The sky was lit with the power of the blazing sun, which stretched it’s heated Ray’s towards the lands of mortal man. The students moved in quickness as the bell rang for Assembly. The Air was humid, the trees all around the school moved their branches slowly according to the movement of the wind.

All Students assembled before the Teachers in an organized line. Anyone who arrived late few minutes after Seven Thirty would be punished.

Three weeks had passed, Moons and Suns had passed and I had not yet stepped into school. My friends tried visiting, but I was not around. From the day I experienced the death of my fellow lads during the Time Travel, all that went through my mind was how I was going to protect them. How I was going to protect those closest to me. And the only ones who could help were the Order of Eight.

So I picked those weeks to train with them in CLOCKWORK SHRINE.

We had to build Team Co- ordination and skill. I seemed to be their leader, for I gave orders and with the help of my Eye power to which have been able to unlock some interesting secrets. I greatly helped during our training sessions.

” Hmm, Interesting how quick you have been able to use some aspects of your Eye power. They cannot see us even from where we stand is it??” Shango who stood by me said.

As all nine of us stood on the roof of the School’s building waiting for Assembly to end and rush in along with the students as they rushed into their Respective Classrooms. I felt the Humid air ran down my spine, as I watched silently along with the legends from the roof.

” Mmm, isn’t that your Girlfriend standing over there- I can tell she is damn worried about not seeing you for three good weeks.” Yaa Asantewaa teased as she patted me on my shoulder.

” She is not my girlfriend.” I muttered.

” Oohh, are you Talking about the light skinned Afro Girl who always quarrels with him??” Queen Makeda added, making me feel Soo nervous. Aranaa was extremely cute tho, and I kind of started to develop some feelings for her because of her strange interesting mysterious nature.

But come on, that girl was a beast, and I wouldn’t even try proposing to her before she eats me alive. But I could see clearly from Above, that she was really disturbed.

” Hmm!, You would have to take your chance, Young Berima. The girl, the girl is pretty.” Queen Amina said in hausa, which I quite understood.

” Seriously???? Come on guys, when did you all start talking about relationship and staff like that – I asked back.”

” We existed before you kid.” Asebu the Giant added as All the other legends giggled.

“ALL OF YOU – NOW DISMISS!!” The Headmaster said as all the students began to rush to their Classrooms,

” See you guys after school.” I said and found a way down to join the crowded students. All eyes dawned on my very being immediately I stepped into the class. The class was all quite, to the extent that I could hear someone’s pencil drop.

They all stared at me as if I was a covered in Cow faeces, As if there was something Wrong with my body.

” Eiiiiiiiiiiiii, Berima!! Where have you been????” One of the girls shouted, as the whole class became noisy.

” Are you a new comer here??” The light skinned madam asked. She looked Soo young probably around the ages of twenty five and Twenty Six. She was cute, with dark pixie hair. I had never seen her before and neither had she.

The class burst out in laughter as she asked me the question.

I just looked back at her with no answer. Will I be given another punishment again just as like Madam Ayitey did.

I could only wonder. She stared at me with a smile as the students gossiped, and spat out words around the class.

” Madam he is the Berima, we’ve always been talking about.” One guy alarmed.

” Oooo, I see – I hear you have a knack for all subjects.” She said, but I could do nothing but scratch my dark bushy hair, and smile.

My eyes hit hers, as she turned immediately looking somewhere else, Aranaa had grown completely mad at me.

Yes I deserved that. That was what I wanted tho, I couldn’t risk seeing my friends life taken away like some housefly. No i didn’t want that, I didn’t want them to die before my eyes. To be killed like Bush meat. To be slaughtered and taken away from me again.

If I allowed Anymore friendships and they die, I would only mess up the Timeline trying to reverse everything like I did sometime ago, I was cautioned by my grandfather the Time Lord not to use my reverse power on a large scale again. Otherwise it would cause what he called the Beginning of the First Ones.

Everything would start again. So I felt the only way I could protect them, was to stay away from them.

I walked to my seat, as the class kept Cheering and teasing me all together. Until the young beautiful teacher silenced everyone, For she had a question for me.

” Berima.” She called out my name.

” See me after school ” She said as the entire class began to tease and shout saying. ” Eiishh, eisshhh, eisshhh, eisshhh, eisshhh, Presha, Presha, Presha.” It was quite funny. But I didn’t like the sound of that.

Aranaa only sat silently as usual speaking and smiling to no one. She dug her eyes back into her book, whiles I did same. But not Into an Ordinary book. Since I sat at the Far end, I made sure no one saw how I used it.

I placed it on my lap, And wrote these:


The strange Symbols appeared as usual on the Brown blank pages and it gave me the strangest answer, it had ever given me since I first had it.


That’s the answer it gave me, but in strange Hieroglyphics – which gave me an Idea for these words were of Egyptian Origin.

School was boring as usual, and I tried as much as possible to avoid friends. As my eyes roamed out the window.

Anansi’s words kept ringing in my mind. The death of my friends kept flashing, and flashing like a faulty torch light.

I had a great responsibility, a responsibility whereby I could not retire, A life eternal responsibility. And that was to protect the Timeline.

I could feel the Air of Anger emanating from her, not that she was angry but was extremely worried.

