Yaa Asantewaa, Okomfo Anokye, Togbe Tsali, Asebu The Giant, Shango the god of Thunder, Queen Amina of Zaira, Queen Makeda of Ehtiopia and Finally Tohazie The Red Hunter.

Berima opened his mouth in shock as he watched the Ancient legends line up, and watch him silently. All we’re dressed in Ancient Fashion, but different from what they used to wear when they were in the past.

” Hello young Okokroko, I am Yaa Asantewaa.” She said. She had long locks, with bandages covering her mouth. Her arms and legs were covered in bandages like all the legends, who stood watching him.

” I hope you have heard of me, I am Anokye Commander of the golden stool.” Okomfo Anokye said. He stood opposite Yaa Asantewaa. He was a proud one, with Pure white braided hair, which led to a pony tail. The sides of his hair however was barbared. Two of his locks dangled before his face. Clad in a black and kente Ancient Fashion.

” Nice to meet you, I am Asebu the Giant.” The Giant standing next to Tohazie said, with a warm smile. He looked far more friendly. He covered his loins with loinclothing like Anokye, but he left his bare chest with tattoos all over his body. He was bald and chocolate skinned. He stood to the left side with Yaa Asantewaa, Tohazie and Queen Amina.

” I am Shango of the Yoruba.” A base voice said, he stood next to Anokye. He was tall with a bald head. He was chocolate skinned. He wore beads all around his neck , legs and arms. Anokye did wear beads, but his was less. Shango was in a red loinclothing, but a long one. Behind him was his futuristic looking Axe, which Berima opened his mouth in awe when he beheld it.

All the Warriors wielded some sort of Futuristic looking weapons.

” I am Queen Amina of Zaira.” Queen Amina said calmly, she covered her head with a wine looking scarf, behind her were two Sickle swords. She was a calm one, but her eyes like Yaa Asantewaa’s were in them Bravery, fearlessness and courage.

” I am Togbe Tsali of the Ewe land, I hope you have heard about my story as well. Don’t fear young lad, we shall be a great team.” He said with a smile. He was the only one without a weapon. But he looked strong. He had braided his beard, into two. He was light skinned like Tohazie.

” Yh, and I am Queen Makeda of Ehtiopia. You have heard of my charms, huh.” She said with a cunning smile.

Berima watched them in awe as they introduced themselves one by one. The room was filled with some tension. The walls of the huge hall were all designed and filled with a thousand clocks, which ticked and tocked. A wind of Silence took over the Hall, Berima stood quite confused, the only sounds which could be heard were the ticks and tocks of the clocks. His Grandfather sat silently in the wooden stool watching him in silence.

The Presence of the Eight Order was of a great One. Berima’s strange multi colored eyes. Activated as he beheld The Powerful Ashe. These legends possessed. His heart began to beat in fear. This was the strongest and largest amount of Ashe, he had ever beheld from a human.

” The Eyes have awoken, I see.” Time Lord Ogya Okokroko said with a smile.

” Impressive, and we believed the Eye to be a myth.” Anokye said once more.

” Grandson. Your Eye, seemed to have changed your fate, you would no longer live a life of an ordinary Teenager but you would prove to be a Time Walker. Protector of the Continuum Prime. My job was to save the Eight Order. During their last times on earth and bring them here. It took me a whole lot of trouble tho, Grandson.

The Time Walkers have a had a hard time protecting the Timeline. I was to help. But I had to save all these legends for that day.” Time Lord Okokroko said.

” So why me?, Why these strange eyes? ” Berima asked.

” You and the Eight Order are our only future. The new threats are beyond the power of All The other Time Walkers, Only you and the Eight Order can stand them. I saved them for the future. Your Future Grandson.”

” I see”

” Yes, My Grandson.”

Berima stood quitely with his face down.

” I never asked for it, you know. Now I don’t know wether this eye is a curse or a blessing.” Berima said as he placed his palm on his eye, he said softly.

The room became silent.

” So what is your resolve New Time Walker?? What has your heart chosen for you.” Anokye asked, holding his chin. As he looked down at the young lad.

” I have no choice than to accept my fate, there is only one truth about Fate – YOU CANT RAN FROM IT. I made a Promise to someone, I have to fulfill it.”

Berima said with his palm on his right eye.

” Hmm, interesting a promise?? To who young soul??” Tohazie asked.

” I cannot tell, I just have to fulfill.” He said.

