A great boom shook the entire village as villagers ran Helter skelter under the Light of the Evening moon. Fire was everywhere. Black smoke Rose Soo high, the flames brightened up the night.

It was Soo scary. As the two cloaked figures stood before Tohazie, Aranaa, Eda, Maanu Kotosie, Opanyin Owusu, And The King of Oyoko Nana Oti Akenten. All guards and warriors had been slain Soo simply.

” Red Hunter Tohazie, Is it??” The female said slyly.

As Tohazie stood before the others.

” Uraeus” he also called out her name.

” To prevent anymore chaos, bring the child and everything will be peaceful again.” Uraeus said.

” You know I won’t allow that. You can only take the child through Combat.” Tohazie said with a smirk.

” Ohhhh, I like it. A combat it shall be. Red Hunter.” Uraeus said, as Kpelekpe grinned in excitement.

” Aranaa, Eda, try your best to take The Family out of here.” Tohazie whispered.

” Looking at situations, both Abam and Berima have been taken down, I can’t give them the chance to get their hands on the young fragile child.” Tohazie said in thought, taking out three arrows from his kit, fixing them into his sleek bow. His eyes were as keen as ever.

The King stood behind in fear, Nana Oti was dark, tall and handsome he was around his forties.

” Nana, let’s go.” Aranaa informed as she together with Eda tried escaping with the child, but Kpelekpe noticing this moved at his strange hyperspeed towards them only to be caught by the neck in mid speed as he tried passing by Tohazie.

” Hmm, Truly the best Hunter. Even Kpelekpe’s speed was stopped single handed.” Uraeus said in thought.

” Where do you think you are going?? ” Tohazie said without watching his face, Kpelekpe struggled in his hands, as Tohazie gripped his throat.

Suddenly Tohazie’s left arm to which he used to grip The Were Hyena turned into sand as it poured releasing Kpelekpe. His Hands formed back again.

” Damn it!!!!!, He has fallen unconscious. In this state I cannot take on these two. This is bad! This is really, really bad!!” Tohazie said.

Kpelekpe jumped backwards standing near Uraeus of Egypt as he Coughed and Coughed.

” He’s a strong one. No wonder he is a member of the Eight Order.” Kpelekpe said grinning.

Both rushed towards Tohazie with the speed of a rushing wind, throwing hands and legs in style and skill, as Tohazie moving at the same speed of them kept dodging skillfully and blocking thier concurrent hand to hand combat attacks.

” You are quite good, haha, both of you.” Tohazie teased.

“How dare you mock us!!!” Uraeus sad as she slammed the ground with her palms calling out a giant humangous snake from within the earth. Tohazie jumped backwards few meters from his rivals.

The Giant snake rushes towards Tohazie in raging anger as Uraeus stood upon it’s head, trying to swallow up everything it’s way.

Tohazie kept feeling dizzy as he was being attacked, he was growing weaker and weaker. His body would turn into sand and reform again, as if he was not organized.

During this heated battle Kpelekpe took the chance to escape and hunt down Osei Tutu and the others. The Villagers kept running for their lives as the giant snake kept crushing through Clay huts in pursuit of Tohazie the Red Hunter.

” I see now. The boy. He is a Harbringer isn’t it?? His presence keeps you stabilized during Time Travel, so when he goes unconscious, you start to get weaker and weaker. Well I will have to kill you here and send along his body to Anansi. He will be greatly pleased.’ Uraeus said as she kept attacking with her giant Black Cobra which was as dark as midnight, with cold deadly eyes.

It hissed upon every attack and strike Towards the great Hunter. Tohazie was Soo weak he had no chance to throw even a single Arrow.

Aranaa stood in shock and fear, the baby in her arms, the dead bodies which surrounded her. Blood everywhere, surrounded by giant looking hyenas. The night was a sad ghastly one. Fear gripped her, her closest female friend Eda, was lying in the ground dead, with thick red blood oozing from her very being.

