cracking of his bones as his face began to bubble strangely, Berima scared by this Strange occurrence kept pushing himself backwards to the door of the vehicle.

” Don’t worry kid, I’m a shapeshifter” TE.Benefo said as his face changed completely, it was his true form.

” My real name Is Tohazie The Red Hunter.” He said.

He was light skinned, had red long locks which he tied to his back, a pony tail he also wore eye glasses. He had scarlet red eyes, he looked around the ages of Thirty.

” Tohazie The Red Hunter???, Now are you joking or is this what I’m thinking.” Berima said as he nearly freaked out.

” Don’t worry Berima you will soon understand, when you meet the other Legends. The Order of Eight.” Time Elder Tohazie said.

” The other Legends???” Berima said with his eyes wide open in shock.

The Gravity Car finally got to the Guarded Lush Walls, As they got there, Both alighted from the car, stepping on a hover leaf, which moved them through the gate. Both Animals and their Riders bowed to The Tohazie and Berima as they have way to them. The gate made of giant palm branches shifted granting them access to the grassy compounds. The hover leaf led them under the roots of the tree and later elevated them to the top, as they Ascended. Berima saw huge chunk of tomes as people and Strange humanoid Animals moved to and fro in the building, the stairs which led upwards we’re intersected.

The leaf halted as it appeared in a huge spacious hall.
Berima and Time Elder Tohazie appeared in a strange huge hall, with all it’s walls designed with a thousand clocks, the entire walls and roofs were made of clocks of variant sizes and shapes, some ugly, some beautiful, some scary and some which could not be described with words, Berima looked in surprise, the floor of the huge Hall was made of a transparent crystal glass, beneath the glass was a small forest full of Strange Imaginary creatures. Non that he had ever beheld. It was a strange sight indeed.

Then Berima saw them, each sitting on crystal carved stools, wearing the same outfit Ancient outfits just like The Red HunterTohazie. Three sat on the left and four sat on the right, they sat opposite each other, one seat appeared to be empty it seemed to belong to Tohazie.

The Air, was moist but filled with some sort of pressure, it was a composed place, As Berima cast his eyes straight he beheld a Man around the ages of Thirty, he had long spiky white hair, chocolate skinned and Black brown eyes, Unlike the others he was clad in a Special African Print cloth which he strapped around his body.His presence was a fearful one, his eyes were lazy eyes. But he looked familiar to young Berima.The Palace itself gave off a power of strength and authority, all Elders had put on their serious faces A shiver caught hold of Berima’s lanky body, his heart beating Soo fast as they all dawned their Strange mighty eyes on him.

The Presence of the Order immense power, it was rumored that if one was not powerful enough that person would faint to just the presence of the Eight. Berima began to feel dizzy, he had never experienced this Strange feeling ever before. The Strange invisible pressure of Ashe emitted by these Brave souls was too strong to behold.

” These are the True Protectors of the Time Line Berima.” T.E Tohazie whispered, as they approached the Throne of Wood, to which the Spiky haired man sat, as he relaxed with one arm on his knee.

” Grandpa???? How come you look Soo young?? Like your pictures you used to show me, when I visited?” Berima said in shock as he approached.

” Bow.” T.E Tohazie whispered to Berima who quickly did just that, Berima usually spent his vacations with his Spiky haired Grandfather. He enjoyed every bit with him, but to think he was of this high position??, To think he looked Soo young in the unseen realm??

” Welcome Grandson, I am greatly marveled at your skill of remembrance.”

” You never told me I would meet my Grandpa here T.E Tohazie.” Berima whispered.

” Is not everything we speak of, Young soul.” T.E Tohazie advised as he returned to sit on his stool leaving Berima to stand Before his Grandfather and the midst of the Order of Eight.

” So he is the child with the Eye?? One of the HARBRINGERS??” A beautiful Chocolate skinned woman with long dark locks, and Strange brown eyes whispered to T.E Tohazie who sat by her.

” Yes, Yaa Asantewaa, by the way Your Novice told me to pass on a message to you about a certain code, he cracked.”

” Hm, Interesting. Abam, Interesting” T.E Yaa Asantewaa said with a smile.

” First of all I shall introduce you to the Great Eight. My son of my son, by the way how is the family?” The spiky haired man asked in an elderly voice.

” They are good.” He responded watching around.

” The order of Eight are made up of our Ancient Legends, I saved them each from their last days
which they were about to spend on earth and recruited them here”

” Ancient Legends??? What do you mean by that?? Berima asked in shock.


Abam, Eda and Aranaa sat on the smooth furnished wooden floor of the library like all the people in the library with their legs crossed as they discussed something of complete secrecy, it seems the book to which Aranaa picked aroused questions into her mind, she also needed to relay her Investigations to her friends.

” Ancient Legends, It is quiet Interesting how Time Lord Okokroko Time travelled to save all these past Legends to Form the order of Eight. Now look how they look young and different in our realm.” Eda said.

” Well, I hear the Great Okomfo Anokye who summoned the Golden Stool from the sky is part of them. He is the strongest and most arrogant amongst the Eight.” Abam said.

” Well, yhh thats true you know, these guys rarely walk around the realm, they are always inside the palace and always mean business.” Eda added.

” Okomfo Anokye, Yaa Asantewaa the Queen mother of Ejisu, Tohazie The Red Hunter, Togbe Tsali, Asebu Amenfi the Giant, Shango of the Oyo Empire, The Queen of Sheba Queen Makeda and Finally Queen Amina of Zaria, these guys make up the order of Eight.” Aranaa said.

” Yeah, we are proud to be novices of these guys you know, I wonder which one would pick Berima.” Eda said.

” Mm what about Okomfo Anokye??” Aranaa suggested.

” Come on, that guy is way too arrogant,he wouldn’t pick Berima.” Abam said.

” Well, his grandfather might pick him, the Time Lord himself, infact he headed this mission ” Aranaa added.

” Hmm, you guys are missing the point.Berima’s Power is not something that can be nurtured by one Order, Kid is a Harbringer- the most dangerous Time race. The Time Lord called for the boy, so that all Eight can help him nurture his powers. It seems He would be taking the duty of his grandfather.” Abam said.

” Huh?? You mean he would be Time Lord?? Time Master??” Eda asked in shock.

” Kind of. He would have to Time Travel with the Order and stuff like that, meaning we would join in the missions to come.” Abam added.

” This would be crazyyy.” Aranaa said with excitement.

” Fighting hand in hand with the Order.” Abam said with a smile.

“Have heard stories about Time Travel, Fighting Time monsters and Pirates, Time Armies, is not as interesting as you assume, It’s dangerous. Looking at the Black Rose. They are extremely dangerous.” Aranaa informed with a serious motionless face.

” Black Rose??” Abam asked.

” Those guys are in the same level as The Order. We won’t be allowed to take part in that mission,” Aranaa said as fear gripped the others, for the manner in which she spoke was an unkindly one.

” What and who make up the Black Rose??” Eda asked.

” Ancient Myth” Aranaa answered with Strange scary eyes.

” So those guys are responsible for the unexplained Vanishing taking place in the whole of Africa??” Abam asked.

” The Black Rose, are after something,All I can tell you is this- the leader of the Black Rose is Kweku Anansi the spider god.” As Aranaa said these words her friends began to shiver in fear.


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