Suddenly I head an alarming buzz within my pocket. It was one of the pocket clocks, for all Time Walkers. Something urgent had happened that very moment and the Legends needed my assistance.

It was break and students moved to and fro in the class as their chattering filled the air, Alarmed I picked my bag and rushed out of the class, I could sense Abam, Eda and Aranaa staring at me from the building as I exited the gate, casting an illusion on The gate man, with my eye.

” He’s growing into something else, This is his fate, This is his curse.” Abam said.

” Hmm, why does he keep avoiding us??” Eda asked as her brows creased.

” He’s probably scared he might put us in Danger, We were killed In 1660, whiles trying to protect Nana Osei Tutu from the Kingslayers. His eye returned us back to life. He actually is worried about our well being than we are for him.” Aranaa explained as her green eyes stared at the entrance.

” It seems he’s getting a hold of his eye power- mastering the Art of Illusion now.” Aranaa added.

” Hmm, Eyes of the Elder Ones huh??” Eda said looking at the same direction Aranaa stared.

As the humid air blew over their skin, the chatting of students cutting through the silent air.

My fingers drew on the dark soil at the backyard of my house, it was the twelfth hour on the clock, and the sun kept blowing it’s heat down on the Brown black earth. The house was empty what could only be heard were the billowing of trees, which danced according to the movement of the humid wind.

My back was bent to the ground as my knees squatted, my eyes Soo focus on the Symbol I was drawing, as my finger nails trailed skillfully across the dirty soil picking every dirt within it. The Symbol appeared to be NYAME DUA – An ADINKRA Symbol which represented Guardianship and a Divine Shrine.

I slammed my palm towards the huge Symbol I drew, as it immediately began to glow with electric current ranning through It. Mysteriously an extremely huge Bright red and Yellow flower emerged from underground under me, covering my entire body, blocking the sunlight that reached me. Like a pitcher plant does to an insect, the huge flower covered my entire being as it returned underground with me, through the cracks it formed, at the spot I summoned it.

Within it all I could see were bright glowing Symbols of all kinds- it was beautiful and bright as if I was within the blazing sun itself. It was heavy with the smell of expensive Perfume. As it was filled with some kind of warm air. I stood within it, having no idea where the flower trailed underground.

It suddenly opened slowly as it grew from within the red earth soil of clockwork shrine, as I stepped down from it, it returned back to the ground. The Air of clockwork shrine was Soo cold, it was like one was trapped in a fridge.

The breeze from the trees, where pure and cold, filling the entire realm with a calm wind, People in Kaftans moved to and fro as usual. I plucked one of the plaintain leaves around, Hover leaves is what they were called.

I glided on it, as I moved freely within the strange world unaffected by time. With it’s thousand million huts suspending in the air. I headed towards the Palace of a thousand clocks.

As I stepped in the first thing I could here were constant ticking of clocks that filled the room, and the cool air that caressed the atmosphere with it’s soft cold hands. Before my eyes were The legends sitting on their Crystal stools, as I saw a bright pool of water In the Middle of my grandfather and The elders.

I didn’t remember seeing this pool the last Time I came here, it was Crystal clear, and bright.

” At last you are here.” My Grandfather uttered as I walked towards the pool.

” I saw the distress call, any problem??”

” Today is when you show the results of your secret training in battle, young soul.” He said.

Grandfather picked a pebble from a calabash which sat near his wooden throne. He spoke some words into the stone, and threw it into the pool of water, which stood between I the legends and him.

Suddenly the water began to ripple as it slowly Rose forming a strange globe, the water globe suspended in the Air, few heights from the pool itself, I was amazed when I saw it. This was water a simulation.

” We have a problem. A big one. You remember The Recent case when all the First Kings were slaughtered and their Descendants kept vanishing in the present.” As he said that the water Simulation which played the role of a hologram, formed all that he was saying into water form, changing from the globe to The faces of the First Kings as it revolved slowly in the Air.

” Due to critical Investigation, we found out that Anansi did that on purpose, It was a trick. He tricked us all ”

” What???? What do you mean by that? What do you mean it was a trick??” I asked completely lost at sea, as I opened my eyes wide in shock.

” Yes – We found out that, he did that thing, just to find you. Anansi’s Plan is what we call THE KENTE RITUAL.”

” Kente Ritual??? What is that??”

” Anansi’s is Trying to weave his web into the Timeline.”

” Weave his web into the Timeline?? It doesn’t make sense you know.”

” Yes, it does. We don’t know how he plans on doing it, But the Only thing I can tell you is this. He wants to trap the Timeline. Hence he’s going to stop Time from moving.” Grandpa said.

” What, the Timeline from moving??? How is that possible?? For what reason??”

” We all do not yet know Young Soul – No one ever knows the reason he does some things. We have checked all ancient manuscripts in our Library and there is no such thing as, preventing the Timeline from moving into the Future. As at now, we have Intel that he has spread his team Through out the Timeline, Your Job Berima is to track all of the Kingslayers, and find out The methods Anansi is going to use, and bring an end to it.”

” But – but what happens if he stops Time from moving?”

” The Collapse of Existence, My Child.”


Copyright © 2019 by Darius Kwabena Partey

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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