The King, and both parents of Osei Tutu, the Villagers who followed them from behind all killed and scattered around. And the Killer stood right before her. Kpelekpe.

His Strange green Hyena eyes looked so Happy upon seeing blood spill, it was Soo happy it had killed this much innocent souls. The Creature indeed was a heartless one.

” A rare soul, I see” it said as it walked slowly towards Aranaa. He was very tall, he stood to Seven feet. A Werehyena he was. A king to be exact. The King of the Kpelekpe Tribe. His beads around his legs jangled according to every movement.

Aranaa only stood in great shock, with the fragile child in her hands. They had failed the mission miserably.

I opened my eyes after minutes of unconsciousness, it seemed the bite from the snake had no great effect on me. I was able to stand to my feet I thought all that I saw was a dream or something. But it wasn’t I saw the entire Oyoko village buried in hot angry flames, the dead body of one of my new friends – Abam.

I rushed into the burning village for help, Tohazie and the others might be around, I said to myself. But when I rushed Into the village. All I could do was open my mouth in awe.

The Woman in her white cloak stood before the body of Tohazie. Who could do nothing, he lay on one of the broken huts of the Village, the village was heavy with the scent of flames and death.

She was tall, pretty and light skinned. A soul who was from the Plains of The Great Egypt. Uraeus the Snake of the gods. Her eyes were Amber, he hair was styled into faux locks. She was indeed a pretty Villain.

” So you have come to witness the death of Your Legends I suppose??? Young Harbringer.” She said. Holding a dagger in her hands. Ready to strike through the flesh of the dying legend.

My heart skipped, I rushed, I ran to save Tohazie, it seems he was my last hope and I couldn’t let either him, or me die in 1660. My heart throbbed and throbbed and throbbed. Stretching my hands to prevent her, but I was way to far from both.

And something mysterious happened. The eye of mine activated on it’s own releasing an extremely powerful wave. A wave soo powerful I Believed it spread throughout the Continuum Prime.

Everything began to reverse, I saw the broken buildings, dead bodies reverse backwards like I was rewinding a movie, everything was returning to it’s original state, everything was reversed. My body itself began to reverse along with the strange mysterious reverse wave, I found my body without my own will moving backwards, everything was being reversed due to the strange wave my eye, emitted.

Uraeus, Tohazie everything, everyone was reversing. Wounds healed, buildings reforged, flames extinguishing, the clouds reversing along with the Winds of the night. The reverse wave pulled me backwards like a magnet does to metals.

Then suddenly I saw myself in a world full of Giant trees with glowing bodies, A Forest of Time Trees to be exact. I was in a different world, the forest filled with the smell of fresh lavendar. “Where am I?,” I asked myself looking around.” TOHAZIEEE!!!!, ARANAAA!!!!!!,ABAM!!!!!!!, EDAAA!!!!!!” I shouted their names.

The Forest was calm and quiet. ” What did my eye do this time??” I asked myself. I saw everything reverse and suddenly I was dragged into this strange world of Time Trees.

The trees glowed beautifully in bright white light. The land I stood on was a fertile one, with glowing leaves of the trees spread all around on the floor.

” So the rumors are true I see.” I heard a relaxed voice say, then I say them. Standing on the branches of the extremely tall trees looking down at me.

All covered in white and red cloaks, like the Kingslayers, ” what????” I asked myself in shock. I stood face to face with all ten most wanted Legends, myths.

One of them jumped to the ground right before my eyes. Took off his hoodie and gave a smile. Not of friendliness, not of joy, but of Trickery. He was choclate skinned, had deep blue eyes, and styled pure white hair. He was very handsome, way too handsome. He looked to be around the ages of Thirty.

His hands were behind him.

” Hello young lad, I am Kweku Anansi the Trickster God and leader of the Kingslayers nice to meet you.” As he said these words I began to shiver. But I noticed his right eye also changed after he introduced himself. A strange glowing symbol on it. A golden symbol.