” Grandpa, I am ready, I want my Akrafena- I want to Time Travel.” Berima urged.

” I see. Lord Tohazie, give us the Intel you have on the Kingslayers.” Time Lord Okokroko said.

” Yes, My Chief” Tohazie said as he stepped forward to the Middle of the Eight, Berima and The Time Lord.

” The Kingslayers, also known as the black rose are on a mission they have dubbed THE FIRST KINGS. These guys however have Time Traveled to the Era of five Great Kings slaying them. Here are the List of Kings who have been slain.

1. Nana Osei Tutu 1 of the Asante Confederation, had been slain during his infancy by the Kingslayers, hence preventing the Existence of his descendants. He was murdered in 1660, the year to which he was about to be born. Both parents have been Murdered.

2. King Namar also known as Menes The First King of Egypt was murdered by The Kingslayers hence preventing the Birth of his Son Hor -Aha.

3. King Shaka of the Zulu tribe has also met the same fate, hence the Birth of all fourteen sons have been prevented. Wiping out the rest of the Zulus in the Timeline.

4. Oduduwa First Ruler of Unified Ile Ife, also murdered during Infancy.

5. Samoure Toure, founder of Wassoulou Empire an Islamic Empire that was in present day North and South eastern Guinea has also been murdered, hence the existence of his Grandson Ahmed Sekou Toure who was elected as First President of of Guinea will be wiped out as well.

The next move of the Kingslayers is unknown, Since it’s headed by Kweku Anansi and other Mythical legends. They are the top ten most wanted criminals of Time. Hence sightings of any of these guys should be alert. Their instant deaths should be guaranteed.

These are the Top ten list of the most wanted Time Criminals.

1. Kweku Anansi The Trickster god.And leader of the Kingslayers.

2. Adze the Firefly Vampire of the Ewe Tribe in Ghana

3. Kpelekpe the Werehyena of Yorubaland

4. Oro the Forest god of Yoruba.

5. Kishi of the Two faced beast of Angola.

6. Aziza of the Urhobo people in Western Nigeria Delta

7. Tepe the Human eating tree of Zimbabwe.

8. Tokoloshe of The Zulu land

9. Uraeus the Cobra of the Gods and finally

10. Beenu the Phoenix of Egypt.She actually is the second most dangerous from Anansi, she is as young as Berima, probably the same age.

Yes, so those are The Time Walkers Most wanted, the reason to which they are committing these Atrocities is still unknown.

Tohazie informed.

” Will have to go, I have to save all these Kings. As I said I made a Promise.” Berima said.

” You will have to go with the Order then, Young soul.” Time Lord Okokroko said.

” I want to go with my friends you know, I trust them enough.”

” It could be dangerous, Berima.” His Grandfather said.

” Those guys, Brought me here, I will go with them to save Osei Tutu and the other Kings.”

” I see, you have resolved in your heart to go with them, I shall make Time Elder Tohazie follow you four then. For protection.” His grandfather said as he nodded.


” It seems Berima will have to join the Eight Order in other to protect the Timeline. It is said that the Future is more Dangerous than ever and only The One who has the Eye and the legends will be fit and strong enough to protect the Timeline.” Aranaa commented.

” Huh?? Does it mean we can’t Be allowed to Time Travel anymore??” Eda asked.

” Not really, from what I have heard there are rumors of very powerful Groups who want to mess with the Timeline. These groups are the ones we won’t be allowed to engage in combat with, hence we will be able to Time Travel to handle other missions but not to engage in any kind of battle with these groups.” Aban said.

” Yes, The Kingslayers are part I guess.” Eda said.

” Time Lord Okokroko knew of these Upcoming threats to the Timeline, that’s why he saved all the Eight in order for them to protect it. However Berima possessing an Extremely powerful eye, which no one knows how he came into contact with it, And he also never speaks of it, was also chosen to protect the Timeline from these threats.” Aranaa informed.

” This is crazy you know.” Eda said.

” Yes, The Life of The Timeline is in the Hands of A sixteen years old and Eight legends. From what I have learnt from the book of Ancient legends, The Kingslayers are, extremely dangerous. Their purpose for killing all the first Kings is unknown.” Aranaa added.

All three receive messages on their sleek looking pocket clocks to which the numbers on it were written in Lybic symbols. All four flipped their pocket clocks open as an amount of gold and black sand floated on the clocks forming Tohazie’s head.

” You four are needed immediately at the Shrine.” He alerted.


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