My eyes also was actively glowing immediately I stepped into that strange world.

” You are quite surprised I have eyes like yours huh??? Well, I am like you Berima – I am A Harbringer.” He said with a smile,I began to shake and only watch him in shock.

” I am nothing like you!” I said still shivering.

” Hmm! It’s quite interesting you possess the Eye of the Elder Ones. That’s the True name for the Eye of the Harbringers. And you are the Only child of your age wielding such an eye. If not the most powerful eye of all Elder Ones.”

” What do you mean by that??” I asked.

” Hmm! All Harbringers My lad are Grown folks, people who have lived a two thousand years and beyond. It’s quite a marvel you are able to hold this eye.

Hmm! She gave it to you didn’t she??? She appeared before me too, She has appeared to all Harbringers. Giving us the eye.

She warned you, not to tell anyone about her existence isn’t it??? That night.”

” I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said angrily.

” Ooo, you really do. Berima, you really do. You accepted the Eye because of him huh?? Believing you could save his poor soul from that Untimely Accident. Hmm! Obiri is his name is it??” Kweku Anansi spoke cunningly.

” Damn you!!! How did you know of him!!?”

” Hahaha, the young lad was your best friend! But it’s funny isn’t it. To see the one you want to try saving in the past, trying to kill you in the Future. You actually Time Travelled to the future. Leaving a replica of yours in class. Hmm! I bet you didn’t even know how you did it.”

” STOP IT!!!!!!”

” She gave you the Task to stop us all. All Harbringers. And you willingly accepted it, without thinking of it, but your Friend, your dead friend. If you know what you are up against Berima. I would advise you, to give me the eye and return to your normal life as a popular school boy.” Anansi said passing by him.

” Hmm! Are you Soo scared of me?? Anansi??” I said regaining some confidence.

” Hmm! An interesting Lad you are. You and the Legends do not know what you are facing. This eye of yours is a curse. As a New Time Lord your life will no longer be As Ordinary as it was Berima. All your friends, your loved ones, all those close to you shall suffer. For this path you have chosen, Young Soul is surely an Unkindly One.

You some how Managed to reverse Time, fixing and destroying all that we the Kingslayers have planned. Well, I shall not hold back on my goal. I will and shall attack those same Kings.

Until then, Young Soul. Hmm! Humans and their petty petty bonds- just Soo Ridiculous” As Anansi said these words, I immediately woke up finding myself on a white clean sheet of bed. The entire walls of the room were made of fine rocks.

” Where am I again??”

“CLOCKWORK SHRINE, GRANDSON.” Time Lord Ogya Okokroko said. As he appeared from under the room being whirled up by sand.

” Grandfather, where are they?? Tohazie and the others, Aranaa”

” They are doing just fine, you saved them. With your Great Time wave. You reversed everything keeping the Timeline to it’s Original state. However knowing Anansi he would not stop, but start all over again until he accomplishes his goal. This Time you will have to work with the Eight Order, they are your only hope.”

” I am so sorry I never listened to you. Grandpa.”

” Don’t worry son. But make sure to learn how to control your eye. The second Time You release a Reverse Wave. The whole world shall start again. That is the horror of it. Your Eyes are a powerful one. Learn to harness it’s power.

Follow me son. I have something to show you.” The Time Lord said helping Berima up. As they exit the Hut from below.

” So who are all this guys in the Black kaftans and kente Mufflers??” Berima asked as he sat with his Grandfather in one of the wooden Anti gravity cars, which ran on Air.

They moved to and fro, To every Direction.

” Chronos. Is what they are, The Military system of Time. In short they are Time Warriors. These are only allowed to Time Travel during dangerous Time wars. They spend the rest of their lives here, helping to keep ClockShrine at it’s best.”

” Cool, so where is our next step??”

” We are going back to the Palace to get you your Akrafena.”

” What?? So which means I will meet Adumfoo the forger of weapons??”

” Hahaha, Adumfoo is Basically the Human form Of Every Akrafena. They actually are Spiritborns who dwell within ones Akrafena. A race of Spirit borns who only exist in weapons.”

” Interesting.”

The Two Finally Arrived at the palace where the Legends sat on their stools in wait for the Boy and the Time Lord.

All eyes were directed on him as soon as he entered their presence.

” Hmm! The Arrogant lad is finally in.” Okomfo Anokye said.

Berima watched them silently for a while, As his Face hit Tohazie who gave him a smile, a warm one.

” Am sorry” he said with a saddened face. As he walked with his Grandfather to the back of the wooden throne, both came out from a glass Elevator appearing In a strange forest which was under the palace.

Berima opened his mouth in shock when he beheld Giant ancient dinosaurs, pterodactyls, Impundulus and Grootslangs.

” This is Incredible!! Where is this place???”

” Hahaha, I call here mesozoic, my small Zoo. I saved some of these creatures from the great meteor that struck earth. Killing them all. Follow me.” Time Lord Okokroko urged as they walked down the forest of Ancient creatures, which did no harm to them. Berima was both excited and scared at the same time.

” Grandpa, Do you know Anything About the Elder Ones???”

Time Lord Okokroko paused for a moment, looked down at the young lad with a smirk.

” The Elder Ones are the same as Harbringers. There is a poem for them. It’s called


Bonds broken, Enemies Forged, Love Lost and Death calls to the Souls of Seven.

Myth is what men believe them to be, Fallacy and Apparitions are what mortal souls call them. But all thee are lies spoken by the very mouth of gods. For fear of the Seven Souls. Six be Men and One Be A child of Arrogance and Bravery, Intelligence and Love. The Future Beyond, The Future Behind and The Future at Present is Only but a curse to the Very souls of Seven.

Forgotten Is Gone, Remember Is Come, Forever Is Stay. So are the words of the cursed souls. For the eyes Of Seven, See Seven Times Beyond, Seven Times Behind and Seven Times into the Future.

Forgotten Is Gone, Remember Is Come and Forever Is stay.

Time Lord Okokroko said as he continued his walk.

” What does this Poem mean??” Berima asked following after TL. Oko

They arrived before a Cave, as they walked into it. It was all dark, and empty. As dark as Onyx, It was heavy with the smell of Old, and Ancient rocks. When both stepped feet into it. Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic symbols began to glow in the walls of the cave. Interestingly All Ancient African Hieroglyphics were on the walls. Including Nsibidi, Adinkra, Ga Samai and Lybic Symbols.

Berima was quite Amazed at this, as his eyes roamed all over, being awed by the Graceful Ancient glowing Writings of Africa.

They walked through it until they came to a halt before the end of the Cave. TL. Oko moved closer to the wall placed him palms on the wall as Strange Symbols appeared on the wall revealing a strange hidden book. It was Pure black, black as charcoal with golden edges and One golden Symbol in the Middle of the Book.

It was clearly an Adinkra Symbol.

” An Adinkrahene Symbol” Berima muttered. As he approached it, but as he moved closer the symbol on the Book changed to Another South eastern Nigerian Nsibidi Symbol.

” Woaw.”

” This my son – Is your Akrafena.” His Grandfather said with a smile. The young lad was shocked tho.

” I thought I was to wield a sword or Something, how can a book be my weapon???” Berima said as he held the book. Immediately he held it. His eyes Activated. His eye had a strange Ga – Samai Symbol on it.

He knew not the meaning of the Symbol on his eye, But he knew it’s Name.

ASPATERE. A Ga Name for Slippers. But how would such a symbol be representing the Power of The Opal eye.

” There is nothing in it.” Berima snapped looking at his spiky haired grandfather who only Smiled back. Handing over to him a pen.

” Write Any question you have in your mind.”

Berima Wrote on the Brown old blank page, The smell of old filled his nostrils as he moved closer to the book to write.


Berima wrote down. Suddenly strange glowing writings of Ga Samai Symbols began to write on it. Within few seconds the entire book was filled with great Intel.

” What ?? I can’t read these Symbols?? What do they mean??” Berima asked.

” You are the Only One who can read this Book since you have the Eyes. Berima, you cannot Time Travel without knowing The History about the place you are going. Focus Berima, Focus learn to harness your eye. Understand it and use it’s power according to your will, not it’s will.”

Berima closed his eyes in concentration, took in a deep breath, then opened it activating it once more as he looked through the Pages of the book filled with Ga Samai Symbols.

Then a smile came upon his face, just like he understood the Lybic Symbols, he did the same here. Understanding every single thing the book wrote.

TL. Oko looked on him with a smile. And asked ” what do you see??”

” Everything” Berima said smiling.

My Eyes Is The Eye that protects the Flow of the Timeline. Hence According to the readings in the Ga Samai Symbols, The Legends Are like Barefoot who walk through time, hence I am like a slipper who protects them from Danger, and in turn they protect me.” Berima answered.

” Good to know you are getting a hand on this.”

” Yh, it seems I can use my eye at will, but I have a lot to learn about it. Since it holds many secrets.”

” True Son, you will have to get back home, your Parents will be searching for you greatly, thinking you also vanished.

” True.” Berima said as he was led to the Huge gigantic Flower Once more by the three friends of his and the legends. He was glad to see his friends breath again. But the memory of their dead bodies still roamed his mind anytime he saw them.

” I was thinking we would use the same spot you guys used to bring me into the Unseen world.” Berima said.

” Hmm. Naa” Abam answered.

” Berima Whiles you are living in the present, learn hard with the book I gave you. The Kingslayers will attack the same Kings, few days from now. You will need to rest, for a while young Soul – You have a lot to do.” TL. Oko said as Berima walked into the glowing Time Tree all alone.

” JANUARY 1ST, 2020″ Berima said as he entered the tree. A powerful light engulfed him vanishing with him.




Berima stepped out of a coconut tree which opened and closed as tech circuits appeared all round it. It was late evening. And Berima had been missing for days.

He knocked at the door feeling nervous. Only to see his mother jump out of the room hugging him Soo deeply. She had truly missed him. His Siblings did same.

” We were sooo worried sick about you Berima. ” His mother cried hugging him more. There and then he began to remember what Kweku Anansi told him.

The Eye was a Curse and it would bring sorrow to all those around him. Was he ready for this??? For this was only the beginning, This was just The tip of a broken Tree. His Future was a dark one. Ruled by fear and Danger. He would have to be protecting the Timeline Day in and Day out, Travelling through Ancient world’s, with the Legends of Old.

As he fell on his bed. He began to think, and think and think until he fell deep into sleep.

” Obiri.” Those were his last words for the night.

He had told no one about his encounter with Anansi in the strange world of Time Tree. It was between him and The Kingslayers, who would surely strike again…


Bonds broken, Enemies Forged, Love Lost and Death calls to the Souls of Seven.

Myth is what men believe them to be, Fallacy and Apparitions are what mortal souls call them. But all thee are lies spoken by the very mouth of gods. For fear of the Seven Souls. Six be Men and One Be A child of Arrogance and Bravery, Intelligence and Love. The Future Beyond, The Future Behind and The Future at Present is Only but a curse to the Very souls of Seven.

Forgotten Is Gone, Remember Is Come, Forever Is Stay. So are the words of the cursed souls. For the eyes Of Seven, See Seven Times Beyond, Seven Times Behind and Seven Times into the Future.

Forgotten Is Gone, Remember Is Come and Forever Is stay.

Berima recited this poem as well, trying to find it’s meaning, but he was too tired and exhausted. His mind still scared with the bloody death of his friends.



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